A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 11


The rest of the day was good, great even. It took a little while for my friends to get comfortable around Jay and Drew which is understanding, they had to feel each other out before they could mingle.

We swam, we ate, we played lots of games, and we laughed. It felt amazing, the day was here and then it wasn’t, time expired and so did the sun. As the light faded, Aaron and Hunter fixed up a fire. The smoke stole the air, grey intermixing with the color translucent.

Jay lit the flame having a lighter on hand. It didn’t surprise me, I know he smokes and it doesn’t bother me, it’s just personally not my thing.

I watched as the yellow and oranges of the fire seared up reaching for the sky. It made me think of the beach, the party Alex dragged me too. It made me think of Jay, how he sat next to me by the fire, how I smoked a blunt for the first time, and how his words pulled me in like an enigmatic lullaby.

It’s kind of peculiar really, that’s the day I met Jay. Since then I’ve bumped into him in multiple other public places, it’s like we were met to meet or something. From then on we’ve become friends, well we have always been a little more than friends in all honesty.

Now as twilight dwindles, the sky dims, the pastel colors slowly begin to bleed into the darkness. Stars speckle overhead, returning once again for the hours of nightfall. The glow of moonlight falls over us like a blanket.

We all sit in front of the fire, me on Jays lap because he’s the one who pulled me down into it. The prickling of charred wood is heard, and the nightly sound of crickets too. We chatter random things, joking and laughing endlessly.

“Remember that time when you swallowed a bug Lizzie?” Aaron asks laughing, knowing I do remember and hate talking about it. “You freaked out thinking you were poisoned or something. You thought you needed to go to the hospital—.” His voice breaks off as he laughs harder.

“Yes I remember that!” Lena exclaims, “Lizzie you were all like ‘Am I going to be okay? Am I gonna die?’ you literally thought the bug would kill you.”

Everyone is laughing. Great, why is it always my embarrassing stories being brought up? It’s not funny, it was terrifying! I didn’t even mean to swallow it, it was an accident. By the time I even realized there was a bug in my mouth it was too late.

My cheeks burn hotter than the fire. “Shut up. I was six, no need to reminisce of the past.” I mutter, burying my head into Jays hard chest.

Jay chuckles, “Not a fan of insects Rosa?”

“Not at all.” I groan, “Can we stop talking about me please?”

Jay picks up his beer taking a sip, after he offers it to me. I willingly take it and down three big gulps. The bitter taste fills my mouth, the brown liquid cool as it slides down my throat.

“Wait!” Drew says from a few feet away, “Was the bug sweet or sour and was it crunchy like chips?” He asks.

I swing my head towards him, a glare set on my burning face. “It tasted like fucking candy, you should eat one sometime. Trust me, you won’t regret it.” I scuff, tone full of mockery.

Drew smirks, “Gotcha, I’ll put that on my to do list.”

“You got to admit it was really funny.” Aaron states, amusement clear on his features.

Rolling my eyes I say, “Sure it was. It was so funny I forgot to laugh.” My voice laced in complete sarcasm. It wasn’t funny, it was gross.

Jay leans in, his warm lips close to my ear. “Why so salty?”

I frown, “I’m not.” The heat of his breath sending chills down my spine, “You guys are all picking on me. Swallowing that bug gave me nightmares.” I pout dramatically.

“Well I’ll make sure you have nothing but good dreams tonight.” He smiles against my neck, his voice lowering. “Would you like that Rosa? I’ll make it so the only thing you can remember is my name.” He murmurs so only I can hear.

A heat like lava falls over me like a cape, warmth coursing through every inch of my body. Jay’s fingers trace up and down the skin of my legs, his body heat only feeding the fire inside of me. His fingers inch up my thighs and then slide down to behind my knee caps, as if my body was already his.

My breath hitches, the way he touches is a brand new feeling. No guy has ever talked to me like Jay does. When he touches me or kisses me, he just does it without so much as a thought. He does it with ease, almost like it’s normal.

“Stop.” I whisper harshly, “My friends are going to hear you.”

A grin captures his peachy lips, “So what if they do? So what if I don’t care?” He muses, his fingers moving up under my shirt and to my lower belly. A tickling sensation occurs wherever his fingers decide to feel.

“Jay!” I exclaim quietly, hitting his hands.

He chuckles, “You fucking like it and you know it.” He accuses, “But don’t think I’ll be keeping my hands to myself tonight, because if you do then you’re wrong.”

