Happy Never Ever After

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Chapter 16

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night." -Edgar Allan Poe

April showers bring May Flowers.

And flowers seemed to be the theme for this shower. Stepping in the white tent set up in Penelope’s back yard, I glanced around at my fine work.

Every round table had a white table cloth with gold leafing of flowers etch on the bottom of the skirt. In the center of the table were the delicate bouquets of cupcake liner shaped as flowers and in the door way entrance to the tent had both different shades of pink and blue balloons.

Each chair was lined with white bows and in the front I had a head table which held many cute cupcakes, decorated in frosting to look like flowers, on a three tier stand.

Taking a breath of pride, I stepped over to the long table checking if the food was still hot all in their chafing dishes and that each cooler still held different drinks from water to alcohol.

I felt set. All we needed now was the bride and groom to walk in.

I glanced at my watch again. And Oliver.

“This looks absolutely fabulous Alexia. Maybe your calling is to be a wedding planner,” Mrs. B said as she drank a wine cooler.

I smiled over to her, “Thank you. I hope the cupcakes taste good. I was doing them last night until four in the morning.”

She patted my shoulder, “You didn’t have to do that. We’re not finicky when it comes to our food.” I tried not to retaliate with that comment.

Did she not know her daughter?

Mrs. Bennett bumped my shoulder, “So where is this man Dana told me about that you’ve been dating?”

Ah, I see gossip flies fast in this family, I thought embarrassed.

Her eyes scanned around the room where I knew he wouldn’t be. I said, “He’s coming soon.”

I hoped not to be stood up at Dana’s shower.

“What’s his name? What does he do?” She randomly fired questions at me.

I opened my mouth and someone behind me said, “His name is Oliver and he just finished his shift at the hospital.” I turned around surprised that he was here on time. Oliver kissed my lips and joked, “Surprised I’m early.”

I shook my head, “Yeah a little.” I turned to Mrs. B and said, “Mrs. Bennett, this is my boyfriend, Oliver.”

Was he my boyfriend? Yeah I guess on loose terms.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Oliver responded kissing her hand and making Mrs. B giggle. I wondered how many wine coolers she had already. Or possible it was because my prince could charm his way out of anything.

Oliver turned to me and I added, “You can grab a drink and eat. We’re just waiting now for-”

“Oh My Lord!!!”

My head wiped around to see Jason holding hands with Dana, who was now a different woman. Her hair was now cut short pixie style. Even Dana's look was fashion forward and anyone could see her rise in self confident just by the way she carried herself. But beyond that she just oozed out happiness.

She exclaimed, “This is gorgeous! Where’s my wedding planners!?”

Walking over to Dana, I knew Peter was not too far behind. I could sense his presence here already and yet I dared not try to find him. After our kiss, he made me off balance.

“Hello hunny,” I said as I hugged Dana.

Pulling back from her tight hug she smiled, “Oh god did I miss you, Lexi. I have so much to tell you.” Dana leaned in as she glanced over to Oliver, “Like you have a lot to tell me.”

My face blush a bit knowing she would want more than details. Like a play by play of intimate details.

Too bad I really didn’t have much to say with just the few make-out sessions. His work seemed to get more action.

Dana’s brown sparkling eyes shifted over and she gave a warm smile, “There’s my favorite cousin.” She gave Peter a hug and this was the first chance I could glance over to Peter without him noticing.

Peter still looked like his happy to go self and I was surprised that he was dressed up more. In a nice tailored suit. Backing away, Dana added, “I’m sorry about your mother. Are you okay?”

Peter shrugged his shoulder, but I could tell he was still masking the pain. “I am now thanks to Lex’s support.” For the first time today his mocha eyes land directly on me and a thrilling chill ran down my spine.

Indeed, everything had change between us that was for sure.

Dana turned her eyes quickly over to me, “You are amazing girl. The way you stood your ground with them being such assholes.” My eyes light up with fear as she lets slip out, “Giving up your job to go-”

“Hey,” I pushed Dana toward the head table and shift away from Pete’s surprised expression. “Let’s get this party started shall we before everyone eats the refreshments.”

Letting Dana and Jason sit next to each other, I took my seat next to her and began to designate their gifts for them to open. With each gift I keep track of what they got and from whom so later on they could easily make thank you cards.

But between the gifts unraveling, I glanced around the room. First I find Oliver, talking smoothly too many of Dana and Jason’s guests, and over to Peter in the corner table with his eyes on me. They beckon for us to talk alone.

Oh, was I in so much deep shit.

Withdrawing my eyes away from this new connection, I tried to focus on my job to make this party a success.

Which by the end, I can finally say I had. People had their fill of good food, cold drinks to keep them cool from the heat, played many fun mini-games, and the two love birds had made out like bandits.

With guest departing, Dana and Mr. Bennett gather around me slowly keeping their eyes on Oliver. Dana giggled as she responded with a smirk, “So for the past months I doubted your messages of dating. But now I can see he isn’t imaginative.”

Mrs. Bennett pat my shoulder with glazed eyes, “He’s very handsome. Good caught darling.”

