Bad Boy Fell Hard

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Despite being broken inside, Noreen put on a mask to show a smile to everyone yet she knew her inside was broken, sad and shattered. She acted strong on the outside but she knew her inside wasn't. Ryder, also having a past of his own, is drawn to this girl. He wants her and also wants to know more. He can tell she is hurting on the inside. They say, "It takes a strong man to fix a broken woman." These two cant stand each other but as time flies, they bond over pranking and teasing each other. Read to find out more of Ryder and Nora's journey.

Romance / Humor
Mushabe Melisa
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Hey everyone, so this is my first book ever written on inkitt and I would really love it if you all support me during this adventure.

I am trying not to make this book cliche .Some parts may be related to the daily life and others you will wonder if that's possible but I hope you love it.

Please don't copy any of the ideas because I believe we all have wonderful imaginations and we should let out imaginations flow.

Please don't forget to vote and comment. And please don't comment rudely because I am only human and advertise your works on my book.


Noreen couldn't be happier about moving into a new state because of her father's business. Away from the reminder of the heartbreak she had suffered. She only hoped she could make new friends and heal her heart.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past Ryder was everything Noreen wasnt. He was a mean and egoistic jerk with secrets of his own.

Noreen and Ryder bonded over pranks and teasing each other. Where would their relationship take them with crazy ex's, unknown blackmails, third wheels and a roller coaster of emotions? Only time would tell, right?


Noreen Summers.

Ryder Dawson.

Amelia Campbell.

Carol Hathaway.

Melisa Ripley.

Patricia Addisons

Patricia Addisons

Daniel Tucker

Cole Porters

Jason West

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