Happy Never Ever After

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Chapter 18

"The future rewards those who press on. I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I don't have time to complain. I'm going to press on." -Barack Obama

It had been nearly eight or possibly nine weeks since Peter had broken up our longtime friendship and made it dead clear he didn’t want anything to do with me.

I sipped my tea and had already eaten half of my onion bagel when Dana walked in slowly to the kitchen. I could sense Dana’s hesitant gaze still on me, just waiting for me to fall apart like she witness during my bad day after his rejection.

I’ll admit I was a mess, but who wouldn’t be when your heart was trampled on. But after a week or two, I got myself together for the most part. I only cried once in a while, mostly because something would trigger a memory of Peter.

But like I said, I had been getting up a decent time, showered and changed into new clothes and I put all my focus on the wedding planning and spoiling Spooks.

I wasn’t going to fall under the cracks again.

Dana was rummaging through our empty fridge and I asked, “So ready to have fun tonight?”

Her head popped out and she smiled excitedly, “If you’re indicating about the secret, awesome Bachelorette Party you’ve been planning weeks for me? Then yes!”

“Good,” I responded as I took the last bit of my delicious bagel with cream cheese. Dana sat across from me and slid closer trying to interrogate me again. “Tell me what we are going to do first.”

I smirk up at Dana, the control freak, and responded, “You need to get changed into something nice comfy clothes.” Standing up, I placed my dirty dish into the sink and turned around to the bride-to-be. “I took the liberty of packing you clothes and trinkets.”

Dana’s brown eyes tried calculating the clues I was dropping, “So we are staying at a hotel somewhere far away?”

I waved my finger at her and said, “Tsk. Tsk. You don’t want to ruin the surprises.”

“Oh, but I so do,” Dana said with a pouting lip.

Shaking my head, I told her, “Come on. Get dressed. We have to leave soon.”

With all the bags packed away in the trunk of Dana’s car, I gather my purse. “Come on Bride!”

And in a matter of second’s Dana was jumping up and down like a little girl on Christmas. Swinging her keys around my finger, we hopped into her car and I headed toward the hotel.

Keeping my eyes on the road I hoped the other girls, Dana’s other friends she hadn’t seen since college that were on her guest list, were putting the final touches in decorating our adjoined room.

As I slowly pulled up to the valet parking drop off, I walked out of the car and told the bell boy approaching, “Room 532, please.”

The bellboy nodded his head slowly with a smile before his jaw unhinged seeing Dana, who was standing there unsure where to go. “Let’s go. We have an appointment.” I said excited.

“An appointment?” She questioned as we crossed through the lobby.

“A relaxing spa treatment is in order,” I replied when opening the entrance of the spa area. Walking over to the desk, I said to the red hair receptionist, “Dana and Alexia. 11.”

She nodded her head as she checked the computer. “Right on time. Go right through those doors and one of our staff will guide you. Enjoy.”

Dana hugged me tight saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is going to be so relaxing.”

And relaxing it was. The best package ever; getting a relaxing mud bath, facials, a deep tissue massage, followed by a manicure. Changing back from the fuzzy robes, it was now two o’clock. “Hungry?” I asked hoping she would be because I was starving.

“Yes,” she said stretching her kink free neck. So after grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurant inside, we strolled toward the elevator and rose up to the top floor. Dana couldn’t help, but keep thanking me. “Alexia this was one of the best day I ever had. I can go for a nap.” She laughed whimsically.

Swiping the door lock to the room, I answered back trying to hold my excitement back. “I don’t think you’re going to have time.”

Dana walked inside first and as she flicked the switch on, people jump up from hiding spots yelling, “Surprise!” Dana squealed for a second in shock and then again when jumping to her close old time friends.

As Dana greeted her friends, my watchful eyes glanced around the room pleased. The many shiny pink streamers dangled around, the funny cake with the ken doll pole dancing was made thanks to Pinterest, caution tape that printed warning wild woman bachelorette party, presents were stacked up, white to dark chocolate shaped penis pretzels sat in a dish, pink and purple balloons littered the floor and paper signs said things like Cheers Bitches and Let’s Get Ready To Stumble....

Placing Dana’s keys on the counter, I noticed my box of tricks was brought up along with our luggage.

“Holy shit guys, this is amazing!” Dana giggled out and the girls immediately told her to get her party clothes on while popping some drinks open. Dana, the model that she is, quickly put on makeup and a very sexy dress on.

She looked better than a model, my thoughts corrected the slightly little jealous me.

Gathering presents wrapped up, Dana sat on a couch with the three girls, Samantha, Tess, Jessica and across the arm chair was Molly. Placing all the presents on the coffee table, I smiled at Dana now where a sash written across Kick-Ass-Bride and she had a sparkling tiara.

“What are these?” Her eyes bounced down to them.

