Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 45: Beast and Savage Arrive at the club

Beast and I arrived at the Rider MC. It will be the first time he has seen Kelly since she married Rider. He has never seen his kids. They are Riders now. We got off our bikes and walked into the club. Rider met us at the door. Welcome Savage, Beast. I have one rule. Do not bother Dottie or Kelly.

I looked at Rider and growled. Dottie is still single. It won't do you any good Beast. I warn you don't bother her if you see her. You will not get another warning. Now, lets go to my office. We followed Rider to his office and noticed that a man was walking behind us. He looks familiar. Once we entered the office Rider said, you remember my older brother Phantom.

Yes, it has been a long time. Are you back for good Phantom? I am as a matter of fact. Now, Savage what do you want? I would like to become allies with your MC. What is that Rider asked. Well, we do have the same things in common. We like to do runs to raise money for children with cancer. We also enjoy helping out in our community, and we rescue and deliver women and girls back to their family.

I will become allies with your MC Savage however, You and Beast have to agree to leave Dottie and Kelly alone. Fine. We won't bother them. I grabbed a contract and we all signed it. As we entered the bar I saw Beast looking over at the table where Dottie was setting with Kelly and a few Valkyrie.

Don't think about it Beast, Savage said. She is off limits. I grinned as Beast had to follow Savages instructions. Dottie never looked over at the table. Soon she stood up and walked out the front door. I knew she was going home.

I planned on going to the house to see how things progressed. I was curious to see how she furnished the house. Besides I had been invited to eat dinner with them. I looked at the clock and told Rider I was going over to the house. I would see him later tonight.

I drove to the house and parked my bike. Dottie showed me around the house and I have to say, she has good taste. We sat and talked until dinner was ready. She is a good cook. I would love coming home to the house, Dottie and her kids.

After supper while the kids cleaned Dottie and I sat out on the front porch drinking coffee and talking. I finally got the nerve to ask her to have dinner with me. I was not shocked when she said, you do know that I am five years older than you. I know that. I am 30 years old Dottie. I am not a boy Dottie. I am a grown ass man.

So, will you go to dinner with me? She looked at me for a few minutes. Yes, I will have dinner with you Phantom. I let out the breath I was holding. I smiled at her. I will pick you up Friday at 6:00pm. Where jeans and boots. We will take my bike. I stood up and told her I enjoyed the dinner and company.

I walked off the porch and got on my bike. I rode down the driveway and out onto the road. I was smiling the whole way back to the clubhouse. I was happy. When I arrived back to the club and walked in Rider looked at me smiling. I take it you asked her to go on a date? I did and she said yes.

Good for you Phantom. I hope it all turns out the way you want it to. So do I. But it is not going to happen over night. Maybe in a few months. Maybe I said looking at my brother. He deserves to be happy. He needs to stop grieving for his wife.

We sat and talked for a while before I told him I was going to be. I went to my room, took a shower and climbed into bed. I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Sorry this is so short.

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