Hell Bound Warriour Series: Book 1: Savage

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Chapter 9: The MC's Take A BBQ To Kelly

Kelly didn’t know it, but her MC families were headed to her house for a huge BBQ. The Black knight MC, her brother’s club, My club The Viking MC, her cousin Dreamer’s club the Iron Eagle MC, The Road Falcons, her best friends brother’s club, The Tribe MC, her best male friend’s club, and Satan’s MC, her older sister’s MC. They are all headed to her house. Fuck Savage. She is not invited to his BBQ; we will bring one to her.

We will show him what family is all about. He can stay on his side of the fence. What the hell is that noise Savage asked as bike after bike arrived next door at his VP’s house. As the bikes shut off and coolers of drinks were unpacked, and food unpacked from trucks my club heard. Kelly gets your sweet ass down here and party with your family. We didn’t ride here for you to sit in the house they all yelled.

Dottie, why are six MC’s over at your house instead of here? Well, let’s say they must have heard that Kelly was not invited to this party and that you said she did not belong at your club making her not family to this MC, and they decided to show you just what family was and who she knew. As Savage walked over, he saw Jim and asked. I thought you were coming to our BBQ?

You bastard. If my sister is not welcome at your club then we are not coming. We decided to have a BBQ with Kelly. So just go back to your party and we will not bother you. Then they turned their back on Savage and all of them started to hug Kelly. Kelly, you couldn’t go to Savage’s MC’s BBQ, so we brought a BBQ to you. We all sat down and ate and talked and had fun. As it got dark the guys started a fire while we packed the food away.

I sat with my brothers and said thank you. They can’t treat you that way. To say you are not family. That fucker. It got rather late and they all got on their bikes and drove away. Dottie, she knows a lot of MC’s. Yes, she does. When they heard she was not welcome here they brought a BBQ to her. Savage, you disrespected her, and they didn’t like it.

I love my mom and siblings, but I refuse to remain here and be disrespected by Beast’s president and MC. I walked into the house and packed my clothes, laptop, books, and flat-screen tv. I carried everything to the car and put it in. I shut the door and backed my car up to the small trailer and hooked it up. I then pushed my bike onto it and strapped it down. The next thing I did was to write a letter to my mom and my brother.

I told her I was going to live with Jim at the Viking MC. At least they claimed me as part of the family and didn’t say I did not belong at their MC. I then laid the letters on my bed. I walked out of the house got in my car and pulled out of the driveway and headed to Jim’s MC. I drove for three hours before pulling over and getting a motel room.

Back at Savages' MC, Dottie looked at Beast and said. I’m going to the house and put the baby to bed. Come over when you are finished. I did not see a light on in Kelly’s room, so I figured she was in bed. When I got up, I didn’t see or hear Kelly. Her car was not in the driveway so she must have gone to school early.

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