A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 14


Jay led me up to his house, well more like pulled me along behind him. Excitement was clear in his silvery ash eyes and the quirk of his blood-red lips. I followed with my small bag of things, giddiness for some reason building in my stomach. This is not what I expected when Jay invited me over, I expected a house more or less like mine.

People surprise you sometimes and Jay was full of them. He threw open his oak doors with little to no effort, pulling me inside. Instantly the air temperature became cooler as the door slammed closed behind me.

My eyes immediately took in the house, we stood in a large lavender entryway with white tiled floors and shaded purple patterned rugs. There were two staircases, one on each side of the room, with a slight curve to them leading to the second floor. A huge chandelier hung above my head while paintings adorned the walls.

“Stop gawking, it’s just a house, Rosa.”

I look at him dumbly. Is he actually serious? “How can I not? It’s not like I visit mansions every day.”

He rolls his eyes. “It’s not a mansion, it’s a house. It’s pretty fucking impressive right? My father’s money does wonders.” He says, voice leaking with obvious sarcasm.

Well then.

“Fine,” I respond. “You’re right it’s not that impressive. The tiles aren’t squeaky enough, the carpets aren’t soft enough, and what are these staircases? They’re so old fashion, what a shame in a house like this.” I end with a grin.

Jay smirks wickedly. “You saying you don’t like my house, huh?”

I shrug nonchalantly, trying to hold back my grin from becoming wider. “That’s exactly what I’m saying.” I agree, beginning to walk away from him, not knowing where I’m going, and at the same time, trying desperately not to laugh.

His steps thump behind me, I do my best to ignore him. But then his hand grabs my arm pulling me forcefully back, causing me to stumble right into his hard chest. Almost immediately I can feel his body heat radiating right off of him, which causes my cheeks to flush.

“Wrong answer baby.” He murmurs, warm breath felt on my neck.

Then out of nowhere, he begins tickling me like I’m a freaking toddler and my body starts jolting in all directions as uncontrollable laughs erupt from my throat. It’s actual torture, tickling sucks.

“S...Stop.” I sputter, heat swallowing up. He doesn’t stop though, he continues as I squirm against him. It’s so embarrassing and I can’t stop it because of how freakishly ticklish I am.

“P-please Jay,” I beg, sweat shining on my forehead.

“You said you didn’t like my house, that deeply insults me.” He muses.

I’m laughing so hard, tears prick my eyes. I can barely even catch my breath and my stomach is beginning to hurt. How is this fair? He was asking for it, he’s the one who told me to stop gawking.

Even my heart is going crazy. “S-so.”

“So I’ll just keep tickling you then,” He murmurs. “It’s quite fun seeing you all fucking hot squirming against me.”

A single tear slides down my cheek, I can’t hold it in with all this laughing. “P-please...stop.” I stutter, wanting this to end so badly.

“No no Rosie,” He mocks, sounding like he’s disciplining a child. “Not until you apologize.” With my stomach hurting so bad and my lungs burning I decide to just give in. “I’m s-s-sorry a-alright.” I squeal.

He doesn’t stop though! If he doesn’t soon, I’ll be legit jelly. “Make it sound like you’re sorry.” He ticks.

Before being able to talk again, I have to catch enough breath. “I-I’m...sorry.” I sputter, trying my best to sound as apologetic as possible. It’s hecka freaking hard when you can’t stop laughing like a maniac though.

To my relief he stops, I slouch over, my hands holding onto my knees as my chest falls furiously up and down. What makes it all the more worse is that I can feel Jay’s eyes watching me, calculating my movements. God, I hate being tickled.

“I like it when you’re panting, it’s cute.”

Turning my head I send him the best glare I can muster in this state. “Shut up,” I mutter, gritting my teeth. “I’m glad you find this amusing.”

He smiles a radiant smile. “I can always tickle you again, keep those pretty lips talking. I dare you. Just see where you end up.”

Ignoring him, I stand up straight trying real hard not to roll my eyes, but can’t stop the stupid smile curving on the corners of my lips. “You’re impossible,” I mumble, brushing my dark curls out of my face.

Jay wraps one hand around my waist while the other rests right behind my neck. His head leans down, mouth brushing against my lips. “You love it.” He teases, as my cheeks tinge with warmth. His lips then come down on mine, his tongue doing whatever it so pleases.

Before pulling away he playfully tugs at my bottom lip, then backs away face clear with content. “Now let’s go swimming.”


After I’m changed into my butterfly bikini, Jay brings me outside to his backyard. When I see it, just like the rest of his huge gorgeous house, I’m kind of blown away in aww.

Just outside, Jay had a big rectangular in-ground pool with a diving board, both colorful flower bushes and plants surrounded a paved path around the water. A patio connected to the sliding doors leading outside, chairs, and a table decorated it along with a unique carved wooden canopy.

He had miles of woods and yard, just after the pool a hill sloped down to a clear water lake. From here you could see a small dock along with an expensive boat lining the edge of the rippling water.

