A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 10


“Hey are you okay?” Alex asks from behind me.

I turn around and give her the best fake smile I can muster. After mine and Jays fight he and Drew decided to jump in the river and not soon after so did all of my friends except for Alex.

I would jump back into the river again too if it wasn’t for that I was upset. I didn’t usually argue but when I did it put me in a mood. “Fine, why?”

She rolls her hazel eyes, “Oh I don’t know, maybe because you’re moping after Jay pushed you in.” She says sarcastically, “Oh and the heated argument you had like five minutes ago ended with a passionate kiss, yet you still look pissed.”

I shrug my shoulders, “I’m fine Alex, really.” It’s a lie but I don’t want to talk about it and she should respect that. The only reason I’m not swimming is because Jay’s in the river and I don’t feel like being around him right now.

She gives me the eye, “Cut the crap Lizzie, I see right through you.”

I ball my hands into fists. Can’t she just mind her own business? She doesn’t need to know everything. “Can you just drop it?”

Her eyes soften a bit, “I’m just worried about you Lizzie, you just met this guy and you already look pretty serious.” She says, “Yes he’s hot and all but how well do you actually know him?”

Hot? What is she talking about? Did she really just ask me that? What is she implying? I don’t just become friends with someone because they’re good looking. Jay’s my friend because his personality corresponds with mine, he’s funny and sarcastic just like me. He knows how to make me laugh and I just genuinely like when he’s around.

So she can see her way out of my business. I already have two very intrusive brothers and a dad who likes to know everything, she doesn’t need to be added to that list.

A new surge of anger bursts through my veins, causing my blood to boil. “Well enough, what’s it to you anyway.” I spit, “Can’t you just be happy for me?”

She takes a step back as if I just hit her. “That’s not what I’m saying.” She argues, “And I am happy for you, it’s just—.”

I cut her off, “It’s just what?” I retort, “Don’t make assumptions about something you know nothing about.”

She stares at me wide eyed. I can see the anger settling in on her face, the way her cheeks flush a bright red. “What is up with you? I was just trying to help.” She shakes her head, “you know what, whatever Lizzie.” She mutters, then turns around and starts marching towards the river where the rest of our friends reside.

As she stomps away from me, conveniently Jay starts walking towards me, must of having just got out of the river. He’s in his swim shorts and damn let me tell you, he looks hot. This is my first time seeing him shirtless and he did not disappoint.

I can’t help it as my eyes pop out of my sockets, I was staring and didn’t really care. I knew Jay was strong but seeing him like this was a whole different story of strong. He was built but toned in all the right places. He was strong, yet lean.

He was dripping wet, but gosh did he look good. My eyes narrowed in on the droplets, I followed them as they slid down his tan shoulders to his stomach. He had the most prominent six pack, I could feel my hand twitch as I thought about tracing the line right down the middle.

Shut up Lizzie you’re supposed to be mad at him.

He passes Alex, raising his eyebrow towards me as she stomps by. “What’s her problem?”

I shrug, “She was being nosy and I didn’t feel like giving her my whole life story.”

What else am I supposed to say? I don’t need her to be my mother, I already have one for a reason. It’s not her place to ask me questions that don’t concern her.

His lips quirk up into the start of a grin. “Is that so.” He says, “What a bitch.”

I frown. Alex was my best friend and I didn’t like him calling her names. She’s not a bitch. She was just pushing me on something I didn’t want to discuss. Maybe I was a little bit harsh, but I did ask her to drop it in my defense. “Don’t call her that.”

He grins wider, “Why not?”

“Because she’s my friend.” I mutter crossing my arms, “And she’s not one.” Though I’m mad at her, I wouldn’t just call her names. The problem is, I know Jay means it when he says it. If I were to say it, I wouldn’t actually mean it.

Amusement lights his features, his ash eyes practically glowing. He was honestly so beautiful, the way his lips curled, the hollows of his cheeks, and his sharp cheekbones. As I looked closer, I saw a small mole under his left eye that I hadn’t noticed before.

Curse him for being so attractive. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so either.

“Whatever you say Lizzie bizzie.” He replies sarcastically. “Now will you stop eye fucking me and come swim.”

My eyes widen in horror. He noticed too. My cheeks hue in all shades red, the embarrassment burning hot. “I wasn’t.” I say defensively. I was not doing what he accused me of, I was admiring him and that’s different.

“You were, don’t lie to me.” He states confidently, “You know I don’t like lying.” His voice comes out so seriously.

I quickly nod my head remembering the day at the drive ins. That was not something I wanted to have a repeat of. Jay was short tempered, in the amount of time that I’ve known and hung out with him, I’ve recognized it. What must his parents think, because if my temper was that short I’m sure both my brothers and parents would have a heart attack.

“Yeah I know.” I mutter, letting my dark hair fall into my face hoping it will cover the ugly blush I’m sporting.

His hand brushes my hot face, thumb tracing my lips. “Good.” He says, “Now come swim with me?”

