You , Me , I , We 1950-1999

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Silence,,Thoughts, Connections Poetry in images , vivid , dark , humor and love

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You can smoke , I’ll talk


To be completely honest , I miss a women who’s last name is freeman. So terribly that I had to write all of this to cope.

She said write me a poem if you can.

I thought about what that meant then I came to conclude that every time I age I lose something , either a grip of reality , knowledge or true perception , but also what I’ve come to learn is that from experience , it is to be have to collected for yourself and analyzed to determine what’s been grown from , versus what longs for change.

As you age as you become aware parts of this , that you need to piece oneself together or you will remain unchanged and will be left behind. Though good things will be encountered good things will be lost because lack of balance and effort to change in fact recognization that one is supposed to and yet alright to change that is when things will show. And I’m doing alright with change except I wanted a mango carrot drink instead of a plain gatorade but the walking distance was a debate weather I’d get to work late and that caused a worry. If I knew myself if I knew my worth, I would know that I am a hard worker the product of my family the root the change . So I would know that people are bound not to appreciate me because it tests my intelligence and my ability to remain and act calm. So I should of took the extra walk because maybe nobody would of questioned me for coming 5 minutes late. So I’m on a path of new discoveries and I must stop saying I’ll start tomorrow.

We are all in cages & made up of things that were influenced and non influenced; but simply what we are. We must grasp and latch onto who we create ourselves to be, by shoving through what we grown out of , sometimes replanting yourself will allow you to grow even more beautiful.

They don’t write our stories , we can’t buy them for dvd, there’s not a cent that can grant you a visual. They simply don’t write them. And what you can’t get no where you’ll constantly search for that’s soul seeking in a way. You taught me the importance of disturbance and destruction, it’s the ideal that one can do so much damage just to be put on a platform for worst but it’ll grant one recognition in many forms, so intense that mistakes are points on a map. You’ll remember the worst person over the hero ironically, people just don’t try to be a person who saves people , just how your mind likes to fall into the lies negativity is easy to feed. But don’t let people tell you who you are cause only you truly know. Strive to be something good and you can never truly be a failure. Failures don’t try.

There are better days brighter sun sets , clearer skies , better things in the world you should live to see. In which I told myself. I have a promising and fulfilling future , being without you made that hard to see at first.

Can we have some privacy I say to the folks around us, yes can we have the room? Me and my wife were staring at eachother I go near the curtain because that’s where she was looking out the window I put my palm under her chin and index on her nose poking it once and gentle , I then open her mouth and kiss her she grabs my waste and wraps her arms around . Her white dress slips off. I arch her over the desk with only her bra on and panties to her knees, I rip her pearls off her neck , everything she was wearing was white , my hand curled softly around her throat my whispers into her ear lips pressed to her skin , she does nothing but smiles and grasps as I pull it out and place it inside

I wanna be a director of a piece that revolves around individuals from different background making a film something like the 90 scenery displays. Morality , confidence, situations, friendship and genuine love. It’s so hard to find people willing to be apart of something that doesn’t pay them well at first , people who are willing to do something just to grow with a group or relate to peers or support a person just their idea just because is where the ice keeps melting. I would like to meet real people that show up just to show up. And let’s make a movie

The way your eyes shift with every emotion into every moment , you’re eyes my lover are;

What’s more exciting waiting for your real true match or lusting a bunch of women in which I came to conclude but I don’t list a bunch of women I lust or love or am obsessed with of you.

Walk through the city with me when the ground is wet. I wish it went that way. That you’d take my hand and keep your spliff in the other. I love that jean-jacket you always throw over your shoulder and you love how I always wear my sweaters. Isn’t it wonderful ? The weather the meaning of us being together. In the crisp air and thin wind, feeling this good should be a sin. My kisses would be so wet against your lips , fingers tucked so close to your hips , look into your eyes and swear to you , of all the ways I could be your grace.

When I was in school ; in the morning , we use to skip, go behind the buildings smoke , climb the trees and sit up there to watch the day pass, of course I on that hand was always resorted to day dreaming of a love so divine because nothing could be more beautiful in life, than being entwine with another honest soul, while being whole within your own.

And like quick sand I sunk slow and long into the love that would ruin me til this very moment. Further before my life could begin. I was roaming. You could pretty much call me then , an explorer and observant never to get attached to things because I had easier breaks , now that I thought. But the moment my life got to you, the moment you entered , was the moment I started being anything you needed and for that , since I had not found myself I sunk into the love that treated me like a servant or cigarette, whatever’s worse.

Though up until this very moment those facts were still assets to my life. Now , I’ve come up on better times, it’s called loving the sun and the sky because the way that it loves back is it touches me, glows on me, shines on me,and moon; walks beside me, water; reflects me and trees keeps breath into my body. Nature is the only thing I could observe and love and that’s who I was after all , an explorer of myself and things I connected to, not a servant to you.

So as I move on and forward with soul seeking , in search for purity and bliss, for a love that will never make me feel dismissed. I analyze what I need to correct by writing all my lows down on several sheets. Also hoping this story could make you love a soul like me.

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