A Passion That Was Poison

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“Move it, Lizzie, we’re going to be late.” My best friend Alex grunts clearly annoyed.

I shift in my seat sending her a glare, “Hush, beauty takes time.”

Alex lets out a huff and mumbles, “Bitch.”

I raise an eyebrow as she crosses her arms over her chest. Before returning to apply my mascara I stick out my tongue. Alex hates when she’s done getting ready before me because apparently I take “years”. When actually it’s only like five minutes.

It’s not my fault she came over early. Not to mention already dressed and ready to go. I, on the other hand, was lazily eating and watching Netflix until she came strutting in huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

I wasn’t in the party mood, but it being supposedly the first and best party to kick off the summer. She declared it wasn’t an option not to go. Especially since we’re now officially seniors we had to celebrate our last year of hell, what better way to do that then get drunk at a killer beach party as the sun sets?

“I’m done, better?”

“Much. Now get your ass up, we’re leaving.” She demands impatiently.

Standing up I turn around to face her. Her hazel eyes widen as her once irritation contorted face quirks up into a beautiful smile.

“Wow, Lizzie you’re gorgeous.”

A smile of my own forms. I love my best friend, she’s honestly my favorite person. You know how you have that one person who just gets you? Well, Alex is mine, she’s been my best friend since before I can remember.

She’s funny, smart, supportive, and absolutely stunning. But she’s also persistent, stubborn, argumentative, and sometimes semi annoying. You get the whole package with her but I wouldn’t change anything.

A slight blush colors my cheeks, “Thanks A, but you’re the gorgeous one.”

She narrows her eyes and points her finger at me, “Shut your filthy mouth, we’re both hot.” She ends with a wink.

I let out a laugh before she grabs my arm and drags me down the stairs. She throws me in the passenger seat before hopping in on the driver's side, not wasting any time she fires up the car and stomps her foot on the gas.

I glance at her outfit and then down at mine. High waisted shorts and a crop top is appropriate beach attire, right? I didn’t spend much time on my outfit considering Miss “were going to be late” rushed me. Not that I’m trying to impress anyone, I like to be comfortable, and plus I have easy access to my swimsuit.

Alex is wearing a pastel yellow summer dress that shows off her long tan legs. Her long auburn hair cascades down her back in waves. Different colors of green and brown fragments are prominent in Alex’s hazel eyes due to her noticeable long eyelashes. A light coat of eye shadow lines her lids, giving off a natural look. She truly looked beautiful.

Ten minutes later we arrive at the beach. Alex pulls the key out of the ignition and swings her door open, I follow her lead. She links our arms together and begins to skip in the direction of where the loud music is coming from.

“This is going to be lit.” She squeals.

We skip down a cracked pavement path towards the smooth sand. From afar the glow of lanterns play peek-a-boo. Little burning fires scatter the sand as smoke emerges into the evening sky. Crowds of people litter the area. Beer kegs are set up everywhere, I watch as groups surround the beer kegs cheering on the person up in the air. Their hands are punching the air yelling, “drink, drink, drink.”

As we inch closer the music becomes louder, the energy amount amplifies, the crowd becomes greater. The scent of sweat, beer, and salt fills the air. It’s such a rush.

A volleyball net is set up, already getting used. Some beach balls float in the clear water as people splash and mess around. Bodies squish together dancing and making out. Just love watching people get all over each other...Eww PDA gross!

Being both at the beach and it’s the start of summer, people’s clothing choices are slim to none. Girls are wearing bikinis showing way too much skin, Jesus this isn’t a strip club. Yeah, it’s hot out but have some self-respect.

Alex and I step foot into the soft sand. She’s practically leaping for joy. The music is so loud I can feel the vibrations course through me.

“This is so dope! Come on Lizzie let’s go get drunk.” She yells over the music taking my hand and pulling me into the claustrophobic crowd.

“Alex I don’t drink,” I mutter not at all feeling the least bit hyped.

Her head swivels around and her narrowed eyes bore into me, “Elizabeth Rose this is a party, put on your big girl panties you’re a senior now.” I roll my eyes and we continue to push through the crowd until we come to an abrupt stop.

Alex shoves a plastic cup full of brown liquid into my hands. I take it knowing she won’t take no for an answer. She picks up her own and raises it before me as if to say cheers. We clink cups and she downs the liquid while I raise the cup to my lips and sip. She nods approvingly and when she’s not looking I spit it out. How do people drink that stuff? It’s so bitter and not the least bit appetizing.

Turning I quickly dump the alcohol and crumple the cup. When I look back up Alex is gone, literally nowhere in sight, just gone. My eyes scan the area on high alert. She wouldn’t just leave me would she?

With my short five foot four height, my line of sight doesn’t go very far. I can’t see over all these people. Suddenly I feel very uncomfortable and a little mad, standing all by myself not knowing anyone, and having my best friend abandon me. I didn’t even want to come to this party and she just left me.

I shove my way past people not caring if I’m being rude or not. I bump into a couple having a heated make-out session and they stop and glare at me. I mumble a quick apology before continuing my search for Alex.

Being dark out with the only light source of lanterns and small fires, I couldn’t see all that great. There is no way I’m going to find Alex on my own with all these people and no proper lighting.

I swear when I see her again she’s going to hear an ear full, and no I’m not going to forgive her so easily.

