Waiting For Sunday

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Who says you can’t be pregnant and still run your own business?

As I walk sleepily into work the next day, Amalia sits perched waiting for me against my desk. With an unsure expression on her face, I close the door behind me, making not to disturb the early-risers class of Beth’s.

Sitting down, the muffled soft music outside the room soothes my soul as I collapse onto the seat. Who knew I’d feel this tired. With crackers in my bag and an anti-sickness bracelet firmly gripping my wrist I begin to chew and wait to see how long it’ll take Amalia to burst.


Well, that took all of 30 seconds.


“Don’t you what me Sunday Williams,” she bursts again, standing abruptly as she rests her hands on the end of my desk, “What happened? Did you tell him?”

“I did,” I pause just because I know it’s driving her crazy.


“And— he can’t wait,” I smile, finally giving her the news she so desperately wanted to hear. I could ave strung that out but even I knew I couldn’t wait to tell her. Her face widens into a beautiful smile, her eyes creasing at the corner as she scrambles around the desk, arms wrapping around my shoulders as she peppers me with kisses only a best friend can give.

As my fingers curl around her forearms, something sparkles, twinkling under the lights and it immediately catches her eye.

“OH MY GOD!” She squeals as she pulls at my hand, “He never got this— for you,”

“Yeah,” I laugh, feeling my eyes welling up. Damn you hormones.

“It’s beautiful, it’s stunning, it’s so—, big!”

“I take it you approve?”

“Yes—, I—, do,” she squeaks again, but as I shush her she giggles, out of breath as she wraps her arms around me again, “I can’t believe my best friend is getting married and having a baby, I really should get a move on shouldn’t I?” She laughs as she walks to the door, turning for just a second, “I really am happy for you Sun, you deserve this, you deserve to be happy,”

“Thank you,” I smile back, my hand resting on my stomach, watching as she quickly walks back to me, kneeling down in front of me and leaning forward, her hand sitting at the side of her mouth, “Oh just you wait till you meet your Aunt Mali kid, we’re going to get into all kindsa mischief, we’ll drive your momma crazy,” she whispers knowing too full well that I can hear every word she’s saying. With a roll of my eyes I playfully smile down at my best friend as she stands, kissing me on the cheek and then like the whirlwind she is, she disappears.

After lunch, I get the third phone call of the day from Oliver, checking that I’m ok and that I’m not doing too much.

“I’m pregnant Oliver, not ill,”

“No I know but I just want to check, puts me at ease you know,”

“I know,” I softly reply, flicking through the Bugaboo website looking at pushchairs.

“How’s your morning been?”

“Good, really good, just checking on stock supplies and ordering in some new maternity yoga clothing,”

“This early on?”

“I like to be prepared,” I chuckle as he laughs on the other end of the phone.

“Of course, when aren’t you?”

“You know they’ll be doing yoga don’t you?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t expect their momma not to teach them somethin’,”

“Can you just imagine, they'll have their own little mat and everything,” I sigh as I lean back in my chair, a wave of nausea washing over me.

“So tomorrow is the appointment with Dr Adams?”

“It is, I assume we’ll have a scan so they can see how far along I actually am,”

“I’ll be there, I’ll come pick you up,”

“I don’t think wild horses could keep you away,” I smile sweetly, an image of us together seeing our unexpected but much-loved surprise.

“I have to go, I love you,” he coos.

“I love you,” I tell him as I hang up. Turning my attention back to the screen, I look at other baby paraphernalia and smile to myself as I begin making a list of all the things we’ll need.

With a grumbling tummy, I head to the kitchen and find a can of chicken and sweetcorn soup, and empty it into a bowl and heat it up in the microwave, hoping that despite its soothing but bland taste, that I won’t throw this up. I’d felt better eating little and often, and the band on my wrist was certainly helping keep the sickness at bay.

By 5 I was exhausted, my eyes heavy, my limbs weakening by the second, I hope the much-needed energy boost will happen soon, I can’t wait to actually start enjoying this pregnancy. As I push the key in the lock, I smell something cooking and smile when my favourite face appears from around the kitchen doorframe.


“Hey,” I reply as I drop my bags to the floor.

“Dinner will be ready soon,” He calls out, “Go sit down,” I nod, gladly carrying myself to the couch, slumping down and then curling my legs underneath me, watching and waiting as my stomach grumbles and gurgles, and I smile, my hand resting on my new best friend, my little bean, my little blip as their daddy walks in, a bowl in his hand.

“I figured something light seeing as you can’t eat much just now,”


“Yeah, but a milder version, hopefully, you’ll like it,” he grins as he disappears, reappearing minutes later with his own. As he sits down beside me, I peck his lips, “Thank you for dinner,” I smile as I tuck into my food, not feeling sick for the first time.

Watching a movie seems such a trivial thing, but sat with my fiancé, our baby growing inside my belly and a heart full and beating healthy, I can’t think just how I really did get my happy ending. Who’d have thought when I’d moved here just over a year ago, would my life be as wonderful as it was.

As Oliver wraps an arm around me, he pulls me in close, kissing my temple as I feel myself begin falling asleep.

“Sunday,” I hear Oliver call softly, “Come on baby, you fell asleep,” he chuckles, my body feeling itself move.

“No— too comfy,” I sulk as I wrap my arms around his shoulders, my body weightless as he carries me into our room. As I land softly on the bed, my bleary and hazy eyes watch, a smile curling on my lips as Oliver undresses me, discarding my clothes on the floor before pulling the sheets over my body, and minutes later climbing in behind me, his arms wrapping protectively around me.

“I love you,” he whispers as his lips kiss my shoulder.

“Love you,” I murmur as darkness takes over and I fall into a dreamless and happy sleep.

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