Thankfully he removes his hands and takes another sip of beer. I can see Alex on the other side of the fire looking this way. Gavin has his arm draped around her, holding her close. The good thing is she doesn’t still look pissed about our fight.

I kind of feel bad about the way I treated her. She didn’t deserve it, she was only trying to help and I yelled at her for it. I was still a little upset about mine and Jay’s argument minutes before and I took it out on her, still that’s no excuse.

I go to stand up but Jay pulls me back down, “What are you doing?” He asks.

“I need to talk to Alex.” I mutter, trying to stand up again but to no use. His hold is strong and firm. He keeps his arms wrapped around me.

“Whyyy Rosie, can’t it wait?” He mumbles snuggling his head into my shoulder.

I shake my head, “No. Now can you let me go? It’s important. I’ll be right back.”

He groans, loosening his arms. “Fine, don’t take forever.”

“I won’t.” I mutter, standing up before he can pull me back down. I look at Alex and she is already watching me. I nod my head towards the stream a little ways away, telling her I want to talk privately.

She says something to Gavin and he unhooks his arm from around her. I take out my phone and turn on the flashlight, ready to walk into the bundle of trees and to the river.

“Where are you guys going? Hunter calls from behind.

I turn my head, “To talk.”

He nods, “Oh okay, be careful. Who knows what’s out here at night.” He says signaling to the woods around us.

“We will.” I assure him, “Thanks for the heads up.”

He nods, a silent way of saying ‘no problem’. Then I begin my short walk to the river just behind a small amount of trees. I keep my phone flashlight pointed down so I don’t trip over any logs or what not.

The farther I fray from the fire, the chillier it gets. Goosebumps scatter my flesh from head to toe, a slight chill flashing over me. The sound of the river is much more exciting when it’s dark, it seems more alive. The larger rocks come into view, I climb up on one and sit crossing my legs and hugging my knees.

Here in the clearing of the river, there is more light than directly under the trees. The moonlight reflecting off the transparent water, somehow more beautiful when dark. As I wait for Alex I nervously pick my nails as I try to think of an apology. I’m not very good at them and kind of hate saying them.

Noises of nature rustle around me, a never ending cycle. The brush of the leaves in the wind, chipmunks running up trees, and the quiet sound of birds. As I peer into the woods, glows of yellow sprinkle around trees and bushes, flashing on and off. They’re fireflies!

When I was younger my brothers would bring me outside and show me the fireflies. Rex would bring a clear mason jar out and him and Layton would catch them for me. Of course they would poke holes in the top so the little insects could breathe. And in the morning we would set them free.

Finally after a minute Alex appears, arms crossed standing up. She looks down at me, waiting for me to speak.

Glancing down at my Birkenstocks, I begin to speak. “About earlier...I’m sorry for the way I treated you.” I mumble. “I was mad and I took it out on you.”

She settles down on the rock across from me, her hazel eyes bright. “It’s whatever, I understand.” She says, “I shouldn’t have been so nosy, you were obviously still mad and I tried to push it out of you.”

“No, you were trying to help and I kind of went ballistic.” I laugh now thinking back.

She laughs along with me, “Yeah you kind of did.” She says looking out at the rushing river, “Are you guys okay now? You seem happier.”

I smile wide, “He asked me to be his girlfriend.”

“Shut up.” She gasps, “He did not.”

My chapped lips smile brighter, my cheeks tingling in happiness. “He did. I don’t know Alex, I know we’ve only known each other a few weeks but I like him a lot.” I say, “Do you think it’s too soon?”

She shrugs, “Hey time doesn’t matter, it’s how you feel.” She says, “But oh my gosh, this is so exciting! My best friend has a boyfriend!”


By the time Alex and I got back to the campfire, everyone was drinking. Jay only had two empty beer cans next to him, but Gavin and Drew had their own little pile of about five empty cans. Stuff for s’mores was littered all over the ground. Lena and Maya were giggling like drunken idiots.

Gavin was stumbling around the fire saying he had to piss. But Drew, he was sitting on the ground looking happily dazed. Hunter and Aaron were downing their third drinks of the night.

An amused grin captures my lips. What happened while Alex and I were gone? What did we miss? I walked over to Jay with a raised brow, he’s sitting with his hands propped behind him, legs crossed. He shrugs his shoulder in nonchalance, amusement clear on his features.

“You’re back.” Aaron slurs from behind, “Finally, now we can play manhunt!” He yells standing up with a stumble.