Reaching the edge of the squished bodies I can finally breathe fresh air. A slick coat of sweat covers my skin, so I swipe my arm across my forehead ridding it of the salty moisture.

I stand awkwardly kicking the sand until I see a little makeshift fire vacant of people. Plopping down into the sand I release a sigh. She really left me, now what am I supposed to do? My head falls into my hands as I sit before a fire by myself. God, I’m such a loner.

A strong smell hits my nose, not knowing what it is I lift my head. It kind of smells like smoke but at the same time, it doesn’t. Glancing around I look for the source of the smell, and to my luck I find it.

On the other side of the fire, I can see a figure lifting a joint to their mouth. Leaning in I squint to get a better view, and from what I can tell the person is a male. A male who is looking right at me. Blinking I awkwardly turn my head and avert my gaze to the sand.

“What are you doing?”

His voice causes goosebumps to rise on my skin. I shift uncomfortably and finally bring my eyes up.

“I u..umm huh?”

He stands up from his seating position. I closely take in his height, and man is he tall. But the last thing I expect is for him to walk in my direction towards me. When he’s about a foot away he plops down in the sand right next to me.

Now that he’s closer, I can see him better as the light of the fire glints onto his face. From the scarce lighting, I make out what looks like chestnut-colored hair, full and long enough to run your hands through, slightly hollowed cheeks, thick eyebrows, and luscious lips. His eyes....wow his eyes were divine. An ash-grey kind of color I’ve never seen before.

He wears a black t-shirt, with a pair of dark washed jeans and combat boots. I would be lying if I said he wasn’t attractive.

“I said, what are you doing?”

I nervously fold my hands in my lap trying not to show him how nervous I actually am. “Oh uhh sitting?” It comes out more like a question.

His soft lips turn slightly upwards, “Clearly.”

I turn away feeling like an idiot. Of course, that’s not what he meant. My black curls cling to my face due to the humidity and close proximity to the fire. At least that’s what I tell myself. I brush my hair out of my face and decide to give this mysterious boy a less stupid answer.

“I lost my friend.”

He nods his head, “Hmm.”

Standing up I ramble, “I’ll go and umm leave you to it, I’m probably bothering you—”

He grabs my hand and pulls me back down, “Don’t you want to talk?” For some unknown reason, I hesitantly sit back down not at all knowing why I decide to stay with this stranger.

“W-well okay uhh...” I trail off not knowing his name.

“Jay.” He fills in the blanks for me. Inching closer he asks, “And yours?”

“E-Elizabeth.” I mumble, “Elizabeth Rose.”

Jay leans back placing his arms behind him like he’s trying to think something over. His head tilts to the side, “Elizabeth.” He murmurs pronouncing each syllable and dare I say perfectly.

He begins reaching in his pocket and pulls out a bag. My eyes widen as I watch him casually roll a blunt. He leans in close to the fire and lights the blunt. He has drugs? I sit up and scan the area just in case. I watch as Jay inhales and after exhales the smoke, he smiles and then looks at me. He holds up his hand as an offer.

The only drugs I take are prescription drugs and even then it’s very rare.

I shake my head, “No thanks.”

He shrugs. “Do you have a boyfriend Rosa?” He asks like it’s no big deal like it’s an ordinary everyday question but his eyes stay trained on the fire.

Rosa? I just told him my name was Elizabeth. “What?”

This time he glances at me with a raised brow, “Boyfrienddd?” He draws out and then leans in close to my ear, “You know a guy make out buddy?” I can smell his cologne from being so close. I love it, he smells so good.

I fold my arms over my chest. I don’t have a boyfriend but that’s not just a question you ask someone you just meant. Yet he asks like he has no care in the world. Seriously make out buddy? Who says that?


Jay sits with his legs crossed in a relaxed position. He doesn’t show that he heard me, but I know he did.

“Why are you here?”

I run my hands up my arms to help calm my overactive nerves, “It’s a party...my friend made me come.”

He nods and again holds up the blunt in front of my face, I’m about to decline but he stops me. “Don’t be a pussy.”

My mouth drops open but I take the stupid blunt and inhale it anyway. Once the substance enters my lungs I begin to have a coughing fit. I hand it back to him and he chuckles. How do people take that stuff willingly, it’s gross.

“See that wasn’t so bad.” He flicks the last of it into the fire. After he turns his face my way watching me intently.

“Kiss me.”

I swear my head turns so fast it’s about to fall off. Did I just hear him right? “Umm w-what?” I choke out feeling my face flush.

“Are you deaf?” He leans in closer brushing his lips against my ear, “Kiss me.”

Twiddling my thumbs I mutter, “Why?” I keep my gaze down not wanting to make eye contact.

His hands find my hair running his lengthy fingers through it. He gently tugs it back so I’m looking at him. “Because I want you to.”

“But—.” I stammer.

“Shh, don’t argue just do it.”

I don’t know what happened or what went through my brain or if I was even thinking. But somehow my lips connected with his and that was that. I was kissing, no this wasn’t kissing this was making out. I was full-on making out with a stranger I just met.

I don’t know what came over me but I shouldn’t have done it. I should have said no, hell I should have got up and left. I didn’t know, I didn’t how poisonous Jay could be. He was toxic and trust me I found out, I did. I should have run away when I had the chance. But I didn’t and I can assure you I’ve paid the price.

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