Waiting For Sunday

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Stepping inside Percy’s & Co. I order myself a drink as I wait for Jake. Oliver had gone back to work, and as I sat in my usual yoga attire, still trying to forget the order of maternity wear I’d received this morning, my cheeks and eyes were still a little red and the small gin & tonic I ordered would for some small part, make me feel better. As I sip slowly, I feel a hand rest on the bottom of my back and when I turn on the high back stool, I smile when I see Jake stood looking down to me.

“Hey Sunny,”

“Hi,” I smile back, standing and wrapping my arms around him, pulling him in as close I can.

“You hungry kid?”

“Starved,” I wink, taking another sip.

“A little early,”

“It’s needed,” I say, my bottom lip trembling as I shake my head, willing the tears stinging the back of my eyes to disappear. With a nod, Jake orders a beer and then asks if we can be seated outside.

As a server shows us to a small table, the buzz of the street beside us, he watches me carefully as we choose something to eat.

“So you gonna tell me why we’re here?” I ask, when I look up, my face still facing the menu.

“I wanted to see how you were,” he smiles back, his eyes browsing over the menu in front of him. With a cock of my brow, I decide on a burger and sweet fries and when the server comes back with another round of drinks, we tell her just what we want and then smile politely as she walks back inside.

“So—, how are you?”

“I’m good—,” I lie as my eyes drop to my laced fingers.

“Sunny—, come on, this is me, out with it,”

“No Jake, I’m fine—, honest,” I say as I take another sip of the beading gin inside my glass.


My eyes snap up, watching and waiting to see what he says, but nothing comes out, his eyes just study me, an expression of sadness on his face.

“You got something to say?” I ask, my voice a little low.

“I’m just so sorry, about everything,” he tells me. His eyes drop to his arms as they fold against the table and I reach over, my hand curling on his forearm, my thumb grazing against the tattoos.

“I never got to say thank you,”

“For what?”

“For getting me to the hospital that day. If it hadn’t have been for you, then god knows what would have happened,” his eyes begin to pool, a single tear trickling down his cheek. I sigh, my eyes softening as he quickly wipes it away.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that, I would have stayed but when I saw Oliver crash through the doors I knew you wouldn’t need me there,”

“You didn’t stay?”

“No Sunny, it wasn’t my place to,”

“But Jake,”

“Sunday, if I’m honest, despite what was happening, I’d wished it had been me there, holding your hand, caring for you, loving you and trying to protect you, but I know it never would have happened, you love him,”

Pulling my hand away, I shrink back into my seat and pick up my drink, gulping the last of it down.

“I’m sorry Sunday but I had to say it, I love you, I still do, but I knew I had to tell you before I could let you go, I need to stop wanting you like I do,”

I swallow as I rest the glass back on the table. My eyes watching him as he looks down to his arms again, “I’m sorry Sunny I really am, but I had to be honest and now that I have, I just want to be friends, I want to still be in your life and I don’t want to love you like that, not anymore, not now,”

I should scream, shout, throw my drink in his face, but I know that won’t make this any better. Instead, I stand calmly from my chair and make my way around to his, his eyes watching me carefully. With one deep breath, I lean down, wrapping my arms around his shoulders, my cheek resting against the back of his head. “I’ll always love you Jake, but I can’t give you what you want and I won’t, too much has happened this past year and I have Oliver, I love Oliver,” I feel his fingers curl around my forearms as his head nods, no words exchanged between us.

Letting go minutes later as the waitress comes back out with our food, I sit down and watch as Jake wipes away the tears he’d silently cried.

“Let’s eat,” he smiles softly, picking up a fry.


“Don’t leave it so long before you call me,” I smile to him as his arms wrap around my waist, pulling me in and holding me close.

“I won’t—, maybe we can do lunch again, bring Oliver next time,” he smiles as I nod.

“I will, he’ll like that,” I say with a smile as I kiss his cheek.

Walking away, we both check over our shoulder and wave goodbye as we leave, and as I climb into the seat of my car, I pull my phone from my bag and call Oliver.

“Hi, baby,”

“Hi,” I smile as I hear his voice.

“How’d it go?”

“As well as it could,” I answer honestly.

“So what did he say?” He asks as I switch the phone to its speaker and pull on my seatbelt.

By the time I arrive back at the studio, a class in both Beth and Amalia’s studios are underway. With a chai latte in my hand, I disappear inside my office and slump down into my chair. I look over to the small bag of clothes I’d forgotten I’d ordered and pack them away, tucking them into the bottom drawer of my desk.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Walking back into the apartment a few hours later, I begin toeing off my shoes when I hear a rustle coming from our bedroom.



“Hello?” I shout, my heart beginning to thump in my chest.

“Sunday—, that you?” I hear Oliver call, his voice a little rushed. I take in a deep relieved breath as I finally smile and head towards our bedroom. As the door creaks open, I see a flash of skin and when the door is opened wide I stop, frozen on the spot when I see Oliver, as naked as the day he was born, his erection in full swing, with a single rose held between his lips.

Folding my arms, and a smile curling wide on my lips, I lean against the bedroom doorframe and just stare, admiring the tight muscular chest, the golden curling hair that gathers on his pecs, trailing down towards the one place he knows I love.

“Ta-da!” His muffled voice calls out.

With a laugh, a deep snorting laugh I walk towards him and kneel on the bed, my arms wrapping around his neck.

“Oliver Ross, what do you think you’re doing?” I giggle, pressing a kiss to his lips.

“Surpwise?” He mumbles, rolling his eyes as he pulls the rose from his lips, and sucking the gathering saliva in his mouth and swallowing, “Surprise!” He grins as he pushes the rose behind my ear and kisses me. I smile against his lips, giggling again as I nod, “Yes,” I say against his lips.

“Good, cause my balls were getting cold,” he chuckles, reaching his hand down to cup them, “See, I mean they’re practically hiding,” he grins as I shake my head and kiss him again.

“I do love you Oliver Ross,” I tell him as his arms wrap around me, trailing down to the backs of my thighs and shakily scooping me up, sitting me down on his lap.

“That’s not possible,”

“What isn’t?”

“That you love me,”

“And why not?”

“Because Sunday Williams, you can't possibly love me like I love you,”

“I don’t doubt that,”

“I’ll love you every single second, every single day, for eternity if I have too,”

“Even on Sundays?”

“Even on Sundays,” He tells me.

“How about forever?”

“Forever’s a long time,” he smirks, kissing me again as I playfully pout.

“Could you manage that do you think?”

“Sunday—, forever will never be long enough, but I'll give it a good go,”

And with that, I kiss the man who will love me forever.

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