A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 12


The shrieking sound of my phone wakes me up. The noise damaging my precious eardrums and ruining my beauty sleep.

“Shut that fucking off.” Jay grunts next to me.

Rolling over I reach blindly for my phone, my sleepy eyes closed, hitting the ground repetitively to find it. As I search for it, my hand collides with something hard. Opening my eyes I glance over and see, I may have, okay I did accidentally hit Jay.

“What the fuck.” Jay growls, his eyes set in a glare. I smile sheepishly, “Sorry.” I mutter.

“You should be.” He reaches over and hits me back, but much harder. The hit burning my pale skin.

“Oww.” I yell, grabbing my arm. “What was that for?” I ask sharply, rubbing my stinging arm. I glance down to see a furious red hand mark, already puffing up.

He shrugs, “Payback, you fucking hit me first.”

“Yeah on accident.” I exclaim, glaring. “I was looking for my phone and you happened to be right next to me.” It’s not like I did it on purpose. There was no need to hit me back.

His red lips quirk, “Shit happens, who is calling you this fucking early in the morning anyway?”

Scowling, I find my phone on the other side of the tent. There’s no way I would have found it by just hitting the ground. What a waste. Looking down, I have two missed calls from Rex and one from Layten. Why are they calling this freaking early? Actually why are they calling me at all?

Swiping over, I return Rex’s call. Within three rings he answers. “Why didn’t you answer my call?” He immediately asks, sounding mad. What did I do this time?

“I don’t know Rex, maybe because it’s seven o’clock in the morning. Who calls someone this early?” I mutter.

Jay watches me, eyes darkening. I raise my eyebrow at his sudden attitude change. What is wrong with him now?

Rex ignores me, “Why haven’t you called Lizzie? I told you specifically to call me last night so I knew you were safe and you didn’t. Do know how that made me feel, it made me fucking worried.” He yells through the phone.

Here we go...

“I forgot.” I mumble. “I’m sorry, there was so much going on and we were having so much fun. It didn’t cross my mind.”

What’s even more unnerving, is Jay’s very intense stare that is set on me. His hands are in very tight fists, so tight his veins are popping out. Why is he lookin at me like that? Did I do something wrong?

“Next time Lizzie you’re not going to be able to go if you can’t even remember to check in.” Rex says, still sounding mad. “I want you to come home, your sleeping in a fucking tent in the middle of the woods, where there could be bears.”

“It’s too early for this.” I mutter to myself. But if I’m being honest I do feel a little guilty for not calling. Rex freaks out about that kind of stuff. But coming home now? Is he kidding because we have all day planned out. “Would you chill out, I’m fine. I survived the whole night out here and plan on staying the rest of the day.”

Shuffling is heard on the other side of the phone, “Chill out? Don’t talk to me like I’m one of your teenage friends.” Rex spits, “I wasn’t asking you Lizzie, I’m telling you to come home.”

Jay looks like he might explode, “Who are you talking to?” I hold up a finger telling him to give me a second, I need to deal with Rex first.

“No, mom said I could come.” I say, “and she never said anything about coming home early.”

After a second he responds, “I’ll tell you one more time Lizzie, you know I’m the one who takes care of you. You can either come home now or I can come get you and then you’ll be grounded.”

Anger explodes in my chest, “Why can’t I stay? Why do you always have to ruin everything, you’re not my dad!” I throw at him.

“Don’t throw that shit at me, you know better.” Rex growls.

The thing is, I do know better. He is the one who’s here for me, he’s the one who takes care of me and deep down I know he’s only worried. Now I’m being petty, but he’s being annoying.

More shuffling is heard on the other side of the phone. After a moment it stops, and I can hear steady breathing. “Lizzie?” Layten asks. Rex must have given him the phone.

“Yeah.” I whisper.

He sighs, “I’m worried too, babydoll. You can hangout with your friends another time someplace closer to home.”

I glance down away from Jay’s intimidating stare, knowing I’m going to have to go home. Rex wasn’t leaving it up for debate, and Layten also wanted me to come home. It’s either that or be grounded for who knows how long.

“Fine.” I give in. “Just give me sometime to pack up and tell my friends.”

After we’re done talking I hang up. I should’ve just ignored the calls, but if I did I would’ve been in a big load of trouble when I got home. Why is it whenever I’m having some kind of fun it gets ruined?

Peering up, I remember Jay and his sudden mood change. “What?”

“Oh so now you choose not to ignore me.” He spits.

What is he talking about? I was on the phone. “What do you mean? I was on the phone, I wasn’t ignoring you.” Is that what he’s mad about? I’m so confused.

His jaw clenches, “Not answering a simple fucking question Rosa, is what I call ignoring.” I wasn’t ignoring him, I was busy talking on the phone. Didn’t he see that? It’s not like I can talk to two people at once.

“Would you calm down, I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose—.”

He grabs my arm where he hit me earlier. I can’t help but flinch at the pain. His dark eyes were not his usual ash color. He was angry, and it was starting to scare me a bit. The vein on his neck was sticking right out, as his mouth twitched. But the thing is, I don’t even know why he’s so angry.

“So why didn’t you answer my question then huh.” He says, glaring. “You were ignoring me, it was a simple question. Tell me, was it because you were on the phone with a boy? Do you like this boy?” He spits.

