Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 46: The Cook Out

We were going to the lake today. We are having the cookout, going swimming and playing volleyball. The women sat out the potato salad, chips, macaroni salad, and other condiments while the men started the stakes, hotdogs and hamburgers. I looked up and sat Beast staring at Dottie. I walked over and put my arm around her waist. Are you alright with him being here I asked her? I'm fine. I can care less if he is here or not.

Just keep an eye on him. I will make sure he stays away from you. I walked back over to the grill and Rider asked if she was alright. She is fine but she wants us to keep an eye on him. I grinned at my brother. Why are you grinning? I didn't see her complain about you putting your arm around her waist. She didn't did she? Nope.

I watched as Phantom grinned. I think she does like you Phantom. You think so? I do. She deserves some happiness Phantom and so do you. It doesn't matter if she is older than you are. As long as you two care about each other. Thanks Rider.

The food was ready an hour later and we put the plates on the table. As usual the mothers made all the children's plates and then the adults made theirs. I sat down next to Dottie and the baby was in a high chair next to her. We talked our date coming up this weekend. I asked her where she would like to go. She looked at me and grinned.

I like mom and pop type of restaurants. Nothing fancy. i have just the place to take you. The woman who owns it we all call mom. She used to be the second president's wife. He died and she asked for a restaurant. We bought her one. She is the best cook around. Makes the best beef and noodles. Good, that is where we will go than.

We sat and watched the teens swimming and playing in the water. Soon they all walked out grabbed towels and started making a plate before sitting down. I saw the baby was starting to dose of and grabbed wipes so that Dottie could wash him. I then lifted him out of the chair and lay him in the play pen while Dottie washed the highchair.

I grabbed her a bottle of water before I grabbed me a beer. we sat talking and just enjoying the breeze. As it started getting later Dottie and the older kids decided to go home or back to the club. I followed Dottie to her house and helped unload the truck. As I started to leave I heard my name called. Phantom, do you want to stay and have a cup of coffee.

I would like that I told her. After the coffee was made we carried our cups and sat in the swing watching as the kids made a fire out back. We sat listening to the music one of the girls turned on coming from the radio. This is what I thought my first wife would have with me. It was not meant to be. Maybe Dottie and I can have this together.

I liked that her kids like the older music. I noticed that it was late and I told her I should get back to the clubhouse. She walked me around to the front. When I got to my bike I leaned down and kissed her cheek. Thank you, Dottie, I had a good time. I watched as she walked back around the side of the house and got on my bike. I rode back to the club and the all the noise I knew would be there.

It was nice to have sat with Dottie and the kids in the quiet and just enjoy the night talking in quiet voices. That is what I want to come home to. No fighting, no arguing, not whores to bother you. Just a loving family. Peace and quiet. I walked into the club and over to the table. I looked up as a beer was sat in front of me.

What the hell is this I asked pointing at the opened beer? Take it back and bring me one that has not been opened. I watched as the prospect behind the bar handed that bitch a new beer. It was placed in front of me and I opened it and took a drink. I looked at Rider. Do these whores think we were stupid?

They all know not to bring any of us opened beer. I have not trusted them since the day one of the whores spiked my friends drink five years ago. Don't trust a one of them. We looked up as the door opened and Beast walked in. He walked over to the table and looked at me. What the hell do you want Beast, Phantom said. Stay away from Dottie.

I looked at him in anger. I will not stay away from Dottie and you have no rights to her. You didn't know what a good woman you had until you lost her. I on the other hand do know a good woman when I see her. I plan on making that woman my wife. So you stay away from her Beast.

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