I felt like my insides turn upside down. With her talking, it made me feel like I was some kind of hunter that nabbed her first big pointed rack on a buck. The thing was Oliver wasn’t a trophy. Only thing I saw was an ambitious man trying to save one person at a time.

He slowly approached over to us and I could see the anxious and excited expression he gets when he’s on call. My lips purse at the thought.

Oliver smiled at my company and his glance focused on me. He said what I already knew, “Alexia, your party was very fun, but I must depart. I recently just got paged for an emergency.”

He kisses my lips gently and I said, “Go ahead doctor. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


Oliver moved closer to me taking me by surprise and whispered, “I look very forward to that Alexia.”

His lips lock onto mine and he kissed me rather vigorously. My body was still as he kissed me with a very skilled technique and poise, but yet my mind kept whispering.

Is he just trying to force a passionate kiss to show off? Had I become the trophy??

We broke apart and he left with just a smirk. But I couldn’t understand why.

Glancing at the ground confused at his sudden reaction, I quickly step away from the new ambush soon to follow by Dana and her mother.

I retreat out of the tent behind the big oak tree and lean against it with my eyes shut. A subtle crack of a step on the foliage captured my attention and there was Peter.

Son-of-a-bitch. Can’t I get one peaceful moment without any more drama?

He pulled out a wine bottle behind his back and took me off guard when saying, “Since Oliver is gone, I thought you like this.”

Sadly yes, an alcoholic drink is definitely what I needed.

Sliding down to sit, Peter moved next to me with his own drink and we just sat there in silence. A comfortable one at that.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Peter barely whispered.

My eyes peak over to him trying to decrypt his body language. His body was broken with concern and hurt.

As if he could feel my stare, his head turned toward me and his facial expression was definitely held concern, hurt, but something else I couldn’t quite put my finger on. “Why would you give up your job for,” his tone changed in admiration as the last word left his lips, “me?”

I shrugged my shoulders and tried to explain the truth, “Peter, how do I explain this?”

Clearing my throat, I said, “For one, your mother was special to me. She was an amazing female role model I need as a kid. And I wanted to say my last good bye. And two,” I bit my lip as the alcohol began to buzz through my empty stomach, “I needed to support you and make sure you would be okay. And when my job gave me the ultimatum between choosing a job or you, I chose you.”

Peter shook his head disapproving, “You didn’t have to choose me Lex.”

My hand slid to his warm cheek and I whispered, “You’re very important to me.”

The fluttering in my heart was very hard to ignore now as Peter rested his forehead against mine. “As you are to me.”

My eyes suddenly drift to his sweet ample lips. I had that internal urge to kiss him again.

As I was about to dive in, Peter pulled away. My jaw suddenly clenched in disappointment until I glanced up to see his face still riddle in concern. He asked, “How have you been paying your bills and rent?”

Trying to hid the smile looming on my lips, I responded with a serious expression.


Peter’s jaw unhinged in shock, before I started to bark out laughing at that ridiculous gesture; like I make a gorgeous Julia Roberts stripper.

Instantly relief and mischief enveloped his handsome face. “I don’t think an innocent girl like you would even know what to do in the bedroom.”

Correction, I’m pretty sure he was the sweet innocent one here. I had a little more experience so to say.

“You be surprised what I could do,” I whispered taking another sip of my wine. Peter’s eyes widen, only this time I could finally see them full with lust. But he restrained his body and said composed, “How?”

My befuddle eyes stared back at him this time.

Was he asking how I had been paying my rent or the latter of conversation?

His brown eyes stared intently at me as he answered my mind, “How did you pay your rent?”

Internally I disappointed sigh.

He doesn’t like me that way?

I sat up more formally and answer, “I took Dana’s offer up for paying to help plan her wedding. And as for the rent and bills she won’t let me do anything with it. She’s got it covered until her marriage.”

Peter asked curious, which drew me back to our silent connection. “Then what?”

“Hopefully I’ll have a job by then to get a new apartment.”

Our gaze was now so intense and I craved for him to just touch me. I slip out confidently, “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

His brown eyes dilate in hunger as his lips hover over mine. He whispered to me, “You are in a relationship.”

My heart leaped and said boldly true words, “I still don’t have a ring on it.”

“Oh what the hell,” Peter muttered giving into the temptation we had been feeling for the past weeks.

And bam.

I wasn’t dropped this time, I assure you, but my head began to spin. Our lips crashed into each other perfectly and this was the feeling I wanted between my prince charming and me.

No empty kisses, just that click of being with him so effortlessly.

Peter broke away grinning ruthlessly in his boyish charm and I couldn’t help, but mirror his expression. My face was beginning to hurt from smiling too much. Gasping for a little air, he whispered excited, “Alexia. Wow.”

I repeated, “Wow.”

“Alexia, where are you?” I hear Dana yelling and I rolled my eyes and whispered back to Peter, “I guess I’ll talk to later?”

Peter nodded his head quickly and pecked my lips one more time. How could one kiss make me feel like mush?

Leaving Peter behind, I scurry back to the tent to find Dana, with a new bounce in my step.

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