I laugh, “You can’t play man hunt in that condition, I think it’s time for you to go to bed.”

Aaron pouts, “You’re no fun Le le, we were waiting for you guys.”

I can’t stop laughing. Gosh, Aaron is so childish when he’s drunk. “Well you should have thought about that before you decided to drown yourself in alcohol.”

“Heyyy I’m—not drunkkkk.” Aaron slurs. Then he stumbles to the side, his face turning green, “I think I’m going to be sick.” He mutters, stumbling towards the trees.

Alex and I share a look. It’s time to pick up and get these drunken idiots into their tents. It took a while to get everyone safe in their tents, Lena threw a fit saying she didn’t want to go to bed. But in the end I shoved her in and told her to cry about it.

Aaron ended up throwing his guts up, I guess he couldn’t handle all the alcohol he consumed. Hunter didn’t seem out of it, just a little buzzed. He happily decided to go to bed on his own.

As I picked up empty beer cans and threw them in a trash bag, Jay sat and smoked a blunt. He seemed content just sitting and watching me. Ignoring him, I picked up all the wrappers on the ground so no animals got to them.

Once I was done, it was only Jay and me left. Everyone else was already in their tents, passed out or just about. As I tied the trash bag and put it to the side, arms slid around my waist stealthily.

“Finally.” Jay murmurs into my ear, “I’ve got you to myself.”

I lean back into him, relishing in his warmth. The fire burns dimly behind us as we stand a few feet away. It’s quiet with everyone retired for the night. “You’re so warm.” I mumble.

“Come on, it’s warmer in the tent.” He grabs my hand and pulls me towards our tent, which is far away from the others. Unzipping the zipper he climbs in pulling me in behind him. He kicks off his shoes and I do the same.

A big fluffy comforter and pillows are set up, I waste no time jumping onto them. A moan leaves my lips at how comfy the ground can be when padded by blankets.

Jay begins to strip his shirt off. A fuzzy nervous feeling sits in my stomach, “What are you doing?”

He grins, “Stripping, what does it look like? I don’t sleep in my clothes Rosa, that’s hella uncomfortable.”

My cheeks flush.

His tan tatted skin is now in full view, his abs looking very very hot. Once he’s only in his boxers, then does he lay down next to me. I can’t take my eyes off of him, I’ve never really taken the time to look at his tattoos but now it’s hard not to. They made him even more beautiful.

Circling his shoulder and down the left side of his chest was a snake, it looked almost real up close. It’s mouth was open and it’s tongue out, almost like it was ready to bite. Then as my eyes trailed down, in the middle of his chest was an eye. Not thinking I reach my hand out and trace it.

“Fucking wild right?” He gloats. I nod my head, “Where did you get these?”

“At a tattoo shop, where else?”

I scowl, “Gee thanks, that’s so helpful.”

“No problem.” He says sarcastically. He then removes my hand and flips himself on top of me, all in one quick motion. His hand brushes along my flushed cheeks, “Your blush is so fucking cute.” He says.

“Shut up, no it’s not.” I mutter.

He leans down his lips brushing along my jaw. “You’re fucking beautiful.” He murmurs, kissing the corners of my lips. My mouth instinctively parts open, he smiles but does not kiss me.

My insides swirl with the use of the word ‘beautiful’. His lips find my neck, he trails kisses along my hot skin. I arch my head so he has better access, the feeling wonderful. For a second he stops and begins to suck, my eyes falling closed as a soft sound falls from my lips.

Moments later his lips detach from my skin, he lifts his head examining where he just sucked. He reaches up his finger touching it, “Now everyone will know you are off the market.” He murmurs.

I lift my hand to feel my throbbing skin, “You gave me a hickey.” I gasp.

He smirks, “Maybe.”

My eyes widen. I try to sit up but he pushes me back down. “Jay!” I yell, “My parents and brothers can’t see this, they will freak out.”

He shrugs, “Why, it’s hot.”

I shake my head, “You don’t get it, if they see this.” I say pointing at my neck, “They’ll never let me leave my house again.”

“Chill.” He says getting off of me. “You can just tell them you got poked by a stick or something.” It’s not that easy, I’m the worst liar in history they’ll know. “No Jay, I suck at lying they will frea—.”

Before I can finish my sentence, his lips crash onto mine instantly shutting me up. His hands fall into my hair tugging the curly strands. I melt into him. “Hush little Rosie, don’t worry about it.”

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