Waiting For Sunday

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Watching as I lean against the door, my arms crossed against my chest, a swell of both pride and happiness fills me as I smile when I see her. The curve of her hips, her slender legs, the way her hair softly falls in waves and the sparkle in her eyes as she looks up, her lips curling into the most beautiful smile as she sees me.

Instantly bouncing from the floor, her feet firmly pressed against the mat before she rushes forward, her arms wrapping around my neck, my arms wrapping around her waist, bringing her to me, breathing in her sweet scent.

“I’ve missed you,” she squeals into my ear, her voice as sweet as bird song.

“I missed you more,” I reply, bringing her face to look at mine. Cupping her cheek in my free hand, I bring my lips to hers and taste her, the mild bitterness of coffee and mint gum traced on her lips.

“A week was far too long,” she coos against my lips.

“Well, I’m back now,”

“When do you have to go away again,”

“Not for a while,”

“Good, I’ve missed more than just these arms,” she smiles again as she looks at me, a glint in her eyes, a mischievous glint.

“Tell me what I’ve missed,”

“Not much,” she replies, taking my hand and leading me back to where she’d left to see me.

“Where’s Mali?”

“Home, she and uh— Amy have a date,” she tells me, winking as she giggles softly, crossing her legs underneath her and sitting back down against the plum coloured mat on the floor.

“So we have this place all to ourselves,”

“We do,” she pauses looking towards the door, “You know what to do,”

Sunday doesn’t need to tell me twice. I stride back towards the door, locking it and turning the sign. She stands and watches me, and with quick steps, I lift her by her thighs and carry her towards her office.

Our lips crash against each other, wet, excited and feverish kisses, a mixture of lust and anticipation sends a shiver up my spine, an ache slowly building in my groin as her legs grasp tightly around me.

Fingers thread into my hair, and I’m reminded that yet again it needs cutting but for now, it gives her something to tease and hold onto as her lips part, my tongue ready to taste hers, tease it with my own.

I set her down on the desk, enough space for me to lay her back as she hisses at the cold glass resting against her shoulder blades. Her tight clothing the only barrier keeping me from what I want and what I want is her.

She writhes underneath me as I trail my lips from her mouth along her jaw and down onto her neck. Biting at the sensitive skin, nipping my teeth as I trail down onto her collarbone.

“Oliver,” her voice almost soft, her cheeks flushing. I smile as my hands cup her breasts, taking greedy handfuls, the pads of my thumbs running over her hardening nipples.

“Fuck I’ve missed you,” I breathe against her body, my tongue leading down to her navel, my lips and tongue lapping against her skin as my fingers push the fabric of the vest she’s wearing up and over her chest, past her mouth until it reaches her eyes. I want her to want me, need me as much as I need her, and if she can’t see it, then she will feel it.

“What are you—,” she giggles but I quieten her again with my lips, before returning my hands to the waistband of her leggings and pulling at them, bringing them down her hips, along the creamy skin of her thighs before reaching her calves and then pulling a little harder as they fall from her feet. Dropping them just beside me, I look back up, inhaling with a silent hiss as I look at her beautiful body ready and willing for me to take her and I will.

I lift her legs up, her knees bent and with both hands, I grasp and pull them apart, the apex of her thighs open revealing her core, already aroused as moisture gathers against the fabric of her panties.

“Already so wet,” I tease and she smiles, not saying a word but gasps as my index and middle finger graze over the wet fabric pressing firmly at the very spot that will have her pooling in my mouth.

“Oliver,” she whispers again, “Please, please take them off,”

I bite my bottom lip as I curl my thumbs over the band of her panties and pull them away, tortuously slow, her core glistening as I discard them. I can smell her, the sweet but musky scent of her arousal and it only excites me more, my cock already hard.

Dragging two fingers down her folds, her back arches, her mouth opening into an almost perfect ‘O’ as a moan escapes her throat.

“Sunday,” I murmur.

“Yes,” she moans again as I circle my fingers at her entrance, teasing her. She writhes again, her hips thrusting forwards, desperately and silently pleading for me to plunge them inside.

Her muscles adjust to the intrusion, but the feel of her, how wet she is, makes it easier to pull and push them in and out of her body, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip as she reaches out to touch my hand, feel what I’m doing to her.

“Please,” she moans again, and as I find the spot, that soft delicious spot. She cries out, her fingers gripping my hand as I flick, feeling her muscles clamping around them, letting me know that the quicker I do it, the quicker she’ll come.

The tension in my stomach tightens as I watch what only I can do to her, give her the satisfaction and release she needs, and as I slowly kneel to the floor in front of her, my mouth trails lazy and treacherous kisses up her thigh, my breath hot against her as I envelop my mouth on her clit.

“Oh— my—,” she whimpers, her fingers finding my hair again and gripping tightly, pulling at the roots.

“So— sweet,” I groan against her, feeling her hips push against me.

“Come for me,” I demand as her muscles clamp tighter around my fingers, her sweet taste explodes on my tongue, as she grips a little harder and with another flick of my fingers and my tongue against her swollen clit, she moans loudly and a warmth and sudden gush of her arousal coats my lips and my tongue as she calls out my name. I smile against her, pulling as much of her into my mouth as she continues to ride out her orgasm.

As her chest heaves, I stand up, wiping my mouth, her eyes still covered, her teeth biting into her bottom lip again.

“I want to see you,” she pleads but I don’t let her, stopping her hands from removing the makeshift blindfold.

She can hear as I pull my jeans away, releasing my erection which had achingly been restrained underneath the denim fabric, but as I pull them down, I grab ahold of my cock and bring it straight to her core, the feel of her aroused and soaking folds against my tip make me hiss, the tension in my stomach and groin so tight I feel as though I could come before even burying myself inside her.


I don’t say anything else, just listen to the moans escaping her throat as I glide my tip down to her soaking entrance and without a word, bury myself inside her.

“Fuck— Oliver,” she cries out, her fingers curling and gripping at her thighs as I pull back, letting her body adjust a little to my length.

“You feel so— good baby, fuck I’ve— missed you,” I groan as I push myself back inside her, feeling the tension become almost unbearable as her hips meet mine.

Thrust upon thrust consumes my every sense as her silken body shifts upon the glass, her tongue lapping against her bottom lip as I quicken my thrusts and pound into her, her breasts bouncing against her. I need to change position, it’s the only thing I can think of to make this last longer.

“Oliv—,” she moans as I pull her up, her chest still heaving against my own as I turn her and bend her over.

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