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Happy Never Ever After

By bigBEARwarrior All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


Once upon a time, Alexia had wished for her life to be like a fairy tale. You know, ones where the hero could save the day and slay away the demons that plagued the princess's life. A place where no one was sad for a long time. And the best part was when they fall madly in love with their shiny knight in armor and for once, they live a happy life forever. Alexia craved for the romance, the feeling of being special, but most of all, for her own prince charming to sweep her off her feet. She demanded that unconditional love she was robbed as a child. And after many years of waiting and praying, she had finally found him. Her very own Prince Charming. Lucky you say? Surprisingly not. Alexia's fairy tale isn't as easy as it seems all because of one person Alexia thought she would never ever see again. Peter Sweets. So now this princess has two choices to either follow her fantasy or face reality.

Chapter 1

"Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale of all." –Hans Christian Anderson

Once upon a time, I had wished for my life to be like a fairy tale. The ones where a princess goes through a difficult struggle to discover who they are and find their true love. You know the classics such as The Frog Princess, Ella Enchanted, the awesome Disney Rapunzel, or even Beauty and the Beast. I craved for the romance, the feeling of being special, but most of all, for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet.

But I was so far from anything like that. I had graduated college and was still working part time as a cook. But besides that, it seemed like I still couldn’t break my high school problem of losing my ability to talk to a cute boy.

I was hopeless, I thought depressed.

Lounging on the comfy couch in the living room, I scrolled through the social network, every kid in my time was fascinated with, Facebook. I was trying to blow off time until my roommate, Dana Bennett, got home from work. Apparently, Dana had great news she had to tell me in person.

Again, I noticed the many statuses about couples moving into their first apartment or even home. A few celebrating the fact they were engaged. Some of them was even announcing being pregnant. Petty as it was, I felt demoralized as I stared at my status of single.

Why was I? I was nice, pretty, had a sarcastic sense of humor. Sure I was shy and quiet, but that didn’t make Sirenetta less attractive. The shameful skeptical words echoed in my head, Shouldn’t you be with someone by now?

A rattle of the kitchen door informed me of Dana’s presence and I clicked the exit button quickly to hide my obsession with love.

“Lexi?” Her bubbly voiced echoed in the kitchen.

I placed my lab top on the coffee table right beside me and called out, “I’m in the living room.”

Dana’s long leg had first set foot through the archway before the rest of her tall, thin body followed. Today she was sporting, a red wrinkled shirt etched the words, Holly’s Palace with her black hair with one pink streak pulled back into a ponytail.

I asked as Dana plopped onto the couch next to me with a tired expression, “How was work?”

Her brown eyes contained sarcasm before saying, “What do you think? Amanda, the dumbshit, overcharged a customer. And so once again, I had to apologize to the customer and fix her mistake.”

I shrug my shoulders, “She’s new.”

“Ah, she’s been there for three months now. Abby’s been there for two days and she’s caught on.” Dana shook her head and leaned back in the seat, “Really it’s not that difficult to ring up price tags and give the correct change back. She’s the worse employ ever.”

Dana was getting more work up as she sat up with fire in her eyes. Listing with her fingers, she continued to rant, “Always late, terrible with customer service, never clocking out for lunch and I swear she’s been dipping her hands in the business money. Oh, the best is her telling me how to fold pants the right way,” Dana’s face was turning into a bright red lobster color now. “She can kiss my ass. It’s stupid how she’s in charge of me and Abby."

I know I had heard Dana complain many times of Amanda’s incompetence, but I couldn’t remember why they kept her.

I dared to ask hoping Dana’s head might not exploded, “Why don’t they just fire her?”

Dana shook with a frustrated expression and revealed, “Because the boss is her mother.” She pulled two white bags over to me more and continued to say, “I love Trish, but she has no balls when it comes to standing up to her own daughter. Amanda walks right all over her.” Dana glanced back at me and said, “Enough about me. Tell me how work went for you?”

I shrugged my shoulders knowing I really had nothing to report. I responded back non-chantey, “Same old. Same old. I cooked, I cleaned, and I left.”

“Did you do anything after you got done with work?” Dana was hinting at my unsocial life after I got done with work at 3.

My green eyes shifted up in thought, what exactly did I do today?

“Ah, I took a shower, napped, made my check out, which by the way you have to get started on,” I said knowing my list of accomplishments weren’t impressive.

Her eyes bugged out a bit at the mention of rent and Dana quickly rummaged through her purse. “Just because I have to write this check out, doesn’t mean you’re going to divert the subject.”

