Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 7: Kelly Ignores Savage

She also made it known she did not like me. Not one bit. And she was not afraid to let me know. I looked at her brother and he shrugged his shoulders. He then said. I told you that you made a mistake and so did your mother. By the way. Not only have you pissed my sister off. You pissed my mother off. When you said Kelly did not belong with your club.

My mother told Beast that she will be a dutiful wife, but you had better not say one fucking word to her. She told Beast that if her daughter was not welcome then she was not welcome even though she is your VP’s wife. Laughing he said. Ask Beast here where he is sleeping and will continue to sleep if it is not fixed? But knowing my sister. That will not be fixed until she is ready to forgive you and that will not happen for oh, maybe 50 years if then. And she has made up her mind to give you the silent treatment.

That will go on for a very, and I mean an exceptionally long time. My older brother pissed her off once. She did not talk to him for five years. And he is our brother. You are nothing to her so just imagine how long she can hold a grudge with you. I laughed and walked away. Beast looked at me and said. Since the BBQ, I have slept on the couch. If Kelly does not forgive you, I will be one pissed off mother fucker.

Savage, I can't believe the way you are treating Kelly. She is a family member but you refuse to accept her into the MC as family. Kelly is part of my family. Any member of a club member's family has always been considered a family. Until now that is. I am warning you, Savage. She knows a lot of MC. She is family to a lot of them. They will come at you if you keep disrespecting her or they find out that you do not consider her family. I walked away from over to the garage to finish working on a customer’s bike.

She can't know that many MC's. Beast, has to be just saying that. She is not old enough to know that many people. I turned and walked over the club. When I walked in mom looked at me and turned and walked away. I sat down and noticed that every female in the club turned their back to me. All I wanted to do was to turn Kelly away from me. I am 8 years older than she is. She knows nothing about pleasing a man.

I thought about the first time I saw her. I wanted to drag her over here to my bedroom and strip her clothes off her and make love to her. To hear her moans, and have her screaming my name. I guess I did a really good job at that. I didn't want to make her hurt. To feel unwanted. But I did. I didn't want to bring tears to her eyes. I did that too. Now they all seem to be pissed at me including the male members.

I looked up to see everyone headed out the back door. Where is everyone going I asked? Don't you hear her music? What about it. Kelly is working on that ring thing of hers. She is a joy to watch as she does her flips and gets that ring going around so fast her body is a blur. And that body of hers. It makes a man wish she was lying under him in the bed.

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