Happy Never Ever After

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Chapter 8

"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Helping me up my front stairs to the porch, Peter glanced back and forth to me unsure what to say. Grasping my key I said as I turned to him, “Thank you.”

Peter shook his blonde head trying to curtain his upset eyes. He responded unhappily, “I wouldn’t thank me. If I didn’t drop my papers, you wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place.”

I tried to not make him feel bad as I added jokingly, “Well maybe it was my fault? I should have just ignored you like an arrogant son-of-a-b-”

“Bitch!” My head shot away in shock as I heard Dana yell. Glancing back to Peter, who was just as curious, I opened the door quickly and we both held our mouths open when seeing the explosion of clothes littering the floor.

My green eyes bounced up more as I watched a few clothing items fly into the hallway and Dana mumbling, “Where did I put it. It’s got to be here?”

“Dana?” I called out nervous. I had never seen Dana not put together.

Peeking her wild mane of hair out her bedroom door, Dana practically ran over smiling ear to ear. She said with excitement fluttering in her eyes. “Something just amazing happened to me in the past hour.”

Dana glanced finally fixated on Peter and she said realizing, “Hey Pete.”

She turned back to me, “I just had got done with that dreaded job I despise so much and I quickly change in our dressing room to slip on that outfit I made last weekend. You remember?”

Dana made so many outfits every day. I was clueless.

I nodded my head even though we both knew I didn’t, but she continued to say, “When low and behold, Juliana Marks,”

“Who?” I asked befuddled trying to keep up with her conversation and she educated me, “She the leading fashion designer of our time. She’s gone to Paris, London, New York, Milan….”

“And?” I asked feeling Peter steadying my shoulder as Dana smiled more and more ready to explode.

“She walked into the store and told me she saw my internet account on Instagram and loved my wardrobe. She loved it so much she asked me to bring more samples today at the hotel she was staying in Philadelphia. And I did.”

Shifting her eyes down for a second, Dana shouted, "Gees! Are you okay? What happened to your leg???"

Trying to get Dana back to the point of her story, I quickly responded, "I fell. So did she buy them?"

Dana was barely breathing like me, “No, it was even better. Juliana Marks wants me to work for her!!” She let out a squeal of joy, “I have to pack now because fashion week is in Paris and I get to go and work with her for a couple of months there.”

At this point my face held astonishment as I squeezed Peter’s hand to bits. I shuttered out, “Oh, oh, my. Con-congrats Dana!”

Dana gave me a big hug and whispered, “My dream is finally coming true.”

My mouth finally snapped back together when hearing those genuine happy words of hers. She pulled away and I asked hesitantly, “So you leave tonight?”

Dana reassured me with a violent nod of joy. She asked, “Yeah. Is that okay?” Her eyes held an underlining meaning Peter wouldn’t get. “I’ll send my rent to you every month.”

I blinked the tears trying to emerge, “Of course, I’ll be fine. You’ve been waiting for a break like this your entire life. Go for it. Jason must be so proud-”

Dana flicked her brown eyes around guilty and I asked trying to keep myself from falling apart, “What?”

“I need you to do us a favor?”

I tilted my head as Dana explained their predicament, “Jason and I still want to get married in June 12 next year, but with his busy schedule and mine, I don’t think we’ll have all the time to, well, go and do the planning.”

She grasped my cold hand and asked, no begged. “Would you please, pretty please plan my wedding and book everything.”

Dana brown eyes fluttered as she said thinking this would be less stressful, “You could send what you think is best, I trust your judgment, and I can still give you a final decision. Just send me an email or text.”

A soft cough interrupted our conversation and I turned to see Peter give me a small smile, “We’ll help you both out.”

Dana latched onto us and repeated over and over, “Thank you, thank you, thank you….” She broke apart to get her belongings together, “You don’t know how much this means to us.”

Peter gently led me to the couch and I sat there trying to comprehend what just happened in my life.

I broke my leg.

I got stuck in a car all night with Peter.

Saw Oliver at the hospital.

And Dana was off to Paris with some fancy person and I, I was stuck planning their wedding?


By the time, I had repeated the situation over and over in my head, Dana had wished us good bye and whispered quietly to me, “Be safe. You promised.”

I smirked and replied automatically, “I know.”

And before I knew it, Dana had closed to door for her next adventure. Turning my head to Peter in disbelief, I said the only words that I could spit out, “What just happen?”

Peter sighed discouraged as he responded back, “I think we volunteered to become wedding planners, if I’m correct?”

“We,” I stared at him, “You’re the one who volunteered us.” I said not sure why I was getting so angry toward Peter.

Peter’s one eyebrow went up in question as he asked softly, “Would you have said otherwise?”

I slumped into the couch more and muttered, “No.”

Shaking my very emotional overwhelmed head, I questioned, “What are they thinking though. Why have a wedding when she can’t enjoy all the pain and misery of planning it?”

“Come on, this can’t be that bad? We have to do this for them. They do want to be married and who knows them better than us?” Peter said calmly as he shifted forward on the couch.

I rubbed my hands over my face still frustrated at the fate we just accepted. “I guess we’re fully planning a wedding.”

Peter patted my back, “That’s the spirit.”

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