“It’s the Lingerie Game. Each pair of lingerie set you get reflects our personality. You have to guess which personality set it’s from and if you’re wrong you have to take a shot.” Samantha said devilishly, “Let the games begin.”

To skip through, Dana had at least five shots, before we played another game called The Question Game. It’s where I videotaped her fiancé answering my interesting and sometimes personal questions. If she matched them correctly we took a shot and if she got it wrong, she took one.

By the end of our fun at the hotel, I felt already buzzed.

Our next adventure after seeing who could suck the chocolate penis the fastest, which the sweet looking Jess won, we all venture off to bar hopping down town.

As we walked down the streets, Molly passed out condoms to us, “Don’t forget these girls. Safety first.” I rolled my eyes at her comment.

It was in our first bar, people only noticed us a little and we bought a few drinks for ourselves. The second bar was when Dana began to already get hit on, was given many free drinks and she started to dance like a fool with her girls. By the next few bars, it had become a major party.

As we stumbled into an interesting bar called, Rodano’s, a few drunken people like our self was tearing apart a song karaoking the shit out of it.

Karaoking. Was that even a word, I just thought tipsy.

Sitting down at a table, the waitress checked our IDs and asked what we all wanted. As the waitress turned to me, I responded, “Malibu breeze, please.”

Dana swung her arm around me and slurred, “Is that all you drink?”

I smiled over and answered, “It’s what I love.”

Glancing down at our arms, Dana said, “Theses tattoos are so cool.” I nodded my head in agreement and laughed reading her tempt tattoo saying, Bride-to-be. If lost call 717-443-7290.

My number.

Dana turned her dazed head away and suddenly her mouth dropped, “No way.”

Pivoting my head around I search to find where Dana’s shocked eyes landed. My mouth had dropped as well. Up on the karaoke stage a new crew of drunkards jumped onto the stage topless.

“Jason,” Dana yelled in excitement as she charged to be their first fan girl. The other single girls gravitated to the stage as well ogling each boy lined up onstage.

I couldn’t blame them. Each of Jason’s friends seemed very attractive. I cracked a smile as I thought, Dana obviously had that affect as well with her girls. Well except for me, that is.

My green eyes shifted back to finally spot Peter amongst the mix, wearing no shirt and his tie like a bandana over his forehead. My heart raced at taking in his surprisingly nice muscular tone body.

Sinking deeper in my chair my brain chastised me. He doesn’t want you. He’s made that very clear.

Taking a gulp of my drink, the flashing multi-color lights started to flicker bring other unknown ladies to scream and ready to dance with the hot men on stage. I rolled my eyes.


The beat began and I nodded my head to the familiarity of it. Jason took a step forward and directed his eyes on Dana with love. “Jessie is friend. Yeah, I know he’s been a good friend of mine. But lately something’s change; It ain’t hard to define. Jessie’s got himself a girl and I want,” he grabbed Dana’s hand, “to make her mine.”

His other friend, I believe Jackson, took over in his drunken singing and he pointed to his light green eyes, “And she’s watching him with those eyes. And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it!” He punched the air as the other boy next to him pretended to play the air guitar, “And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night.”

All of them shout out, “You know I wish I had Jessie’s girl. Where can I find her, a woman like that?”

The shy kid in Jason’s group, David, who may have said one sentence to me when I met him, slid to his knees on the stage and kissed a woman’s hand. “I'll play along with this charade. That doesn't seem to be a reason to change.”

I shook my head at his off key singing, but the girl he kissed was melting away. Slurping down the last of my drink, I flagged over the waitress for another one.

This was going to be a long painful night.

Unintentionally, Peter’s attention was drawn over and his brown eyes locked onto me with what?

Not hate. No. They burned with determination.

He jumped down from the stage and started to move between the crowds singing, “You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute. I wanna tell her that,” his eyes pivot back to me as he belted out, “I love but the point is probably moot.”

How drunk was he? And was I over analyzing when he looked at me saying those words?

Jason and the other boys follow suit after Peter and jump into the crowd. Jackson continued to sing to a red head that was eyeing him up, “Cause she's watching him with those eyes. And she's lovin' him with that body, I just know it!. And he's holding her in his arms late, late at night.”

“Jason yelled, “Sing it!” And everyone started to join in shouting, “You know I wish that I had Jessie's girl. I wish that I had Jessie's girl….”

Peter danced over to me and mouthed the words everyone sang together, “Where can I find, a woman like that?”

Before I knew it Peter was before me, taking my hand to pull me out of my seat. He twirled me around and my brain was racing to make logic of his actions now.

Peter began to just sing to me as he spun me close to his body, “And I'm lookin' in the mirror all the time. Wonderin' what she don't see in me. I've been funny; I've been cool with the lines. Ain't that the way love's supposed to be?”

