A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 3


We walk silently to Jay’s truck. To say I was a bit nervous was an understatement. Looking at Jay though he seemed the complete opposite of me, relaxed and worry free.

When in Jay’s truck he turns on the engine still not speaking. My hands rub up and down my jeans, a nervous habit. The quiet is killing me but it doesn’t seem to bother him in the least. A duffel bag lies at my feet.

Once out of the driveway he draws the window resting his arm on the sill. A perfect epitome of comfortable.

“Why so quiet Rosa?”

I could ask myself the same thing, usually I’m not this quiet. I just thought maybe he would start the conversation first.

“I don’t know.”

His arm slowly moves guiding the car to move with the curve. Hearing my response he glances over at me. A lazy smile plants itself on his soft lips, easily releasing the tension in the car. My hands finally still, resting in my lap.

“Sure you don’t.”

I shrug my shoulders. “I thought you would talk first.”

He assesses my answer while keeping his attention on the road. “I didn’t take you as the type of girl who waited for the guy to talk first.”

I turn my head to him. I’m not, I have lots of guy friends who I start conversations with. But that doesn’t mean I have to start the conversation every time. Plus in my defense, Jay and I are practically strangers.

“I’m not.” I reply simply and then change the subject, “Where are we going?”

“To a place.” A very vague answer. Alright...

Maybe if I wait a second he’ll explain...Never mind guess not. Uhh that’s hecka annoying, I hate when I ask a question and don’t get a legit answer. It irks me. “Care to expand on that answer.”

Those ash eyes settle onto my face. “If I was going to I would’ve.”

Oh. Okay.

“Do you like sports Rosie?”

My lips turn up, I do indeed like sports I’m super competitive especially in gym class depending on what we’re doing. When my friends and I hangout at the beach we usually play volleyball and we play hard core. “Depends but for the most part yeah.”



Ten minutes later Jay pulls into the ball fields. Currently a baseball game is going on, on one of the many fields. Does he want to watch a baseball game? I glance at him with a raised brow only to see a neutral expression upon his face not giving anything away.

Turning off the ignition Jay stuffs his long key chain into his pocket, reaches over grabs the bag lying by my feet before opening his door stepping out and shutting it. Full of confusion as to why we are here I follow suit.

Not even waiting for me he begins to walk towards the fields. Huffing, my feet follow not too far behind. “What are we doing here?”

Continuing on he answers, “Be patient Rosa.”

I take a deep breath. I hate being told to be patient, it makes me feel like an ansi child getting in trouble for not sitting still. Does he want me to play baseball with him or something because if so I can’t promise that I will be a very good buddy to practice with. Just because I’m competitive doesn’t mean I’m talented.

We stride towards the game currently in session and as we get closer I can see another team in uniforms of black and yellow outside the metal fence watching the game.

We reach the people in black and yellow uniforms and instantly they recognize Jay. Jay walks up to a couple of the players, pats them on the back and after shakes their hand, doing a man hug.

“Jay about time man.” A guy with sandy blonde hair says, “Where have you been, we’re scoping out the team now.”

Jay turns his head towards me, I feel awkward because I don’t know these people so I unintentionally scoot closer to him. The guy with the sandy blonde hair notices me for the first time and pulls his lips into a smirk.

“I’ve had things to do.”

The blonde holds out his hand in which I hesitantly take. “I’m Lucas, Jays friend.” Beside me I feel Jay stiffen.


Lucas smiles, “Nice to meet you miss Elizabeth.” And after winks. “Jay told me he was talking to a girl, he didn’t mention you were pretty though.”

A pink blush covers my cheeks. Jay talks about me? I’m not used to compliments but it was sweet of Lucas to say.

“Shut the fuck up and leave her alone Lucas.”

Lucas holds up his hands in surrender but a smile lingers on his lips.

A brown haired boy with brown eyes has the same uniform as Lucas on, he comes over towards us and slaps Jay on the back, “I was starting to think you weren’t coming man, where’s your uniform?”

Wait Jay plays? Like actually plays baseball? I would have never guessed, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to be interested in sports. Is that why he wanted to know if I liked sports?

Jay lifts up the black bag he brought, “I’m playing, I don’t bail I’m not that low.”

At that the brown hair boy smiles, “I know you don’t, get suited up because we’re about to dig this dirt up.” He winks before him and Jay pump knuckles.

