The Diary of a broken girl

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they call me Aileen some call me broken some say I'm dumb because I'm soft-spoken I love my parents no matter how bad it gets I'm not going to be sad so yes I have a bad life no one cares I don't know what I think is going to happen no prince is going to love me and give tokens because I'm a broken girl and this is my world. they call me miles yes I have money but I make it all myself but my mom gets sick a lot she needs a lot of help I go to school hang out with my friend nick but something is missing and I don't know what it is.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Aileen(eye-LEEN) pov

I curl in a ball and let him keep hitting me I try to think of happy things. All I hear is my dad hitting me and my mom waling with tears. He finally stops hitting me I curl in a ball and cry my dad bends downs ” no daughter of mine will talk back to me” he says in my face I can smell the beer on he mouth and it makes me gags. he goes up to my mom and yells at her too I guess I should have not said what I said but the thing I said wasn’t bad I didn’t deserve to get kicked or boxed but I guess that’s just the life of a broken girl I promise I will never say what I said to him again you’re probably wondering what I said to make him so mad well I said “happy fathers day dad I love you”

I get up off the floor and head to the bathroom I look in the mirror and see the new scar tomorrow is the first day of school so I have to cover up the bruise. I get in the shower and the water is cold as always I see the big purple bruise on my side I get out and put on some close. I know not to ask my dad for food so I sneak into the kitchen to get a piece of bread and run back to my room I lay on my bed and think about school. I grab my poem book and write

I am broken, Come name your price Hidden in the shelter of a lonely life Come choose your savage See their perfect disguise you could never love me Cause I live in these lies I am damaged goods I’m misunderstood I come in the perfect packaging Wrapped up in severed ties Stamped with a sticker on top Come, name your price. I am damaged goods I am damaged goods

I close my eyes and go to sleep and dreams of the morning

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