Waiting For Sunday

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Oh god. How the hell did this happen. She was right. Amalia was right.

Jakes's hands roam over my back, his fingers splayed against my skin, and his lips devouring me. My arms wrap around his neck as his tongue pushes into my mouth and I willingly let him massage mine with his own.

“I’ve missed you Sunny,” he breathes, his eyes watching as he kisses me deeply.

“Jake,” I whisper in return, my head and my heart in turmoil, not knowing whether to pull away and run or to stay and see how far this will go.

Jake’s hands grip at my hips, spinning me around and pulling me against his chest. His lips attacking my neck in the most delicious way, and his hands cupping and kneading my chest. As we breathe heavily, I can feel him hardening behind me, his erection pressing against my ass.

"I want you,” he breathes against me, each word full of lust as his tongue laps against my skin. Turning me quickly, his hands wrap around the backs of my thighs and in haste, lifts me clear off the floor, bringing me to the edge of the counter. If I don’t stop this now, I could make a huge mistake, or— make the best decision I’ve ever made.

I know I still have feelings for him, because how can you stop feeling something for the one man you thought you’d be with for the rest of your life, but I’m most definitely not in love with him. As his lips edge their way closer to my chest, breathing heavily I grip his shoulders and suddenly call out, “Stop,”

His eyes widen in shock, his lips full and swollen from kissing me, and with a frown, he stands up straight.

“What— what happened? Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” I breath heavily, pushing his hands away and gently easing myself down from the counter.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” I assure him.

“Then what?” He asks, his voice laced with disappointment and genuine confusion.

“I just— I shouldn’t have let it get this far,”

“But why? You seemed so sure back at the club,”

We’d been to more than one bar and somehow ended up at Box House. The bass of the music and the mixture of alcohol and heat had contributed to us dancing and becoming close, intoxicated in our own small lust-filled world. Falling out of the club, we stumbled and laughed into a taxi, and then back to his new apartment.

I could feel my heart race as his hand rest against my lower back, his eyes burning into mine as the elevator rose to his floor. Walking to his door, his fingers laced in mine, he unlocked his door. The second it opened his lips were on mine again as we fell through the door and clumsily made our way into the kitchen, resting against the island. Desperate and lust-filled kisses consumed us until now.

“I should go,” I tell Jake, clearing my throat and straightening my dress.

“But why?”

“I don’t know,” I panic, striding towards the door.

“Sunny— wait!” He calls out. His hand wraps around my wrist and turns me back to face him.


“What Jake?”

“I don’t want you to go,”

“I know you don’t and truthfully I don’t want to go either, but I have to, I need to,”

Jake stands still, his hand dropping and as he lowers his gaze to his feet, nodding his head as he watches me leave.

Waking the next morning, my head aches and when I groan looking at the time on my phone, it’s 12 in the afternoon and luckily for me, I don’t work weekends but the events of last night hit me.


I’m supposed to be meeting him for drinks tonight.

I moan, gripping my head as I roll out of bed, staggering into the kitchen and rummaging through the cupboards until I find a box of Advil. Pulling a glass from the cupboard above the stove, I fill it with water and push the pills from the blister pack before slumping down in one of the seats at the dining table.

How much did I drink last night?

Pulling my phone from the pocket of the hoody I’d just managed to wear, my eyes widen when I see not one but two messages— one from Jake and the other from Oliver.

How did I get myself into this mess?

Some use my vow is now. No more men. No more falling in love. Although technically it’s only half true, I’m not in love with either of them, not yet at least. With another groan and a swallow of the Advil in my hand, I rest my head against my hands as they lay flat on the table, and jump when my phone rings.

“Hello?” I murmur, not even looking to see who it is as I rest the phone against my ear.

“So how was last night?”

“Mali— not now,”

“Sounds like you had fun,”

“What?” I ask confused as I lift my head.

“Well from the sound of your voice you were either screaming in pleasure or you’re just hungover,”

“Mali— please— no sex jokes now,”

She giggles down the receiver and as the shrill sound vibrates agonisingly loud, I wince as I pull the phone away.

“Aren’t you seeing Oliver tonight?”

“I am,”

“Well then maybe you should get something to drink and eat and then head back to bed for a nap, this could be another all-nighter— again,”


“Well if you didn’t have such a busy social life, you’d get to spend the night with me. We could eat popcorn and find an old black and white movie,”

“You know I hate those,”

“I know, but sometimes I think you’d love them if you just gave them a chance,”

“Can I go back to bed now?”

“Yeah, just make sure you're alive and ready for Oliver, he’s such a nice guy and I’d hate to see him miss out on all your wit and sophistication,”

“I’m hanging up now,” I grumble and do just that.

What time is it now? I think to myself. Looking back at my phone I can see that it’s just after 1. That’s good, I can work with that, I can at least have a good 4-5 hours of sleep before I need to get ready for Oliver. He’ll be here by 8 so I’ll have enough time to shower and find something to wear, and I hope by then that my head won’t hurt. Slowly making my way to the fridge I pull out an apple and some cheese and make my way back to the table.

It would be comical if my head didn't hurt still, sat almost comatose taking a bite from my apple and then not even bothering cutting the cheese, just biting itthe corner. As I sit there in a daze, I don't even notice my phone ring at first and when I finally do, my eyes widen in panic when I see that it's Jake calling me.

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