Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 8: BBQ Next Door

My mom apologized to me for having to leave me home alone. She said I would not go if I didn’t have to. It’s fine mom. I will be alright. Look, Kelly, I know it is not alright. An MC is supposed to be family and Savage made it known he does not accept you as family. I don’t know why, and I do not understand it.

I sat in the window and watched the club members and visiting MC eating and having fun. A tear slid down my face. I would be dammed if he knows how much it hurt not to be with my family. I saw Savage’s mother look over at the window. Then his sister and they were both pissed. I picked up the phone and called my brother. What’s up, sis? We are headed to Savages for the party. I can’t wait to see you, and neither can the boys. I took a breath. You won’t see me there.

What do you mean we won’t see you there? I am not welcome over at his clubhouse. I stood up and threw a chair. What the fuck do you mean you are not welcome at Savage’s clubhouse. You are family. Not to him, I’m not. He said I do not belong there. Bubba, I am not welcome that is what I said. So, I am sitting here at the house watching everyone eat, laugh, and have fun. You are by yourself? Yes. But I think I will go to town and get me something to eat.

When you get here at least come to the house and see me I said with a tear sliding down my face. I hung up the phone and walked out of the house. I was pissed. What is going on Jim? Kelly is not welcome at Savage’s clubhouse. She said that she is not considered a family. What the fuck are you talking about? She is Savage VP’s stepdaughter she is family.

Savage said she does not belong at his clubhouse. She won’t be at the party. We aren’t going to let him get away with treating her like that, are we? Hell, no we aren’t. What are you planning Jim? I am calling her biological brother and let him know what is going on. If she can’t go to Savage’s BBQ, we won’t. We will take a BBQ too her. Let’s make some phone calls and show Savage just how many MC’s call her family.

If he tries to come over, we will let him know he is not invited. I got on the phone and called the Black knight MC which is her biological brother Animal’s MC and told him what was going on. To say the least, he was angry. We will take a BBQ to her he said. Agreed. I will call the Iron Eagle MC and let your cousin Dreamer know as well as a few others. We will show Savage how many MC’s call her part of their family.

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