His eyes bore into my own, they look both soft and intense. The feeling of his hand makes me want to melt into his touch, but I stand my ground. Not too long ago we were fighting because he pushed me into the water, then he called my best friend a bitch, and now I don’t know what to think.

I always give in to him but not this time. He was being rude and mean. “No, you were being mean to me.”

“I was not, I was playing around with you and you took it seriously.” He tells me with a raised brow, like are you seriously still mad.

I shook my head, he was not getting away with it this time. I’m not giving in so easily, he actually needs to apologize if he wants me to swim with him. “Yes you were. Maybe I overreacted about you pushing me into the river, but you know Hunter is just a friend and you threw him right in my face for him being nice to me. Then you just called Alex a bitch.”

“I saw the way Hunter wrapped that towel around you.” He spits, his voice lowering into that low calm voice that isn’t actually calm.

I tilt my head, a small smile erupting from my lips. He’s jealous. “No need to be jealous Jay, Hunter and I are just friends and that’s all we’re ever going to be.”

Who has the upper hand now?

“It better be.” He mutters.

This time I frown, “What do you mean?” I scowl, “It’s not like you have some kind of claim over me, you haven’t even asked me to be your girlfriend.” For some reason he smiles at this, his pearly whites on display. “You’re right.” He agrees, watching me closely not bothering to say something else.

The air leaves my lungs as I try to take a step back. What he said feels like a slap to the face. He holds my arm tight not letting go, his eyes never leaving mine. Does that mean he doesn’t want me? “Let go of me.” I growl, feeling like I’m going to cry. I know it’s pathetic right?

“You didn’t let me finish.” The amusement is clear in his voice. I glance up at him, still struggling against his tight grasp even though it’s no use. He’s so much stronger then I am.

How can he think my humiliation is funny? “Let go of my arm.” I say, but it sounds weak.

“No not until I finish.” He says, “Now stop struggling. I was going to say you’re right, so why don’t you be my girlfriend then.”

My body freezes. Our eyes lock as I stop struggling. Did I just hear him right? Did he just ask if I wanted to be his girlfriend? He waits patiently all the while looking amused at my reaction. “Y-your girlfriend?” I stutter.

“That’s what I said Rosa, now tell me yes or no.”

As I stand stupidly, we stare at each other. I must be in shock or something because the words I want to say won’t come out. So instead I nod my head feeling a wave of butterflies wash over me. He really just asked me to be his girlfriend.

He leans down, tucking my curly black hair behind my ear. His warm breath is felt on my pale skin, “Verbal confirmation please.”

“Y-yes.” I whisper with a stutter. My cheeks are burning.

He pulls his head back taking a look at my face. His grin makes my heart race in my chest. I swear it’s beating a million miles a minute. Then suddenly his lips come crashing down onto mine with so much want. His lips are rough against my own. The feeling was like a wildfire burning us up.

I sealed my fate not at all thinking about the consequences. The signs were there but I chose to see past them. Little did I know what was to come.


As the boys set up the tents, us girls sit by the water. Ever since Jay asked me to be his girlfriend I’ve been ecstatic, it’s like my body’s high on adrenaline. He asked me, he could have any girl he wanted and he asked me to be his girlfriend. That’s a pretty good feeling to have.

With good things also comes bad things. Alex is still mad at me, she won’t talk to me and will barely look at me. I guess I deserve it but it wasn’t all my fault, it takes two to tango afterall.

I eat my fruit snacks as I watch Jay and Drew work together, helping each other set up their tents. Mostly though my eyes are on Jay, watching the way his muscles flex under his clothing, the way his ash eyes sparkle when he laughs, and the way his nose scrunches when he’s realized he set up something the wrong way.

His chestnut hair almost looks the color of caramel with the midday sun. As I admire him, the breeze blows my hair messily into my face. How can he be so god-like even with the river water stiff in his hair and the wind blowing, when I look like a homeless woman who needs a hairbrush desperately.

As I watch him he looks up a second eyes searching, finally his eyes stop when they land on me. “Rosa come here a second.”

Setting down my wrapper I stuff the rest of the fruit snacks in my mouth and stand up. My feet pad across the leaves over to where he’s standing, it looks like he’s trying to attach something.

“Hold this.” He orders, handing me a hammer.

Drew is on the other side doing the same thing as Jay. “Did you finish yet.” Drew asks Jay.

Jay finally gets the clip attached and stands up. “Fucking finally.” He breathes. “Now we just need to put the stakes into the ground.”

I hand him the hammer, he takes it. “It looks good guys.” I tell them. If I tried to set it up, it would most likely take days and then some. If there’s one thing I’m not good at, it’s putting things together.

They actually got it up pretty quickly, as I look around I notice Hunter, Aaron, and Gavin still putting theirs up.

“I’m glad it’s up to your standards.” Drew jokes. He then begins to hammer in the stakes, helping Jay.

“Go on and check it out Rosa, after all you will be sleeping in it with me.” He chuckles. He then pats my butt, encouraging me to go in. Squeaking I move forward and unzip the tent.


Thank you for reading! Do you like Jay? Do you agree with Lizzie being mad at Alex? I hope you enjoy this chapter!

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