Happy Never Ever After

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Chapter 4

"Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes." –Hugh Prather

“So what happened after you joked with him?” Dana’s saucer eyes stared at me as I shrugged my shoulders uncomfortably.

I responded nonchalantly, “Nothing really. He called for a tow and then we said goodnight.”

“Did you kiss goodnight?” Dana asked sitting on the edge of the couch and I swung a pillow into her face.

Obviously Dana was still dreaming of us one day becoming actual sisters through Peter, I was entertained by the thought.

“No. It wasn’t like were on a date or something. He was just being a decent person that gave me a ride home and paid for my tow.”

Unfazed being hit with a soft throw pillow, she responded, “Peter is a good guy." Changing the subject, Dana asked,"What are you going to do about your car? It’s been a week without it.”

I pressed my hands against my face and said frustrated, “I don’t know yet.” Rubbing my angst face as I stated, “It’s still at the placed they towed it. I’ll figure out something. So what do you want to do tonight? Pick out a horrible movie on television and make oven smores again? They were so good-” My eyes glanced up to Dana’s guilty face. “What?”

Her dark brown eyes looked around the room to avoid me; a nervous habit Dana had when conflict appeared. “Well I might have made plans to go out with Jason.”

Unattractively I tried to cover my disappointment and stated, “Oh, that’s fine.”

Knowing I was a little hurt being abandoned again, Dana added, “You can come if you like. We’re just getting dinner and seeing some nerdy movie he has to see. It’ll be like old times.”

No, I thought bitterly, it was never going to be like our old times. I was now the third wheel.

I shook my head and smiled, “No, you go enjoy time with your fiancé. I should go to,” my eyes somehow found the newspaper exclaiming the Little Bistro café was to die for, “that new café to explore their menu and start looking through your wedding book.”

Dana gave a wide smile at the mention of the 3 inch binder sitting on the television stand. It was a collection of all wedding ideas that appealed to her over the many years. Dana was one of those unique girls planning their wedding since they were little.

“I guess I have to cut some of that stuff down,” Dana said laughing.

Picking up the hefty binder, I flipped to see a table of contents broken down by the four season's of the year. “Maybe we should start with one season. Is there any one you particularly like?”

She inched closer to me and stated, “Well Jason and I were discussing the wedding date for June 12th or the 19th of 2020. My church has those openings.”

That’s next year! In the back of my mind screamed.

This seemed too soon, but somehow I kept my exterior very relaxed. “Well that at least helped me narrow down a thousand pages. A summer wedding it is.” I grabbed the one selection out and placed it in a dinky folder I found in a drawer earlier today.

Dana grabbed her purse and coat and said leaving, “We’ll discuss this more. Love you, Lexi.”

“Love you too. See you later,” I responded with a strained smile and she was gone.

Slumping down into the couch and replied morbidly, “June 2020.”

I had just one year before I lose my best friends and the apartment.

Where was I going to live after?

I know I couldn’t afford the rent by myself. I was never ever going to move in with my father and his wife in Hazleton for sure. And the thought of uprooting my life to California to be with my mom and her boyfriend made me more upset. As much as it pained me to admit it, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania was my kind of place. It was a small, peaceful and a beautiful area with history behind it.

With a headache on the horizon, I decided to get some air. Putting my coat on, I grabbed my wallet, bag and folder and venture off into the town to get some food. After all, no good dealing with complex problems on an empty stomach.

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