The Crazy Life of Mine

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Has anyone ever told you that you are crazy?? Well, I have gotten that comment a lot of times and I have to say I am proud if it. Join me in my journey of craziness. ******* Jordan Brass is a teenage girl battling her inner demons . People even think she's crazy and kinda weird. And she thinks it's quite special, it's way better to be crazy than normal. But what is beneath all that craziness? Let's read to find out. 😉 Based on a true life story.

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Chapter one - Why do I keep hurting myself?

All my years of schooling, I attended only one school. Campbell High School . I won't actually say I was proud being there, but At least I got the education I deserve.

Attending one school will surely influence you though, in a way it changed me.

"Hey Jordann, stop sitting there daydreaming again. You are wasting your precious life thinking of unnecessary things" My best friend, Kiki scolds me again. I sigh deeply, they can never understand my dreams.

"And you give up watching anime, you are obviously obsessed with it"

"Says the girl who can't live without it" She chuckles deeply. "You know, I still wonder how we are best friends! Like the match is quite complicated, doesn't it? "

I just look at the small girl. I ask myself that often but I know deep down I know the answer, just avoiding it.

"Are you rethinking our friendship? " I open the pack of cheeseballs under my seat locker.

"Maybe" We both laugh. "Don't worry, mama got you "

"I should be telling you that" We both laugh happily.

"Hey babes what's up?" My guy friend, Jeffrey enters the class.

Another fact you should know bout me is I don't like girls.(Except Kiki tho). I engage mostly in guy stuff, gaming, football even about to start learning Basketball.

I am not a Tomboy, just a girl with needs.

"Hey Jeff" I say while eating the cheeseballs.

"You didn't leave the class again. Daydreaming too much nowadays Jordann" he laughs lowly.

"I was enjoying it before my bonehead of a friend decided to interrupt my sweet peace " Jeff burst out laughing while Kiki has a wide grin on her small face.

"What are friends for babes?" Kiki slings her arm on my shoulder.

"Buying me food and not this junk " I raise the cheeseball.

Second fact bout me is I totally hate Junks and Prefer homemade food😋. Like who doesn't?

"Give me then" he snatches the stupid junk from my hand "For once Jordann is sharing something, looks like Jesus will come tomorrow".

They both burst out laughing while I just looked at them amused.

"Point of correction, this isn't food. Just plain rubbish"

"Why are you in class, it's now I am thinking of that" Kiki ask.

I watch Jeff as he eats the orange flavored balls.

"Jaden said I should call Jordann." My head turns quick towards him.

"Me? " I ask in disbelief

"Who else? Go meet your soon to be husband and stop acting all innocent "

"I am innocent o."

"Go and meet your lover and stop ranting rubbish" KiKi pushes me towards the door, I hear both of them laughing.

I have really crazy friends.

My school is pretty big and its painted dark and sky blue. Going down the stairs of the senior's block, I finally reached the last floor.

My clique has special meet up places at the back of the library near the field or school lab. But Jaden and I have our own spot.

Well, we are kinda more than friends but not dating.

My other friend, Juan likes him and I just have to try to hide my feelings for him. Keyword: Try.

Reaching near the school's canteen, under the tree, thare was a small outdoor cafeteria.

He was sitting there playing with his phone of course. He was taller than me and carried low cut. He loved anime like me, well addicted to it and plays basketball a lot. He is addicted to Naruto and God of war too.

He raise his head, a small smile forms on his pinks lips.

"What took you so long?" he said while I sat next to him.

"Next time don't send Jeff to call me " He groans loudly

"What did he say? " I knew he was trying to hold back his laughter.

"Nothing, you should know"

"Ha!! I am not the only suffering" I playful hit him.

"What are you doing on your phone again? Nothing more than Anime?" A small grin forms on his handsome face

"You know me so well" he started playing with my hands, then fingers.

It's was very calm and cooling. We still had few minutes before break over. But something else was bothering me.

"Have you talked to Juan ? " he lets go of my hands.

"Must you spoil the mood! " He was slightly pissed but I don't care.