Dana clicked her pen and started to scribble her handwriting on the check. I wondered if our landlord could even cash the illegible reading of hers.

“Done. Now where was I. Oh. Lexi I’ve told you once before you need to get out in the world. You can’t,” she picked up another romance book I had just bought earlier this week, “live vicariously through this. You may act like a middle age woman, but you’re still young yet.”

My lips began to pout as I whined, “Oh come on. You know me Dana. I’m not into getting shit faced or going to crowded places with people I don’t know.”

That was a once mistake I never do again, I added in the back of my mind.

I tried making my face look petrified, which wasn’t hard from my last thought. Adding on to the conversation, I said, “I still have nightmares of the first night club your dragged me too.”

Dana tried to attempt to stifle a laugh, but failed miserably as she choked on the glass of water. She stated as a giggle began to escape between her words, “You expression was priceless when that old man started to grind on you.”

I sent a glare over to her and crossed my arms. I retorted back, “It wasn’t funny. He was so old and I felt defiled. I took such a hot bath and three showers after that night.”

Dana raised her hands in surrender, “Alright. I won’t ever take you to a night club again. But there are other places you can go?”

I interjected, “I go to the market and my secret art store.”

“Sweetie, those places only contain usually five people, which includes the employees. You need to go to a protest, café, museum, gym, an amusement park, or even church would do.”

I snorted at the last idea, “I’m not Catholic.”

Dana joked, “Well not everyone can be like my fabulous self.”

I chucked a pillow into her and Dana’s face fell from shock to laughter. Dana scowled at me, “Hey! If you keep acting naughty I’m not giving you your presents.”

“Presents?” I said excited and skeptical. Usually her gifts involved some kind of planned event to go too. I’ll admit sometimes they were fun, like going to a movie wearing fan base t-shirt, but others could lead to clubs or the dreaded karaoke night.

“Open it,” her brown eyes sparkled with excitement, yet her voice held a slight nervousness.

Crinkling the plastic bag from Holly’s Palace, I pulled out a sterling silver earrings that had turquoise gems dandling down with a matching turquoise necklace.

I raised an eyebrow at her when my hand connected to a short casual summer dress that had black and white floral print. A bold leather black belt rested at the waist of the dress. “What is this for?”

She glanced away nervously and said, “I was wondering if you would wear it and come to Jason’s party. He said to me that I should bring you to have a fun time and if you don’t come, he’d personally swing by and carry you there.”

“Well somebody can’t take the meaning of no,” I gave a slight chuckle and Dana added softly, “I really want you to come with me.” She glanced down sadly thus making me suddenly on alert.

Sitting up more urgent and I asked perplexed by her sudden mood, “What’s wrong?”

Dana gave a sigh and her hands gently lay on her stomach. She replied, “I’ve been thinking something been going on for two months now.”

My wide green eyes jumped down to her stomach and blurted out, “You're not pregnant, are you?”

Equally Dana’s eyes widen in horror as she responded appalled, “No!! Definitely not. We have been saving ourselves until marriage. Why would you even think that?!!”

I barely spat out my embarrassing assumption, “Two months. You put your hands on your belly.”

Dana glanced down at her hand placement and smiled back up at me, “Oh, sorry. I have indigestion after eating tacos.” Her tone dialed down as she continued to say, “Lately Jason’s been distant, busy, but mostly very secretive. I feel like something is off with him. He’s been so nervous. What if….”

I grasped her soft hand and steadily said, “Jason would never ever do that. He loves you too much.” I really couldn’t imagine Jason ever cheating on her. I would kill him first. “Maybe it’s the new job stressing him out,” I threw out in the air.

She gave a strain smile toward me, “Yeah that could be.”

Sensing her insecurity and sadness, which was very rare emotion to see, I changed the subject. “So what are you wearing tonight?”

Dana shot me a puzzling look, “Jason told me to dress to impress. I’m so confused.”

“Well let’s raid your closet and dress you up so that his jaw will unhinge from your beauty,” I said as I pushed myself off the couch.

She stood up and gave me a hug, “You are the best, best friend I ever had.”

I laughed at Dana’s exaggerated statement and joked, “I’m like your only friend.”

“I have friend’s Lexi. I just choose to hang out in your company more than theirs,” Dana said as we wandered toward her bedroom. “You’re amazing,” her voice trailed off in the hallway and I glanced down disheartened.

I wish guys could see that.

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