Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 43: Phantom

I had been at Ryan's clubhouse for a month now. I continue to watch Dottie every chance I got. I made sure the club members know she was off-limits to all of them. Dottie sometimes comes to the clubhouse and bakes for the members. She loves to cook and bake. The pies she makes melts in your mouth. I want to ask her out on a date but she keeps all men at a distance. I heard that Beast and Savage were coming to the BBQ this weekend. Kelly was once claimed by Savage, and Dottie was claimed by Beast until they cheated.

All I know is that Beast better say away from Dottie. She is mine even though she does not know it yet. She is a wonderful mother and takes very good care of the children. Dottie is also an RN at the hospital. She works in the maternity ward. She works during the day and every other weekend. Kelly works in the club's tattoo shop. She is the owner. She also owns several other shops in other towns. She also takes care of her twin children. Kelly is just as good of a mother as Dottie is.

I turned back and finished working on the car in the garage. I heard my name called. I lifted my head and turned and saw a club whore standing there. What do you want Rachelle? I wanted to know if you would like to go out and have dinner with me? Rachelle, I have been nice to you have I not? Yes, you have. Then please tell me what, stay away from me and not interested mean? That you do not want to have anything to do with me. That's correct.

So please tell me why I would want to have dinner with you? A girl has to try. I will not tell you again Rachelle. Stay away from me. I do not want to fuck you, let alone date you. I turned back to my work ignoring her. I saw her walk out of the garage by the side of my eye. These whores just do not know when to quit. I finished the car and shut the hood. I backed it out and parked it. I walked back to the garage and cleaned the tools before closing the garage.

I washed my hands before walking toward the clubhouse. I walked inside and to my room. I shut and locked my door before getting in the shower. I got dressed and walked out and to the bar. I sat down across from Ryan and looked up as a beer was placed in front of me. We are going to the strip club tonight Phantom. Wanted to know if you are coming with us. Who all is going? me, my VP, and enforcer. Sure, why not. It is Friday after all and I don't have anything else to do.

What's Kelly doing? She is visiting her mother tonight. They are going to go school shopping for the kids. They start school Monday. What about her older brothers and sister? They all are in college. Wow. Dottie has taught them well. Kim is taking courses to become an attorney, Hope a doctor, Johnny and Abby are taking courses to become child psychiatrists.

All good professions. They are all smart. They should do well. How did Kelly turn out so differently? Because of Savage. At one time Kelly wanted to be a child psychiatrist as well. But, then she became a tattoo artist and she is dam good. You should see the tattoo's she has drawn. Men and women come from all over just to be tattooed by Kelly.

I lifted my nose and sniffed. Is that homemade bread I smell? Yes, it is. It smells really good. Someone must have heated it up. Kelly made it earlier this morning. She is just as good of a cook as Dottie is. All the kids can cook. Even the boys. Dottie told them that she would not be around forever and even boys need to be able to cook, sew, and clean.

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