"She wanted to talk to you but all you did was ignore her. That's not fair"

"Okay... I'll talk to her if that's what you want. "

"I don't want her to hate me you know, you guys had 'A thing' and... "

I just couldn't speak anymore with the annoyed look he was giving me.

"Sorry "

"What do you want? "

"Nothing, I am not hungry " Two can play this game. I look the other way.

"Bae, bae??? Must you do this all the time? You get mad for no reason and it's starting to get on my nerves"

His words hurt me. But I just ignore. He knows I had anger issues but he still uses it against me. And well, Juanita likes him, I can't like him too, right?

"I am going to class. Are you coming?"


He let's out a deep sigh and mumbles under his breath "Why are you so damn difficult?"

I just stand up, passing him, heading towards the senior block

"Jordann! Jordann !!?" I just ignore and head for class. The bell rings signaling break over.

Science, art and Commercial are separated because of the population. I am a science student tho. I enter to the class, students were all over the place .

I was sitting in the second to the last row even though I had eye problems.

I then notice someone on my seat, talking to Kiki, Shit Juanita . She was laughing because of what Kiki said.

I scan the class to see the guys sitting in the first row.

David - A dark skinned guy who was very slim but definitely had height. Deep dark eyes and dark full lips.

He always carried a low cut like Jaden.

Trevor - A average guy with low cut and piercing brown eyes and pink lips. Chocolate skin. He had piercings as a kid, so he wore earrings.

King - The funniest in the group, perverted, tall, had tried short hair that was so soft and coily at the tip, nice dark eyes with Chocolate skin.

Jeff - Had long black curls that fell on his face. Full pink lips, chocolate skin and piercing grey eyes. His eyelashes are to die for and thick brows. He also has the most cutest dimples in history.

Jamal - Chocolate skin, the tallest in the group and very muscular. Had mad deep brown eyes, full pink lips and high cheekbones. He plaited his full hair in braid which are in a bun.

I walk towards

"Hey guys"

"The boss is here " King mocks bow

"Thank you, thank you, highly appreciated by my good servant."

The rest burst out laughing while King hits my shoulder playfully.

"That was mad" Jeff comments.

"You didn't come out today, why?" David ask while the others were looking at me.

"She was daydreaming today again"

"Again? " Trevor chuckles, looking away from his phone .

"Don't worry, you'll marry Jaden" Jamal pats my braids soothingly.

I hit his hand away while the rest laugh and makes comments.

"Speaking of the devil, here he comes" David says.

I stiffen, my gaze meeting Jeff. He raises one of his full brow. I give him a signal and he nods getting the info.

"Hey Jaden... What's up? "

I turn to meet the piercing green eyes of my crush

"No, stalling today!" he commands in a very low, deep and might, I add sexy tone. I scan the class, everyone eyes were on us but I could not miss the piercing gaze of her dark eyes.

Juanita !!!

I look at the deep green eyes again.

"What's this? " I Whisper to him. I try as much as possible not to get distracted my his intoxicating smell, his earthy manly smell mixed with little bit of strawberry. Weird smell, I know.

"I want to talk to you "

"Talk to her" I move bout to lass but he blocks me.

"Let's talk "

"Jaden not today, please? "

"That's what you do Jordan, run away. All just for what? I wanna know"

"Until you talk to her, I am not talking to you. "

"You want me to ask her to be my girlfriend? If that's what you want I'll do it"

No, No, please no, "Yes"

"I thought you'll say that"

He goes to the front of the class.


No please, not in front of me.

"Yeahhh..." Juan stands up slowly

He looks at me, then back at Juan, then back to me.

"Would you like to be my Girlfriend? " His eyes never leave mine.

Yes, yes, yes!

"Are... Are... Yes! " she leaves her seat and runs to him. She hugs him and gives him a kiss on the Lips which I watched in pain.

After their lovey dovey Jaden walks up to me.

"Are you happy? " He whispers then leaves.



First chapter people, I am so happy.

This book is a true life story added with a little of imagination.

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