Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 42: Dottie Moves Into The House

Mom called me telling me she and the kids were in town. Ryder and I rode to meet her. I hugged mom and introduced Ryder to everyone. I was happy to see Kelly smiling. She was so happy. The MC is having a BBQ tonight so everyone can meet mom and my siblings. Most of the members are waiting for us at the house. They are going to help unload the truck and then take it to the gas station and turn it in. It took four hours to unload everything.

Well, mom said looking around. Everything is unloaded and it is nice to have a furnished house. This is going to be a wonderful place to live. I can't think your friend for agreeing to sell it to me. Actually, it belonged to my older brother. It has never been lived in. He will be here Christmas to meet the twins and Kelly. I think he would enjoy meeting you, Dottie.

I had just arrived at Ryder's MC and saw this beautiful woman walking out of the door. I had not wanted to claim a woman since my first love died. But, this woman. I want this woman. I don't care if she had kids or not. I don't care that she may be older than I am. I have to have her. I am Ryders older brother. I am 5 years older than he is. I am 30 years old. Ryder is 25 years old.

Ryder, who is that woman? I saw my brother grin. She is Dottie, the woman that bought your house. Are you telling me that she is Kelly's mother? That I am. Phantom, I told you that you had to meet her. She is going to be my woman. I spit out my beer. What did you just say Phantom? I believe you heard me the first time. You do know that she is 8 years older than you are, don't you? Ryan, age is just a number.

She is the first woman I looked at and knew that I had to claim her as mine since I lost Raylan. Phantom I wish you luck on that. Do you think Kelly would be upset if I got to know her mother? Don't know but brother it would be the talk of the clubs. In what way? You are after all my brother. Dottie is my mother in law. That would make you my father in law. It would make you Kelly's stepfather and brother in law. I watched as Phantom looked at me and started laughing.

That would be so funny. Son, he said. Shut the hell up Phantom. I am not your son, I am your brother. But Ryan, it would be funny and confuse a lot of people. Especially when you say "this is my brother and my father in law." Oh, just shut up. I looked up as Kelly leaned down and kissed me. How are things going at the house, Dottie? Wonderful. The prospects have been great moving the heavy things for me. We are almost finished settling in.

Kelly, Dottie, meet my older brother Phantom. Phantom owned the house you just bought Dottie. I can't thank you enough for selling the house to me. It is perfect for all the kids I have. I stood up and said, please have a seat. After Dottie sat down I told her that I was happy I could help out and happy she liked the house. I love it. It was a miracle let me tell you that. It is difficult finding a house large enough to for all my children.

How many do you have? I have 12 children. They are good kids. Don't get me wrong. I know they are not perfect. They can sometimes be a handful. Where are they right now? At the house unloading boxes and putting the items away. They should be here in an hour or so. It will get pretty loud in here. I heard her laugh. She had a beautiful laugh. I noticed that Dottie and Kelly both drank coffee.

I could not stop looking at her. She was beautiful and she did not look her age. Kelly and Dottie looked like sisters instead of mother and daughter. Just then the door opened and a lot of kids walked in. Hey mom, we emptied all the boxes out and put everything away as you asked us to. We even fed and changed Kyle. Just then I saw the baby being held in the older boys' arms. And he was reaching for Kelly. I heard him screaming "sissy, sissy", I watched as Kelly took him from her brother.

So, what you want to know is if you, Johnny, and William can go ride your dirt bikes? Can we? Yes, just be careful and be back at the house by 6:00 to help start dinner. We will. I can see you wonder about the ages of my children. I had a son who would have been 22 but died. The Kelly is 21, Kim is 20, Hope is 19, Johnny and his twin sister, Abby is 18, Fawn is 16, Heaven is 15, Shadow is 14, Raven is 13, Lilly is 12, and Ryan is 1 year.

Wow, you had a child every year. I did. I am very fertile. I hope that the girls are not like that. Mom, there is a thing called birth control. You just never used it. No, I guess I didn't I said laughing. I always wanted a big family. I would say you sure got your wish. Yes, I did.

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