Happy Never Ever After

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Chapter 7

"It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know that it has begun." –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Shifting my head up I noticed sunlight piercing the frosted window and I felt good knowing that was a sure sign the worst was over. Flicking my green eyes over to Peter, I found him still asleep with his head tilted back over the seat uncomfortably.

Peter was in a rude awaking when he woke up from that pretzel position.

As if he could sense me being awake, Peter’s sleepy face slowly came to life. Giving me a dopey smile, he said groggy, “Mornin’. Uhhg.” He shifted his neck uncomfortably.

Just seeing sleepy Peter wake up put an unknown smile to my lips. I responded lightly, “Good morning.”

Sitting up, Peter stretched his back and gave a big yawn. “7:15. How lovely,” he added sarcastically when seeing the clock.

I guess he wasn’t a early bird too.

Looking at the white roads, I was about to point out no one came yet, when low and behold the sound of a plow was coming up fast. Peter whipped his head quickly in the direction of the sound and staggered out the door to capture the plow’s attention.

Reaching over I closed the door and tried peeking in the tiny cleared spot in the back window to watch Peter point to the car. Slowly the truck moved forward up until it was in front of the car.

An older man stepped out of his truck with a few chains and they conversed a bit before attaching each part of the chain to each others car. Peter walked briskly to the car and got inside shaking without his coat. ”Hopefully he’ll be able to pull us out.”

Peter placed the gear to drive and as the plow truck moved forward Peter steered the car out from the trapping snow.

Finally his car was out onto the cleared road and quickly he parked the car again. “Be back,” he said to help take off the chains and thank the man as I held up his coat.

Damn it, he was too fast, I thought holding his warm coat to my body.

When Peter got back into the car, I practically threw the jacket into his lap. With an appreciated smile, he slipped it on and turned the heat up. “Now that we can see where we're going let’s get you check out.” He hit his turn signal on the deserted road and head back to the main road.

I said not really want to go now, “I think my ankle is a lot better. Look the swelling went down tremendously.”

Peter rolled his eyes in the rear view mirror at me, “Nice try Lex. But I’m still taking you to make sure.”

I knew my face was pouting like a three year old as I sat back in the seat with my arms crossed, but I didn’t care. Going to hospital would set me back on my saving to get my car out…if it wasn’t already pounded yet?

I mumbled grumpy, “It’s probably just a stupid sprained.”

Coming out of the examiner room, I made my way with crutches and my new cast to the lobby where Peter waited. Standing up, Peter glanced down at my leg shaking his head.

I responded to counter the snarky smile enveloping his mouth, “Don’t you say a word.” He opened his mouth and I hushed him, “No, no, no. And no.”

Picking my jacket off the chair, Peter helped me into it and finally said, “I’m glad you’re better.”

As Peter slowly zipper up my jacket, he just smiled and again I couldn’t help, but smile back. He always had that contagious happy aura about him. Never taking his eyes off me, Peter softly whispered, “You’re cute. You know that?”

I rolled my eyes at his, well I think, compliment until another voice echoed in the room. “Alexia what happened?”

Turning my head in surprise to see the greek god make his way over in his scrub uniform, I stuttered to respond, “I, I, I tripped and broke my ankle.”

“You should have called me. I would have got Randall to fix you up right away with no waiting.”

His blue piercing eyes practically sparkled as I said deflated, “Sorry, I didn’t think about it.” Oliver eyes glanced over curiously to Peter and I said introducing them, “Oliver Porter meet my,” I glanced at Peter unsure what to call him.

My old friend? Dana’s cousin? The once pain in my existence??

Peter stepped in friendly and added, “I’m Peter Sweets. We were friends since we were kids.”

Oliver shook Peter’s extended hand carefully and said slightly stiff, “Nice to meet you.” He turned his attention back to me and said, “Well if your need anything give me a call.” Oliver asked quickly as he checked his pager, “You still have my number right?”

I nodded my head with a smile, “Yep.”

Oliver smiled up at me, “See you later then.”

And with that Oliver returned back to work and I pivot my body toward the door. I asked as I took a step forward, “Ready to go Peter?”

His head jolted out of his thoughts and Peter nodded his head quickly. What was he think so hard about now? I wondered.

“Stay here and I’ll get the car.”

Placing my weight on the crutches I couldn’t help but think there was a slight strain when introducing them. Then again when was I ever good at picking up cues or body language from others?

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