Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 5: Savage Is Called To the Club

Just then she saw me. Well, if it is not my stepdaddy and his fucking president. Came to spoil my fun. Come her Donna, Terry said. I watched as she got down from the bar. Kelly, you and your friend get down from there and come here Beast said. Tammy got down and walked over to Beast. Go fuck yourself Beast. You are not my dad. Kelly get your ass down from the bar right now Savage said.

You do not tell me what to do at all. After all, did I not hear you tell your mother I did not belong at your club? Do not make me come and get you. You can try but it will not be easy. Just then Revenge said, “back off Savage, she doesn’t want to go with you.” Mind your business Revenge. I walked over to the bar and reached for her, but she backed away from me. Do not touch me. I sighed Beast get your daughter. He better not touch me either.

Brick go get her and take her outside. Do not let her back in here no matter what she hears. I could not fight Brick as he treated me nice. He carried me out of the bar and said. Thanks for not fighting me Kelly. I could not. You have been so nice to me. He did not mean it when he said you didn’t belong with us. Yes, he did I said. I do not know why he does not like me but that is fine.

I walked to my car with Tammy. I am taking Tammy home. See you all later. I knew that Beast and Savage would be pissed I left. I don’t give a shit. I dropped Tammy off at her house and told her I would see her in school Monday. I drove home thinking about ways I could just piss Beast and Savage off. I pulled into the driveway, shut my car off, and got out. Mom was not home, so I put on shorts and a tight shirt and walked outside to the back yard barefooted. I lay the mat out under my ring and put baby powder on it. I then turned on my music and reached for the ring.

I started out my dance routine and focused on my moves. I did not realize that the higher I went on the ring Savages club members could see me. I was slowly coming back down, and I twisted the ring going around faster and faster and it lifted in the air again. I was laying on my back and the ring was going so fast my figure was a blur.

Fuck, they said. That girl is crazy. I brought the ring down to the ground and walked over shutting the music off. I started to walk toward the house when I heard Savage and some of the men talking. Why is Kelly not coming over to the club? I don’t know I heard Savage say. She is nice to look at Savage. Whatever he said. Tell them the truth I heard his mom say. Don’t know what you are talking about.

Then I heard my brother stand up for me. Savage judged a book by its cover. He said she did not belong here. My sister does not go where she is not wanted. But that is fine. She has two other MC’s she can visit if she wants. Her adopted brother Jim’s and our brother’s MC. Savage, you can invite her until you are blue in the face and she will never willingly step foot here again. Oh, and a few more we will not mention.

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