Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 44: The Men Talk About the Women

Let's go to the strip club. We parked our bikes and got off before walking into the club. As we entered the club we walked to our regular table and sat down. I sat with my back to the wall. I watched as a waitress walked over and placed unopened bottles of beer on the table. Ryan looked over at his VP Black Eagle and his enforcer, Gray Wolf. Well fellows I wonder what kind of trouble we get into tonight. Phatom looked at me and said. None. You all have claimed a woman. Well, shit brother. Did you really think we would cheat on our women? Not going to happen.

We were talking about going to the beach and having a picnic. We should invite Dottie and the kids to come with us. She would like that. At least we all know the kids would. Have it next month. Let us to it Pantom said. I would love to have a picnic. A nice day just relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

Hawk is it true that Savage and Beast are coming to the club this weekend? I sighed. It's true. It will the first time that Savage has seen Kelly since she left him and divorced him. It will also be the first time that Dottie has seen Beast since she divorced and left him as well. I am not sure how this is going to turn out. I know that both of them want their woman back.

Ryan, Kelly and Dottie are no longer Beast and Savage's women. They will need to keep their distance away from them. And not touch them. We all agree with you Phatom. We will make sure to keep an eye on them. I know that those women have tempers and they do not forgive very easily.

I also heard they can come up with unique ways to get even with someone. Thank god, we have not seen it. You should watch how Dottie turns the tables on the kids. It is so funny. Hell, I have seen her to it to some of the members.

I did not realize it but I was about to find out for myself soon. We continued talking when Kelly walked in the door laughing. One of the teenage club members is in trouble. So is Shadow. What did they do? I don't think I will tell you. Just then the door opened and I saw Dotting dragging her son and a members son in by their ears.

Shadow take your ass to that back table and sit down. Don't you move until I tell you to. We watched as Shadow sat down and turned and looked at mom. Now you tell me what the two of you were fighting about? I guess Shadow got mad because I said that Lily had a nice ass. Is that right? So tell me this, what would you do if someone told you that your daughter had a nice ass? I don't have a daughter.

I know that. But what if you did have a daughter? Well, I guess I would have to punish him. How? I would make him wash down all the walls in the club house. I watched Dottie grin. You might want to start washing the walls down in the hallway of the third floor. Prospect, make sure this young man fills a bucket with water and soap and watch him wash the walls in the hallway of the third floor. When he is done with that hallway take him to the second floor.

Shadow get over here. Why were you and that young man fighting? Because he said lily had a nice ass. So, did he touch her? No. Tell me if you had a son of your own and he got into a fight because some boy said his sister had a nice ass what you do to him for fighting since the boy didn't touch her?

I would make him clean up the clubhouse yard of all the trash. Start cleaning Shadow. But mom he shouldn't have looked at her ass. Get to cleaning the yard. Now!. Yes, mam. We watched as he walked out the front door. I looked at Dottie grinning. That is smart how you made them take their own punishment.

Well, thank you. They can't argue over that now can they? No, I guess they can't. It is amazing. I would never have thought of that. So, Dottie we are going to have a cookout at the beach this weekend. How would you and the kids like to join us? I think that would be nice. They have all been working hard to get the house in order. I think we will. Mom, you should make your potato salad.

I have not had any for a long time. I can do that. Good. I will look forward to having some. But, you might want to set a small bowel aside for me I have a feeling once the members taste it there won't be any left for us. I watched as Dottie laughed. She had a nice laugh.

I am going home. I need to start dinner for the kids. I will talk to you all later. I watched her take her youngest from Kelly who had fallen asleep. She walked out the door and got into her car and left the compound. She is so smart. The way she handled those boys.

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