Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 41: Dottie Moves

I will have your room ready for you. Good. I will see you a week before Christmas. I hung up the phone grinning. If he is coming home, I think we should make sure that he meets Dottie. They are around the same age. Tempest has been gone for five years. After the girl he wanted to marry was killed he could not stay here. I miss my brother. It will be good to see him.

I walked over to Kelly and said. Call your mom. The house is hers and she can move in today if she wants. I have the keys. Tempest said he will have his lawyer meet us at the cabin in two days. I walked over and sat down at the VIP table and watched as Kelly called her mom and told her the news. Her mom and siblings were moving to Kentucky. I watched as Kelly smiled.

Tell your mom to call us once she arrives in town. We will meet her at the restaurant at the edge of town. Mom, there is a restaurant right before you come into town. Stop there get something to eat and call us. We will meet you there to take you to the cabin. Tomorrow will be fine. Bye. I knew that Beast and most of the members were going on a run in the morning and will not be back for about a week.

This is working out well. I called the U-Hall company and asked for a truck to be delivered here tonight. We would load up the truck and Mark could drive it while I drove the car. We would be leaving as soon as the truck was loaded and stop at a motel for the night. We would be in Kentucky sometime in the afternoon tomorrow. I locked the doors and turned out the lights and headed to my bedroom. I lay down in bed and watched some TV before going to sleep.

The truck arrived 15 minutes after the members left the club compound. Savage’s mother and the club members that didn’t go on the run watched. She meant it when she said she was done with Beast. Yes, she did. Too bad. If they had not cheated and treated Kelly the way they did this would not be happening. This club is going to hell in a handbasket.

The next thing will be Beast getting divorce papers. We have lost too many people. If only I would have had the guts to divorce Savage’s father maybe things would have turned out different, she said before turning around and walking into the clubhouse. They are all in for a surprise when they get home next week.

It has been reported that more and more presidents, VP's and enforcers are losing their women. They are tired of their men cheating on them with whores and sluts. It has also been reported that one MC who's women and other Valkyries have gotten back at their men by starting to date single presidents, VP's and enforcers. Their cheating is coming back to bite them in the ass. They are finding out just how easy it will be for them to lose their women.

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