Three. The perfect number

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Think about it, what's the reason why you never had a boyfriend before leaving for college? And most importantly, why is that you never had sex ? It's finally time for Madison a 21 years old who just graduate, to start to live her life and enjoy her summer. Will the help of two of the hottest man in town, twins and her brother best friends, make Madison life lighten up? Will she discover a new ""her" that she didn't know was there ?

Romance / Erotica
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I can’t believe it, I’m finally done. After 3 years I’m a graduate and finally, I can leave this place behind me and whit it, all the people that made my time here pure hell.

Those were the thought occupying Madison head while packing one box and another at the rhythm of the music which it was playing so loud, that was the only thing you could hear in the dorm; the reason behind it is that most of the student had already left campus. Not her though, as she had waited until the very last minute to break up with her boyfriend Daniel, after 2 years of wasted relationship.

"Sis I’m sorry I can’t make it! Ethan is going to pick you up! Should be there around 3pm! Sorry, again xx love you!”

Madison read her brother, Liam, text shaking her head in disappointment, before throwing the phone on the bed -

Brilliant! Not only he can’t make it.. he is sending over Ethan! At least between the twins, he could have sent Levi.

Another solo conversation in her head, all she wanted right now anyway, was to finish packing and get over with this shit, she was way to ready to go back home.

Around 2 pm her boxes were all done and so far, she didn’t have any sign of Daniel, which, by now was supposed to meet here already. The reason why she was about to break up with him was that she never felt too involved with Daniel, not emotionally not physically, the reason why at 21 she was still a virgin. They were 2 worlds apart and right now she didn’t even know why they put up together for so long!

True Madison has always been the classic girl next door, very genuine, gentle, funny, and always ready to help, involved in any activity the college would organise. On top of that, she was easygoing and ready to party at any chance, blessed with a great body that she manages to keep fit as she’s been into sports since she was born. Daniel, on the opposite hand, was a proper womaniser, part of the football team and not into anything too serious, no wonder why people always saw them as a weird couple. He never actually cared for her and most likely was with her because, for most, she was and still is one of the most beautiful girls around: Taller than most girl, slender, and with defined muscles and super tonic legs. Her skin is darker than most and, her peculiarity: her hair, pearl white and curly, perfect match with her blue ice eyes.

So, since college was over, there was no reason to be with him anymore, her life was about to change and she damn new it.

With one last check at the clock, Madison decided to go over to Daniel's room which was on the opposite side of her dorm, it didn’t take her too long but when she arrived the door was open. Leaning in a bit in to see if he was there she stopped at the sound coming from the room. Something more than packing was going on so with one peek inside she saw Daniel happily having sex with Joanna, her “supposed” best beach friend. Thing is, she wasn’t surprised at all. So snapping a nice picture of them, she just sends it to him on her way back to the dorm with a message :

-Thanks for making it so easy. Don’t bother to come to look form me, both of you, enjoy the rest of the summer-

With a smile and feeling enough satisfied and relieved, she sat on the bed for two minutes of relax. A text message popped on her phone at the same moment. She sighs but opposite to what she thought is not Daniel

- I’m here, can’t wait to see your ugly face x -

For once, even if she thought she could never be, she was very happy that Ethan was already there and actually happy to see him.

Truth is that since they’ve seen each other, it has been three years since she left for college and it was quite different back then. Ethan, was a friend of her brothers since ever so as result, they’ve known each other since before she could walk. Madison, also, being the little one of the family and the only girl had always been someone to be protected all the time for all the boys. Madison's parents kind of left her when she was a kid and her brothers played the protective-jealous part for all her life, making things sometimes very unpleasant and irritating. The twins, growing up at her house, took over the same responsibility. Let alone the fact that being twins and handsome, Ethan and Levi have always been particularly irritating and most of the time very annoying, taking the fact of making her life hell, like a personal hobby, in particular in her teen years.

- come up than lazy ass!-

Not even a minute after the door of her room sightly open with an audible crick.

L: I thought once you knew “I” was coming you were going to run away…-

The figure that emerges from the door is one of the sights that she would never be able to resist too even if she wanted. When Ethan walks in, in all his glorious beauty her mouth slightly open. He must be at least 6.2 feet tall, muscles so defined that you can see them through his clothes, his shoulders are wide but he is not enormous, still bigger than most though. His jaw is defined and strong and his dark messy hair gives him a very mischievous and sexy look mostly thanks to the few locks curled up on his forehead that wraps his magnetic bright green eye in a shadowy frame that makes her gasp for a second. The smirk on his face says it all.

