Waiting For Sunday

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“Oliver— Oliver?”


“Come on, you've fallen asleep,” I giggle, trailing the backs of my fingers down his cheek.

“Why’d you wake me? I’m so comfortable,”

“I know, but I need to pee,”

With his arms snaked around me, he nuzzles his face into my chest. He’d fallen asleep as we watched a movie. How? I have no clue, I thought maybe that because he’d slept with me this afternoon that he’d be awake till the early hours.

“What time is it?”

“Almost 12,”

“Bed,” he murmured against my chest and with a small smile, I push him away despite his reluctance to let go of me, purposely rubbing his face against my left breast.

“Oliver!” I giggle as he finally let's go, “Come on,”

Walking up to bed, he follows close behind me trying his best to cup my ass in his hands.

“You're gonna lose a hand if you keep manhandling me like that,”

“But it’s just so peachy,” he scoffs with a laugh and I roll my eyes. This is becoming something more than just friendly, it’s bordering on a relationship and that can’t happen.

“See you at lunch— maybe?” He coos, trying his best to get close but not so close that anyone would see. I’d come into the city early with Oliver, and it made sense since my car was already here and he needed to be in work early anyway.

“Yeah— maybe,” I smile back, desperate to wrap my arms around him. He smiles his charming smile, still covered by his short beard and disappears across the road. I watch for just a second before turning and heading to the studio.

As I open the door, it feels odd to be here so early, but I know I’ll get some much needed admin done.

As I make myself a coffee, I settle down in front of the computer but my mind won’t settle. I worry that Jake will come along and spoil what Oliver and I have. What that was I had no idea, but I shouldn’t want a relationship and I feared, that that’s what I wanted.

I could give in. I could give in to my emotions and think to fuck with it all, give this a go, give him a go, give him a chance to show me how I should be loved, but then again, I’ve done that so many times before, and in the beginning, this is how it was. I’m happy, their happy, then something happens, something clicks and it all goes to shit, and I’m the one left heartbroken.

I didn’t feel like that with Jake because I’d been so used to the feeling of it that I’d become numb, but this time, something hit me, right in the chest and I knew I wanted to be happy with him, with Oliver.

The bell above the door brings me back from my thoughts and as I look up, I see a wide awake Amalia frowning.


“Oh—, hey,”

“You ok?”

“Yeah—, I uh—, I just didn’t expect you’d be in, normally I open up,”

“No I know, but I was awake early so figured I’d come in and do some admin,”

She stands watching for a moment and then with a smile, she says, “Sure,” and disappears to her studio and drops her things off.

“And now, bring yourself into tabletop, and remember to keep your back straight, your hands flat against your mat and your arms straight but not locked,”

I watch proud, that after nearly 8 months, I’m still able to keep the business going and that I'm getting more clients wanting to attend almost daily. At this point, I feel like I should seriously consider looking for somewhere bigger and hiring someone else, that way I can take a backseat from teaching and run the studio from behind the scenes, no matter how much I love instructing.

“And now stretch your legs, bringing yourself into downward dog, remembering to walk yourself back with your hands slowly, then fold and slowly roll your spines until you’re stood upright,” I say as I walk in between my ladies and smile watching, occasionally helping when one loses their balance a little.

As I eventually wind up the last class, I hear the bell ring above the door and as I walk out into the reception, a smile grows as I see Oliver stood, moving out of the way, his hands buried deep into his pocket, the other pulling his bag up onto his shoulder.

“Hi, how come you’re here?”

“Listen—,” he begins, his expression suddenly serious.

He’s here to break off whatever this is, whatever we are, he’s here to stop it all. I can’t help but feel the ache in my chest, but I shouldn’t feel anything, we aren’t anything. But standing here and smiling goodbye to the last few ladies from my class, I swallow and turn to walk back to the desk.


“Mhmm,” I hum, fiddling with loose paperwork.

“Will you look at me— please,”

My eyes look up to him, frowning just a little as he moves closer. Running his hand through his hair, he clears his throat and swallows, his adam’s apple jumping.

“Look, if you’ve come to break things off with me— well not break things off with me but you know—,”

“Sunday,” he says again, bringing me back from my rambling.

“Look I— I don’t know what this is between us,” he begins, his hand gesturing between us, “But I think, I think we could be good, really good and I know you might have some reservations, but I think, I think if you could give us a chance, give me a chance, I think I could make you really happy,”

I look up, my eyes widening.

“I know we’ve been getting close and I know it’s been fun, but I can’t help how I feel, I can’t help how I’m falling for you and I know you feel the same, you’re just scared to get hurt again,”

I stand watching, still not saying anything.

“So I wanted to know, I wanted to see if I told you how I felt, that maybe, maybe you’d feel the same too and that maybe you’d consider,” he pauses and walks around the desk, his body close to mine. I can feel the tension rolling off of him as he breathes in deeply, his lips narrowing into a thin line, “That maybe you’d consider giving me a chance,”

“I fucking knew it!” Amalia suddenly shrieks making us both jump.

“I knew something was going on between you two. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, Oliver always coming over, he’s never been this bothered about yoga before, and Amy well she never said anything, but I knew, I knew something was happening,”

“Mali— look,”

“No, I mean why would Oliver Ross keep walking back into our little studio? Because he’s got a thing for you Sunday, it’s not going to be me is it, despite being the most beautiful woman in the world,”

Oliver scoffs, folding his arms in front of him.

“But I knew something had to be going on Sun— I thought you weren’t going to fall for anyone? I thought falling love was off the cards?”

“It is,” I panic, Oliver’s eyes darting towards me again, “I mean it was, but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it,” I smile gently towards Oliver.

“But I don’t want my heart getting broken again,”

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