The Devil's Den

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Katie decides to move away from the city into a town that was quiet and peaceful.She wants to start a new life thinking that the little town was the best option but little does she know ,her life would soon take a huge turn when she falls in love with the town's devil.Their troubled and pained experiences in life bring them together but would they forget their pasts for a moment and give life one more chance or will they shut everyone out as usual?They will both hurt but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Katie had had enough.The life in Lincoln City was too overwhelming for her to bear anymore.Starting with the increasing crime rates,the noise that never seemed to go down and last but not least,her life,that mainly consisted of a series of monotonous events;waking up at the crack of dawn,going for work,going home during ungodly hours of the night and collapsing due to exhaustion and also the occasional hangouts with friends and family.So cycle went on and on until she decided to take a new turn in life and find a new purpose.

Well there she was ,curled up on the sofa in her tiny one bedroom apartment.Her baggy T-shirt and sweatpants kept her more comfortable and warm.Scrolling through her laptop looking for a suitable house to move in.But the more she continued looking the more her hopes got diminished.None of the houses had what she wanted;they were either too expensive or they lacked the homey look.
She was about to call it a day,but a cosy looking house caught her eye.It was a small but a beautiful house.Its walls were painted white and had black roof tiles with medium glass windows.At the front porch there was a little garden adorned with beautiful flowers.Below the picture of the house, there was a photo of the neighbour hood and it seemed to be peaceful enough.And so she bought the house in surprisingly fair amount.
The only thing remaining was informing her mother and her younger sister about her moving away.But that had to wait until tomorrow.

She decided to go visit her mom later after finishing her chores.At exactly eleven she took the twenty minute drive to her mom's house clad in blue ripped jeans,a white off shoulder top and black ankle boots and her strawberry blonde hair was put up in a messy bun.
Katie sighs as she reaches her mother's driveway.Their house was once the most attractive and happiest home in the neighbour hood.But sadly though, after their father passed on due to a brain tumor,there was this aura of sadness and gloom that surrounded their house it was so thick you could almost suffocate in it.
The once well tendered garden was no more.The remnants being dead flowers and weeds matching the moods and emotions;dead and unwanted.Pricilla,Katie's mother, was the most affected.The once cheerful and bubbly lady was so consumed with grief and sadness,her eyes were now deep into their sockets giving her a hollow look.She had lost weight drastically and she refused to seek professional help and she later lost her job since she was mentally unstable.Hence,Katie was the sole provider of her family and the fact that her sister went to school,did not make the situation any better with the meagre salary she earned .The shady company Katie worked did her no good but at least she could afford the basics.
Katie was startled from her train of thoughts by a sharp knock on the window of her car.Aha!there she was,Layla,her younger sister.She was smiling ear to ear her two dimples clearly dotting her cheeks.Well she looked too happy despite the series of unfortunate events in their lives.
They quickly exchanged their pleasantries and entered the house.Being back in her childhood home made the buried memories;both bad and good, resurface .She could feel the bile rise up in her throat and she fought to swallow it.Tears were welling up in hers eyes but she struggled to put her poker face on for her mother and her younger sister.Being the first born she wanted to be strong;the tears would come later when she was alone in her apartment away from the harsh realities of the world.
Layla led them into the kitchen where they chatted and drank some juice.The two sisters updated one another on the latest gossip.Layla told Katie about her experience in school and the usual boy talk and the funny unforgattable moments that had them laughing to the point of shedding tears.Just being there with her sister like the sweet old days made Katie forget the troubles,the past and the pain she had gone through.But when she remembered what really brought her there,reality downed upon her hitting her like a brick.
Her sister realised the change in her demeanor and she quickly stopped the chit chat."Are you okay big sis,did something go wrong?"She quickly questions her sister her voice laced with worry and concern.
Katie didn't realise but a tear slipped down her cheek.She quickly wiped it away with the back side of her hand.She knew she couldn't wait any longer so she spilled the beans."Am really sorry Layla but.....but away."She looks back to her sister's eyes and the most prominent emotion in her eyes was that of pain.Her eyes were turning glossy her mouth opening and shutting in disbelief.
Katie sighs as she knew she had some explaining to do before she looses the person she really trusted in her life.So she sat her sister down on one of the stools in the kitchen and wiped her tears away."Look hear Layla am sorry that am moving away but I have no choice.Me staying in this place brings back all the memories that I've tried to bury... mom's condition at the moment,the memories of dad you know,the old times;its just too much.The life in this city is too overbearing...I can't,I just can't."
Katie paused to recollect herself and put her emotions in line before they got out of hand but before she could even have the chance of speaking again,Layla amidst sniffles."But..but are leaving us;who will take care of me and mum... are you leaving us like the way dad did!"Her last statement came out as cries and this pulled at Katie's heartstrings making her want to cry with her but she had to remain strong for her. Katie had to choose the right words to say to her;to make her understand that she would not live in the same place forever wallowing in grief,despair and tragedy.She was doing this not only for herself but for her whole family even her deceased father.
Katie took her sister's chin and forced her to look at her"Am not going forever and even though I won't be here in person,I will always be there for you.We've gone through a lot but this is the chance Layla,the chance to better our lives...we..we can't live like this forever just look at mom they say time can better situations but that is not the case here.Please I know you hate me for doing this but please understand."Katie finished her speech and the burden in her heart lessened a little.
Layla understood and she realised they couldn't continue like that."I understand big sis and I don't hate you."She knew she couldn't stay mad at her sister so she quickly dried her tears.

Katie and her sister went up the stairs toward her mother's room.Katie's heart grew more heavier.When they reached the door,she hesitant to enter.Her palms were sweating and the only idea she had in her head was too turn around and leave but her sister urged her to enter.So she did just that.

When she opened the door she couldn't believe the sight in front of her.She stood at the door frozen;the only sound she made was a short gasp of pure shock.She could not believe it.......

Hey guys so this is my first book.I'll be updating and the work would be nothing less but perfection.So please support me by reviewing

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