The Diary of a broken girl

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Imagine if everything in your life went wrong. that, in a nutshell, is the life of Aileen Taylor. every single bad thing that ever happened to you is just a 4th of what Aileen goes through on a daily basis. beaten and abused ever since she was 6. she never got the chance to know what love is or how to. then there's miles, lost, scared, afraid to love in fear of being hurt. but when he meets Aileen he can't help himself. but this isn't a regular love story it's more of finding yourself and relying on your worth and finding love on the way.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Aileen(eye-LEEN) pov

I curl in a ball and let him keep hitting me I try to think of happy things. All I hear is my dad hitting me and my mom waling with tears. He finally stops hitting me I curl in a ball and cry my dad bends downs ” no daughter of mine will talk back to me” he says in my face I can smell the beer on he mouth and it makes me gags. he goes up to my mom and yells at her too I guess I should have not said what I said but the thing I said wasn’t bad I didn’t deserve to get kicked or boxed but I guess that’s just the life of a broken girl I promise I will never say what I said to him again you’re probably wondering what I said to make him so mad well I said “happy fathers day dad I love you”

I get up off the floor and head to the bathroom I look in the mirror and see the new scar tomorrow is the first day of school so I have to cover up the bruise. I get in the shower and the water is cold as always I see the big purple bruise on my side I get out and put on some close. I know not to ask my dad for food so I sneak into the kitchen to get a piece of bread and run back to my room I lay on my bed and think about school. I grab my poem book and write

I am broken, Come name your price Hidden in the shelter of a lonely life Come choose your savage See their perfect disguise you could never love me Cause I live in these lies I am damaged goods I’m misunderstood I come in the perfect packaging Wrapped up in severed ties Stamped with a sticker on top Come, name your price. I am damaged goods I am damaged goods

I close my eyes and go to sleep and dreams of the morning

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