My eyes widen, and I begin to shake my head. “N-no that was my b-brother.” I stutter.

“What’s his name? Why was he calling?” He asks.

His grip on my arm is so tight, the pain worsening. “It was R-Rex, he was m-mad I forgot to call him.” I say, glancing at my arm. “you’re hurting me.”

He lets go, eyes still on me. “Don’t ignore me again.” He tells me, “It’s annoying as hell, and gets on my last fucking nerve. Got it?”

I nod my head quickly, rubbing my hurting arm. I glance down and already see the start of a bruise forming. My skin stings and swells an awful red purple color, it’s going to leave an ugly bruise, I can already tell. “I-I’m sorry, I d-didn’t mean to.”

His features gradually begin to lighten, his eyes returning back to their normal color. “Just don’t ignore me again, okay.” He murmurs, “It drives me crazy and it makes me want to punish you.”

I gulp, those words not sitting well in my stomach. “I won’t.”


After my absolutely terrific morning, Jay was bringing me home. I had to tell my friends that my brothers were making me come home, claiming I wasn’t ‘safe’ out here. Both Alex and Hunter offered to bring me home, but I told them no, Jay was.

I wanted them to stay and enjoy the rest of the day even if I couldn’t. Jay and Drew were leaving with me. The whole reason they came to four-wheel in the first place was because of me, so if I was leaving there would be no point in them staying.

This morning, I spent my time packing all my stuff up. Jay and Drew took down the tents all the while messing around.

Drew climbed up a pine tree and crouched on a branch that was pretty high up. If that were me, I would be scared of falling and breaking my neck. “Hey Jay.” Drew called, and as soon as Jay looked up, Drew threw a pine cone at him, hitting him right in the face.

Jay’s body goes rigid, as he looks down at the pine cone on the ground he was just hit with. “You’re going to fucking regret that.”

Drew lets out a fit of laughter. Jay just grins cynically, he walks slowly up to the same pine tree that Drew’s in and begins climbing. As Jay gets closer, Drew’s laughter dies down.

“What are doing Jay, get down.” I yell.

He glances back but does not stop climbing. “Watch and learn baby.”

Jay swings through branches no problem, grasping them and pulling himself up with little to no effort. His feet and arms corresponding perfectly with each other, he looks like a monkey gliding in his own environment.

“Bro, what are you doing?” Drew questions. Jay ignores him.

Once he’s close to Drew, he starts ripping a bunch of pine cones off the tree. For a second Jay smiles, his eyes sparkling with mischief. He then takes the pine cones and chucks them at Drew, he chucks about ten of them.

Drew puts one arm up trying to deflect the hard pine cones, the other arm clutching onto his branch for dear life so he doesn’t fall off. “That’s not fair.” Drew exclaims.

“Jay Stop! Drew could fall.” I yell up.

He ignores me. “Paybacks a bitch.” Jay says, no remorse whatsoever. “Next time you throw a fucking pine cone at me, I’ll push you out of this fucking tree and I’ll enjoy doing it.”


The car ride to my house was quite eventful with both Jay and Drew. We made a pit stop at Taco Bell because Jay declared he would starve to death if he didn’t eat. Who was I to complain, I don’t eat out a lot so this made me quite eager.

When Jay went through the drive through, he ordered twelve nacho cheese Doritos tacos and four orders of nacho fries. I thought we were going to divide them among us, but nope that’s not what we did. Jay took six tacos for himself and two of the orders of nacho fries, he left the rest for Drew and I to divide.

Jay both drove and ate. Every so often the wheel would curve to the side of the road over the white line and Jay would jerk the wheel back over, sending me flying into the door each time. So I came to the conclusion that Jay’s driving while eating was not only excruciatingly painful but also life-threatening. Okay that’s a bit dramatic, but still it was not really the safest method.

Once we pulled into my drive-way, I grabbed my stuff at slug speed not wanting to be home yet. I’m not sure what I’m walking into, a happy household or a moody one, and quite frankly I don’t want to find out.

“Thank you for the ride home on such short notice.” I mumble, about to push the truck door open.

Jay twists his body around, a smirk on his red lips. “Oh Rosa, aren’t you forgetting something.” Jay sings. Drew snickers at this.

I glance at him, “umm what?”

He pouts, “Not even a kiss goodbye for your boyfriendddd.”

I roll my eyes and move over to him, leaning in, giving him what he wants. Our lips touch, his rough and smooth against my own. My eyes fall shut as I let myself bask in the moment.

We pull away, but I don’t get too far because Jay’s hand gently grabs my arm. His touch is much softer than earlier. He takes his other hand and caresses my cheek, “I’ll miss you Rosie girl.”

My heart swells, my lips breaking into a small smile. I love it when he’s sweet. “I’ll miss you too.”

His ash eyes light up, his cheekbones high in a stunning smile.

“I’m so third wheeling right now, gross.” Drew mutters, “Where’s my girlfriend when I need her.”

I burst out laughing, “Poor you.” After I open my door and hop out. Before walking away though, I yell. “Bye Drew! Bye Jay! Don’t miss me too much!”


I hope you enjoy this chapter! Let me know your thoughts on both Jay and Lizzie!

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