Waiting For Sunday

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“I’m nervous, are you nervous?” I ramble as Oliver pulls my hand into his lap. With a warm smile, he lifts my hand up to his mouth, his lips gently peppering kisses on the back and with a wink he settles my hand back into his lap.

“It’ll be ok, just— try to relax,”

“I know, but I didn’t think I’d be this nervous— excited, no definitely nervous,”



“Just stay calm— ok, think you can do that for me?”

With a deep breath, I nod and with the best smile I can, I watch him silently, his eyes looking to me.

“Sunday Williams?” A nurse calls. I look to the voice and see a woman with the sweetest smile, caring eyes and big wild blonde curls. I stand from the seat, Oliver following behind me.

“Just take a seat while I check your vitals, and once I’m done, Dr Adams will be in to see you, ok?”

“Y-yes,” I reply, trying to keep the tremor in my voice to a minimum.

“Sunday,” Oliver whispers to me. When I look to him, he smiles a soft reassuring smile and with a nod, I press my lips together in a firm line and place my hands in my lap. As the nurse checks my blood pressure, and my weight, she writes it all down and lets us know that everything looks good and that Dr Adams will be in soon. As the door closes I release a breath I’d not realised I’d been holding in.

“You doin’ ok over there?” Oliver asks as he walks towards me, his hands resting on my thighs.

“Think so,” I smile back, trying again to hide the tremor in my voice.

“Hey— everything will be fine, I promise,”

“Don’t do that,”

“Don’t promise. Because if you promise and something goes wrong then I’d hate for you to be angry with yourself for saying it,”

“Ok,” he nods, placing a kiss on my forehead.

“I’m sorry, I’m just— I’m nervous,”

“I know,” he murmurs as his forehead presses against my own.

As the door opens Oliver steps back, holding my hands in his as Dr Adams walks into the room.


“Hi—, yes,”

“Hello, I’m Dr Adams,” she smiles as she pushes a pen back into the pocket of her scrubs and pulls gently at her white coat.

“So, congratulations are in order,”

“Yes thank you,” I smile timidly, my eyes snapping to Oliver.

She looks over and holds out her hand “And you must be dad,” she smiles at Oliver.

“I am,” he chuckles as he releases my hand and shakes hers for just a second.

“Well, let’s see where we are then shall we?” I nod as she brings a large screen with dials on wheels towards the bed I’m sat on and asks me to lie back.

“Now I’m just going to put some of this gel on your stomach, it’ll be a little cold, but it’ll help me find the foetus, is that ok?”

“Y-yes,” I stammer as Oliver pulls his chair beside me, watching the screen as she places the ultrasound probe on my stomach, “What does that do?” I ask, my head already mixed with anxiety and questions upon questions.

“This—,” she smiles as she moves the probe from left to right, up and down and in circles until she finds exactly what she’s looking for, “sends ultrasound waves and echoes back an image and so far, it’s doing what it should—, look," I turn my face towards the screen and watch intently.

“Here we go,” she smiles reassuringly, “There we are,”

As she continues to press a little into my stomach a black and white image appears on the screen, and with it, our little blip, our little bean, our— baby. I feel my heart thump in my chest, my hand squeezing Oliver’s harder as she checks the measurements and looks to make sure everything is as it should be.

“I’d say you’re 5 nearly 6 weeks,” she smiles, still looking at our tiny bean on the screen, “Here,” she points out, her fingertip pointing towards them, “You see that flicker?” I nod, my eyes stinging as I stare, not able to tear my eyes away, “That’s the heartbeat,” she smiles again as I feel a tear trickle down my cheek. My eyes gaze at Oliver adoringly as he just sits there, his mouth agape as he just— watches.

“That’s our baby,” I whisper elated. He nods his head, still not saying a word.

“So, keep taking the vitamins or start if you haven’t started yet and drink plenty of fluids, and make sure you eat well,”

“She does that already doc,”

“Well then there’s nothing else I need to tell you, for now, other than congratulations and don’t forget to book your next appointment,” she soothes as she hands me some paper towels, “To wipe away the gel,” she says as she stands, switching back on the light and with a reassuring nod and a wave, she disappears and with a smile myself I watch as Oliver stands there, just looking between the screen and me.

“We’re having a baby,”

“It’s only just dawned on you?” I laugh as I wipe at my stomach.

“You know what I mean, I mean we saw them, him, we saw him—,”

“Or her,” I say, a smile on my face just as wide.

As we leave, sonograph pictures in hand Oliver pulls me in, kissing me and peppering me with affection as he drives me back to the studio.

“So, remember what Dr Adams said?”

“Yes, Oliver,”

“Make sure you drink plenty of water,”

“Of course,”

“And don’t do anything too stressful,”

“Check,” I smile again knowing that my job, my business is the least stressful place you could ever be.

“I’ll see you when I get home,” he grins as he opens the door for me. I climb out as he pulls me in, gently kissing me, his love seeping from every pore.

“I love you,” he whispers as I smile, his lips kissing me again, “And I love you,” I breathe against his lips.

“See you tonight,” he coos as I nod, and with that he watches me as I walk inside, padding my way to my office.

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