I follow Jay while admiring literally everything. “Lake or pool?” He asks walking down the patio steps.

“Umm, whatever you think,” I mumble.

He glances back at me, his messy chestnut hair gleaming in the sun, skin tan and smooth. That little mole under his left eye was quite visible in the brightness of the outside, I kind of adored it, to be honest.

“Definitely lake then.” He says grabbing my hand, then begins to jog down the somewhat steep hill.

I try to keep up with his fast jog, but he’s taller than me so his strides are longer, which makes him much faster. As we run down the hill, an eager feeling courses in my veins, Jay kicks off his slides so I do the same feeling the sleek grass in between my toes.

I begin to stumble because Jays too fast, and the decline of the hill makes my feet practically trip over each other. Jay must notice because one second I’m running and the next I’m being swung onto his back, him giving me a piggyback ride.

My hands wrap around his neck and my legs clutch his sides as he holds tight to the back of my knees. “Better.” He asks, just as we reach the bottom of the hill.

I can’t help but giggle. “Yeah, you’re a lot faster than me.”

“Good, you were slowing me the fuck down.” He lets out. “You owe me for this you know.”

We reach flat ground, just a couple more feet until we’re at the edge of the land where the grass meets the lake. It’s not my fault he’s taller than me, and who says I’m slow? He’s just fast. “Owe you what?” I question. Here I was thinking he was being sweet, but apparently, he wants something in return.

Unexpectedly his hands drop out of nowhere, my legs fall to the ground but don’t quite touch, my arms around Jay’s neck the only thing supporting me. Carefully I disconnect my hands so I can fall safely to the ground. “A warning would have been nice,” I mutter.

He turns his head to me, that coy grin all over his stupidly handsome face. He’s such a weirdo. “It’s simple Lizzie Bizzie, you owe me whatever I want.”

Throwing my hand on my hip, I ask, “And what’s that exactly?”

“Whatever the fuck I want.” He repeats simply, turning towards the boat.

Up close the boat was definitely vast in size and anyone with two working eyes could just see how expensive it was. With white paint and a tan stripe down the middle, the sun’s rays really made the speed boat shine.

On the right side was a large railed in wooden deck, while on the left side was the cockpit where you controlled the boat and had a makeshift living space. Were we going on it? What did Jay have planned?

Jay walks right onto the narrow dock ignoring the blue-green water sloshing all around him like he’s done this too many times to count. I saw a couple of pairs of sandals abandoned at the end of the dock.

We’re there people already on the boat? Surely someone was on the boat, who would just randomly leave their sandals on a dock? I’m pretty sure they aren’t holding their breath underwater.

Jay glances back at my frozen figure. “You coming or what?” He asks, mocking. “Or do I need to carry you on?”

“I’m coming,” I say sarcastically, ungluing my feet from the ground to follow him.

Jay climbs a short latter to get up onto the boat. When he’s on, he turns around and offers me a hand which I take gratefully not wanting to fall into the water. He holds onto me tight so I don’t slip until I reach the deck.

On the deck a cool breeze kisses my skin, blowing hair into my face. Reaching up, I tuck my charcoal curls behind my ears glancing around the costly boat. Cushioned seats, glossed wooden floors, and a big crystalline lake. Jay wasn’t kidding when he said his father’s money does wonders.

The squeak of a door opening has both Jay and I turning our head towards the cockpit where the sound was coming from. A tall man walks out onto the deck who’s even taller than Jay, and Jay was pretty darn tall. He was dressed extremely nice in grey khaki shorts and a salmon-colored name brand button-down shirt, strong no doubt, definitely in good shape.

Instinctively, I inched closer to Jay, and to my surprise, he grabbed my hand tightly. The man in front of us had eyes like Jay, they were that ash color but somehow crisp, less silver. He stood straight in a well-respected way, hair a dark brown almost black, and smile lines present on his face.

“Dad, this is Elizabeth.” Jay introduces, voice smooth like velvet.

A wave of embarrassment washes over me, I’m standing in front of Jay’s dad in a bikini. How modest. I could kill Jay right now.

The man’s lips settle into a friendly smile. “So this is the Elizabeth you’re always talking about.” He comments, taking a step forward, meeting my eyes. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Elizabeth, what a beautiful girl you are.”

Jay’s always talking about me?

Before I can respond Jay’s father takes my other hand, the one Jay’s not holding and kisses the back of it. My face becomes captured in heat, cheeks drowning in all shades red as he releases my hand. “T-thank you, the same goes to you, Mr. Grant.” I stutter.

Now I know where Jay gets his charm from.

“Call me Claudius,” He says. “Mr.Grant makes me sound old.”

My lips break into a smile, nodding my head feeling kind of shy for some reason. I’m not usually shy.

“We were just going swimming.” Jay chimes, taking his other hand and pinching my cheek. “Weren’t we Rosa?”

I swat his hand away, glaring. “Would you stop that.”

Claudius chuckles. “I’ll leave you, kids, to it. Keep him in line Elizabeth, he sure needs it.” He tells me just before turning around and walking away.


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