M: Trust me, the thought to run away was there ... but I had to many boxes to do it all by myself -

Madison smiles big, pointing at the 10 and more boxes in the room. She bites her full bottom lip when Ethan's eyes scan her body intensively, before walking over to her with his big arms spread, to tangle her between them, tightly.

E: Uhm… I didn’t expect you to be so..grown up-

His voice is low and deep, squeezing her a bit stronger against his defined chest, making it easy for her to smell his cologne, musky with an inch of spicy mint.

-Well.. I can’t be a kid forever now can I? -

She replays just as they break their hug; she locks her icy eyes in his green one for a second, melting in his intense gaze, just as he is about to say something the door burst open and a very distressed, half-naked Daniel walks in, followed by a half-naked, irritated, Joanna.

D: Madison, let me explain... -

He muffles within gasps - he must have been running- before letting his jaw drop at the sight of Ethan that is just standing on Daniel left with is arms crossed that seems even bigger. His hard expression only helps him to look more intimidating than he normally is.

E: Any problems there Flake?-

Ethan's eyes are on Madison, firm and protective as usual, his voice his hard and loud. She scoffs her head, walking towards the awkward couple in front of her.

M: I don’t think there is much to explain here. You are a cheater. So listen to me, I’ve no time to waste with you… clearly, we are not ... compatible-

Her eyes move from him to Joanna in a slow-motion, she is very composed and her eyes are cold, not letting any emotion away.

M: I get that, you know. Why try harder to get something if you can get to win the game in an e a s y way ? I wouldn’t have sex with you so you find someone that actually would, so what there is there to explain?

Madison's eyes are locked on Daniel, who has is mouth open, swallowing when she walks closer.

M: You know, truth being said, if you are good in bed as you were with your hands and ... last as much, well I don’t think I’m missing much. -she turns slowly to Joanna -and if you are happy with his size and all, well happy for you to keep it. I am not easy in any way, with me you have to work hard and go big.

Her expression is hard, but Daniel is completely shocked. She steps forward closing the gap between them before pointing at the door inviting them out.

J: You bitch! You are the one who...

Joanna tries to intrude but Ethan stops her, stepping in front of her and Daniel.

E: I suggest you leave, now. We have better things to do.. and they don’t involve you or you...

Ethan's voice is so warm that gives her a chill the moment he speaks, he winks at her that now his biting her red lips.

E: By now.

Ethan steps closer, placing his hand around Madison's bare shoulder, giving one very hard look at Daniel and Joana before waving at them. None of them dared to say anything else and when Ethan curved his brow harshly in their direction they walked out, without even looking back. The smirk on Ethan face his so big that make Madison laugh, only until he turns to her with a very questioning expression on his face

M: Ethan please, don’t even start-

E: what now? I wasn’t going to say anything-

M: Mh..sure you weren't

He smirks at her before clicking his tongue making a “doh” sound forcing Madison to lock eye with him.

E: well... one thing actually… did you two never had sex?

His gaze is on her just as is his body that now is curved enough to be face to face with Madison. His minty breath brushes on her face almost ticklish and she slightly steps back.

M: seriously?!

Her voice came out louder than she thought before to turn her back to him leaning to the floor to pick up a few boxes scrolling away the shiver caused but their proximity. She doesn’t really answer him with words but she knows that he can easily get it.

M: come on, let’s get moving, I can’t wait to leave this hell behind me

For all the time she is doing up and down to pick up the boxes she can’t stop feeling Ethan eyes on her back and only when she spots his intense gaze on her bottom she realize that’s probably because her short green summer dress isn’t doing a great job covering her curves, however, she doesn’t pay much attention to it keeping moving boxes around encouraging Ethan to the same.

It takes them around 25 minutes to get all the boxes loaded in the car and with the hot weather of the day and the fact that her room was on the second floor with no lift, they both look pretty heated once they’re done.

-Jesus girl, I can’t believe how much stuff you’ve collected over the years! Good enough I came with the SUV

-well smart ass I’ve been here 3 years so I guess I have accumulated a few things …-

Ethan shakes his head while getting in the car on the driver's side with his usual cheeky smile on. His hairs now are even messier than before locks on his forehead are slightly wet now, due to the sweat, making him look incredibly sexy; a sight that makes Madison bite her full and red bottom lip again while jumping in the car and adjusting in the sit smoothly, for some reason she can’t stop looking at him. With her hands she pats the hem of her summer dress, covering where she can her silky thighs before fastening her safety belt. The engine goes on and Ethan starts to drive almost instantly getting them out of the college driveway. With one last look behind her Madison sigh in relief, moving her attention to Ethan who is now looking at her.

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