This couldn’t be happening? It was like I stepped into a terrible episode on Glee. I had to be passed out drunk having this dream, right? I pinched my side hard and it hurt. Shit, this was real! Peter was not only dancing, but sing to me.

My heart fluttered as I started to yell with Peter encouragement to join the song, “….I wish that I had Jessie's girl. Where can I find her, a woman like that? Like Jessie's girl. I wish that I had Jessie's girl.”

Alcohol was working overtime.

Holding me close in his arms, Peter stared down at me and whispered as if the whole room didn’t exist. “I want, I want Jessie's girl.”

He wanted me!

The music ended and everyone clapped in applause breaking our tight hold apart.

Dana wobbly as ever, hung onto Jason saying, “We should start the scavenger hunt now.” She dipped her head closer to me, “Is it alright if we have the boy’s pair up with us?” Her other friend’s shake their heads in hope as they eye up Jason’s friends.

Why was I in charge of this decision? I could barley focus with Peter’s proximity still very close to me.

Peeking over to Peter, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to face Peter, especially being unbalanced with alcohol coursing through my veins. “Sure, we’ll figure out who won in the morning.” I pull out the list and hand it to everyone with a sarcastic thought.

Well I know at least a few of them might not complete the condom balloon item.

Collecting my clutch purse from the table, everyone seemed to pair up and go their own ways in the bar. Placing cash down for my bill, I turned around surprised to see Peter actually still here examining the list. His brown eyes glanced up with humor, “Well you can cross off singing at the top of your lungs in the middle of a dance floor.”

Trying to keep myself in check I joked, “At least I got one done.”

I started to walk toward the door and Peter followed me with concern in his eyes and muttered, “Have a stranger SHOW you his favorite sex position. I’m not liking some of these.” His eyes widen as he read louder, “Drink a blow job shot between a guy’s legs?”

I smirked as I responded, “You got to take one for the team,” my voice strained his name, “Peter.”

He chuckled a lot, not noticing my stress, and shook his head, “No way. Hell would have to freeze over before I even think about doing that. Where are we going?”

I turned around quickly and raised my head up to see his confused expression. “I was going back to the hotel. I figured you wouldn’t want to, ah, play theses game with me.” Bitterness seeped through my voice as I said, “You made it very clear you didn’t want to see me again.”

Peter’s expression flashed in pain as if I had slapped him hard across the face. I started to walk away with the raw hurt aching me again and I knew I had to escape or else the threat of a sob would form.

But Peter’s hand grasped my arms and he stepped in front of me. “I always want to see you Alexia. You make me so crazy.”

I think he had this all wrong. He was the one driving me crazy and confused. I thought men were supposed to be simple.

“Then why did you just pack up and leave me behind? You never called, or text or even emailed me back!” Anger was enveloping my voice because I finally could expression my feelings. “You abandoned me. Why….” I swiped my arm over my crying eyes. “Why would you hurt me like that?”

Peter’s face crumbled into despair as he whispered, “I didn’t want to hurt you. I never do. I just….” he was struggling to tell me, “I didn’t know how to respond after Oliver told me of your plans to move to Nevada. How you would be close to your mom and have a great job, a fancy home and happy life you chose with him. I, I felt like I couldn’t compete with that.”

His hands shook on my shoulder, “I don’t have much to offer you and like I said before, Lex you deserve the best-”

I crashed my lips hard onto his surprised mouth. My hand snaked up into his hair pulling him closer so I could slither my tongue to deepen our kiss. Peter was first taken off guard, but quickly reciprocated as we brushed up against a brick wall.

The click was still there.

Breaking apart breathlessly, I said staring at the man I knew I loved for nine weeks now. “You cut me out of your life before I could tell you what I decided.”

“But Oliver said….” Peter began to say and I added, “Oliver insinuated I was going with him. But I never agreed to go Peter. Not when I wanted to be with you.” Peter smiled astounded at my words and seemed to still not comprehend what I was saying.

He asked unsure, “You don’t want him? After all he can offer you??”

Yes, it was a lot, I'll admit. But how could I work on myself and my other accomplishments if it took everything out of me to sustain a relationship? It just wasn’t the right path for me.

I tugged his shirt to make him closer to my body, “No.”

I mentally thought to myself, That's why I broke up with him.

“All I need is right here.” He kissed my lips again with such demand for me and I clarified. “I don’t want to live an idea of a fairy tale ending. I want something real,” I said realizing the truth I had been denying myself.

He scooped me up into his arms and replied, “Why can’t you have both, Alexia?”

My green eyes stared at him puzzled and Peter’s smile pierced my heart. “I can’t promise to be romantic with screaming your name off of roof tops, showering you with flowers, or even horse drawn carriages all the time.”

We had entered into the lobby and Peter carried me to the elevator. He must have been stronger that I thought.

Placing me back onto my feet, he continued to say with honesty, “But what I can promise you is I will try to make your life the happiest as long as I live.”

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