Waiting For Sunday

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The next week had been and gone, and honestly, it had been heaven. Oliver had stopped by the studio on each and every lunch break and when Amalia had disappeared out for hers, it didn’t take much for us to be wrapped around each other. How she never noticed when she walked back in, his shirt tucked then untucked, my hair a mess more than once. But she never seemed to notice and it had become our secret, a secret that only we shared and that made it all the more exciting.

Jake hadn’t been in touch. I’d replied to his message telling him that I’d be busy and as much as I missed his company, I wouldn’t be able to see him, to which he told me that now he was settling in, his job would keep him occupied. So chances were, he wouldn’t really see me either.

“Mali here?” Oliver grinned as his fingers curled around the opening door.

“No,” I grinned back, mirroring his own.

“Good,” he continued, closing the door behind him.

“Flip the sign,” I told him giddily and stood from behind the desk. He nodded quickly in response and as he did so, I came around to meet him wrapping my arms around him.

“Impatient today,”

“I can’t help it, it’s you, you do something to me,”

“I can do a lot of things to you,” he smirks, pulling at my hand as I squeal, giddiness still running through my veins. Pulling me into the stock room, surrounded by bolsters and mats and various other products, he slams the door shut with his foot and pulls me into his arms.

His lips crash against mine, his hands pulling at his jeans. My own hands pull at my leggings and before I know it, he has his fingers gripped tightly around the backs of my thighs, my back pressed firmly against the door and his teeth ripping open a foil packet. With a little fumbling, he rolls it over himself quickly and buries himself inside me, immediately thrusting his hungry hips and lips against me.

“Fuck—,” he grunts as he thrusts eagerly into me over and over again.

“I’ve thought of nothing else since I woke up this morning,”

“What?” I moan, as his lips devour my neck.

“Being inside you,” he groans, his hips thrusting against me again, my back sliding against the door.

“Oh,” I moan, meaning to say it. Feeling the fullness of him inside me, makes my heart thump. I’ve never had someone want me so much. Normally by now, I can already see someone tiring of me, but not Oliver, no he wants me just as much as I need him, and I fear it’s purely because we’re not exclusive.

We’ve moved so quickly and I’m ok with that. It’s far too soon, to be so serious about someone and we’re having fun. We’re each others release when we need it and apparently, we need it every day.

“Have dinner with— me— tonight,” he grunts as his hips snap at me again.


“Yes,” he groans against my neck, moving his mouth quickly to my ear and biting at the lobe, his breath heavy and lustful.

“Ok—,” I moan again, biting at his bottom lip when I move my mouth to his. My back slides with fervour as he continues to pound into me, his mouth now biting at my breast.

“Oliver, don’t leave— a mark,” I warn, my eyes rolling as the ache in between my legs warms and heightens, my muscles beginning to clamp around him.

“Come for me,” he demands and my body instantly obeys. As I pulse and cover him with my arousal, I can hear the pleasure ripple through him, ready to release himself inside me, but as I come down, he drops me, turning me in quick succession and bending me over a stack of boxes.


“Fuck,” he grunts as his fingers dig into my hips, swiftly ripping another orgasm from me before finding his own. His chest heaving as I stand, my back against his chest, his hand on my throat.

“You drive me wild,” he softly laughs as his arms wrap around me, holding me tight before withdrawing himself from me.

“I’m sorry,” I reply as I pull my panties and leggings back up my legs.

“Please—,” he begins pulling me into his body, “Never apologise, you’re amazing,”

I blush at the compliment, not knowing how to accept it. It’s something I never really got.

“You should go, as much as I wish I could keep you here all day,” I smile sweetly to him.

“I wish I could too,” he grinned, cupping his hands against my cheeks and kissing me deeply, “I’ll pick you up later, be ready for 8,” he whispers between kisses.

“I will,” I smile as he opens the door, peering out before leaving, making sure he isn’t spotted, and checking both ways before he crosses the road.

I smile, then flip the sign over and begin walking back to the desk just as Amalia walks in.

“Did I just see Oliver?”

“I don’t know, I was just checking stock,”

“I could have sworn I saw him leave,”

“Oh well, maybe he stuck his head in and saw that the front was empty so left again,”

“I’ll have to catch up with him later,”

“Has he asked you out again since that weekend?”

“No, not yet,” I lie, feeling the slight pang of guilt for being dishonest. But the more we did things, like dates, made my chest tighten in excitement, I just couldn’t let myself get carried away. No relationships, no more feelings. Failing miserably at this was becoming more apparent when he kept coming around and we kept sleeping with each other as good as it was.

Each lunchtime had been quick, for fear of being caught, but both of us always being left satisfied.

“I really like him and I think he’d be good for you,”

“I know you do, but I still feel the same as I did before, no feelings, no sex, no relationships,” I lie again as she nods, shrugging her shoulders and disappearing into her studio for her next class.

Biting my lip I pull my phone from my bag and open a message for Oliver.

‘She’s been asking about you again,’


‘Yeah, I hate lying to her,’

‘So tell her,’

‘No, this is our secret,’

‘So stop feeling guilty. I have to go into a meeting, and my assistant keeps looking at me because I can’t stop smiling when I think about you,’

‘Stop! Feelings! No!,’ I reply. The three dots appear but there's no response and just as I’m about to push my phone back into my bag, it rings.

“Oliver, why are you ringing?” I smirk as I whisper.

“Because I wanted to hear your voice,” he chimes through the receiver.

“Well, shouldn't you be going into a meeting,”

“I am but I just wanted to hear your voice because right now all I can hear in my head is you moaning my name,”

I blush, my cheeks aching from how big my smile is, “Besides, feelings are going to happen whether you like it or not Sunday, and I'm afraid there’s the small matter of me already falling for you,”


“See you tonight,” he says before giving me the opportunity to say anything back and hangs up.

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