Waiting For Sunday

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Hands grasp her ass as she breathes heavily against the glass, her breasts flat against the cold surface. I need the release but I want to feel her pulsing on me, coating me in her come.

Sliding myself against her soaked slit, I pause before burying myself deep inside her again. The feel of her, skin on skin has always been something I’ve never felt I’ve had enough of. It’s an addiction, a craving that I need.

Watching as her small petite frame shifts underneath me, I pound again and again inside her, lifting her hips up just a little as she moans, whimpers and cries out as I mercilessly get my fill of her.

I can feel the tension in my stomach, clench and tighten and I know the second she coats me in her come then I’ll fill her with my own hot semen.

“Fuck—,” I grunt as my fingers dig into her hips, “Baby, I’m gonna need— you to come— I don’t know how much— longer I can hold out,” I beg, plead with her.

“Keep going,” she whimpers underneath me. Reaching up to her shoulders, I pull her back, gripping my hands tightly, pulling her so that her back sits flush against my chest, my lips biting and sucking at her neck.

“That’s it— keep goi—,” she murmurs as I bring a hand around her throat. Squeezing just enough so that she feels the burn in her throat but not so much that it’s painful. It’s a turn on, a huge fucking turn on and I know she loves it just as much as I do.

My thrusts deepen and stagger as I feel myself unable to hold out much longer, it’s impossible being buried inside her. The feel of her wrapped around me feels too good and as she tightens around me, I feel the warmth as she comes again and again, her body pulsing as she cries out, her fingers gripping at the sides of the desk.

Mewling, her body limpens and relaxes against the glass but shifts slightly as I bite my bottom lip, unable to control myself any longer and come, feeling myself fill her. Hips stagger, my lips burying into her shoulder as I lean over her. Chests heaving, bodies damp with sweat, nothing but heavy breaths the only sounds to be heard.

Moments pass in silence as we both settle, our breathing returning to normal and as I gently pull myself from her body, leaving her empty, I smile a hazy smile as she turns and faces me, keeping her legs pinched together so that my orgasm doesn’t leave her.

Pulling her into my arms, pressing my lips against hers, I breathe her in, the scent a mixture of her own sweet scent and sex. Pure, unadulterated sex.

“Thank you,” she whispers against my lips. I cock a brow, looking down to her as I smile.

“What for?”

“For coming back to me,”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because after all this time, they never do,”

“Who doesn’t,”

“The first five,” she breathes, kissing me again. I can’t help but feel an ache in my chest, did she truly never feel safe with someone, constantly scared that as soon as she feels something for someone that they’ll abandon her.

“I’m not going anywhere, I’ll always come back,” I promise her.

“Are you sure Amy won’t mind?”

“Amy won’t give a shit,” I chuckle as we walk inside my apartment. It’s funny how she’s still so shy, no matter how close or intimate we are, she still blushes at the thought of others knowing about us.

“I’ll cook,” I tell her, her eyes widening.

“You— cook?” She smirks, cocking a brow.

“Yes,” I smile back, pulling her into my arms, nuzzling my face into her neck. With a playful slap of her ass I spin her around and send her in the direction of the living room and watch as she turns, curling her fingers around the frame of the door and with a cheeky and playful smile, she disappears. As I walk into the kitchen, I hear the TV and the start of a movie.

Half an hour passes and I walk in, pizza piping hot along with garlic bread and smile as I slump down beside her.

“What we watching?”

“The Proposal,”

“Seriously— the one with Sandra Bullock?”

“Yes,” she grins, taking a bite of her pizza.

“Good Morning,” I whisper, pressing my lips to her temple.

“Morning,” she murmurs back, a smile creeping on her lips, her body stretching before wrapping her arms around me, her full soft lips, peppering gentle kisses on my chest.

“Do you have to go to work today?”

“No,” I reply, my eyes fluttering closed as her fingertips gently tug at the curled blonde hair on my chest.

“I really did miss you,” she coos, her breath hot against me.

“I missed you,” I answer her, kissing her again as her hand begins to trail down my stomach, tugging at the blonde hair just above the waistband of my boxers.

“And I mean it, I promise, I’ll always come back, always,”

My fingers tuck a fallen strand behind her ear and rest against her back, stroking small unhurried circles against her creamy skin, goosebumps rising against them. A smile creeps on my lips knowing that her skin reacts to me the way it does, simply from my touch.

“What are you doing?” I ask, my breathing deepening just a little as her fingers tuck just underneath the band.

“Nothing,” she smirks, burying her face into my chest.

“Doesn’t feel like nothin’,” I murmur, her hand disappearing inside them, gripping my growing length. The feel of her hand wrapped around me causes me to bite my lip, hissing as I inhale through my teeth.

“Sunday, haven’t you had enough?” I tease.

“Nowhere near enough,” she breathly replies as her body shifts and she begins to pull the duvet up over her body.

“Wait— what are you—,” I stammer as a wicked smile curls on her lips and she disappears from sight. My eyes close, a tension beginning to grow in my belly. Rolling my lips into my mouth, I feel my boxers slipping away from me, her hand still gripping my hardening length, and then I breathe in sharply as the wet and warmth of her mouth takes me in, sucking hard, her tongue gliding up and down my length.

“You keep doing that— I'm gonna come before I want to," I hear a muffled giggle from under the covers, but when she reveals her face, her cheeks flushed, her lips full and swollen, I feel it.

I've not just fallen for this girl, I love her.

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