Realizing I’m still standing here Jay introduces me. “This is Elizabeth, she’ll be watching us tonight.”

I wave to Jays teammate.

“Drew.” He pauses “Best catcher you’ll ever see.” At that I smile.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” I say surprising myself.

Drew raises an eyebrow, “I like her.” He tells Jay.


Surprising me, Jay takes my hand and we begin to walk towards the concession stand. He leads us to the back where there’s a bathroom.

“Wait here I need to change.”

Putting my hand on my hip I say, “You know I could have stayed and waited on the bleachers with your team like a normal person would.”

“Why so you could flirt with the guys.”

“No, so I don’t look weird standing alone out here.” I challenge stomping my foot in emphasis. It takes a lot more to get to me then that little comment because I have two annoying brothers.

He pushes open the bathroom door and sends me a look with darkening eyes, “Wait Rosa, I’m fucking serious.”

Nodding my head he vanishes behind the door.

I lean my back against the dirty concession stand and cross my arms. I could’ve been sitting on the bleachers waiting and maybe actually talking to someone, but no I have to wait here. My feet kick the the dirt where there’s a patch of grass missing as I wait for Jay.

Five minutes later he comes out of the bathroom in an identical black and yellow uniform as his friends. A baseball cap tops his head and a line of black paint lies under each of his eyes.

“Come on.” He mutters walking back towards the field.

The game that occupied the field is now over. Now all of Jay’s teammates are putting their bags in the dugouts. Before Jay goes in with his team, he stops making me almost collide right into his back. Before I could though his hands steady me.

He brushes his hand along my cheek, “Cheer for me, Yeah?”

I nod my head. He takes off his cap and puts it atop my head. His lips brush the side of my cheek leaving tingles of a kiss before turning around and walking onto the field.

“Good luck.” I yell before my hand touches my cheek where he just kissed me.

His glances at me with a grin showing his straight teeth, “Don’t need it.”

Laughing, I take my seat on the cold metal bleachers next to an old woman. I wasn’t expecting a Baseball game of all things but I guess it won’t be all that bad. Let the game begin.

I’m not a baseball expert by any means but I do know this, Jay was an amazing pitcher. When he threw the ball it spun at record speed right towards the batter. If I was the batter I would be nervous. But Drew, Jays friend the catcher catches each one without even a flinch.

Every other batter I swear gets struck out. Every time a batter strikes out I cheer on Jay. When Jay’s teams turn to bat I cheer for even the guys I don’t know. Their team was good no, it freaking fantastic. It’s like they all moved in sync with each other.

Jay even got two home runs like it was nothing. After he ran the bases his teammates would slap him on the back and his response would be, “A piece of cake.” He’s got game and he knows it, I would say he is arrogant don’t get me wrong he totally is but he has every right to be.

By the end of the game I was cheering, “Let’s go bumble bees, let’s go. Let’s go bumble bees, let’s go.”

No their team name wasn’t bumble bees but they looked like bumble bees in their black and yellow uniforms. Plus it was easiest to say.

I stuff my hands in my pockets. There’s a breeze in the air causing goosebumps to arise on my skin.

The game is now over and we destroyed the other team. Jay’s team is huddled up, all riled up about the game. When they are done going crazy they throw their fists in the middle of the huddle and do a chant before breaking off and going to the dugout.

Jay walks into the dugout probably getting his bag and drink. After he walks into the metal fenced in area to get his bat where he and his team hung them. I wait patiently for him to come out, the sky is now dark and the stadium lights light the field along with the stars.

In Jay’s car he throws his bag back onto the floor by my feet. I had to wait a little while for him because tons of people were congratulating him on the win, along with telling him he played a killer game. While he was busy with that, I told Lucas and Drew good game because they too, played great.

Drew winked and said, “Told you the best catcher you’ll ever see.”

I laughed. Boys and their cocky attitude.

Jay came up behind me leaning down so his lips brushed close to my ear, “Did you enjoy the game little Oreo.”

I turn around and ignore the feeling of his hot breath lingering on my neck, glancing up at him I say, “Yup, you guys kicked butt.”

“I’m starving, let’s get food.”

I’m about to say, “Okay.” But before I do he grabs my hand and starts walking me towards his truck.

We drive to McDonald’s.

“Are you sure you want to eat here I mean after your game and all.” I ask considering he just burned all those calories and now was about to eat junk food. I don’t care I know I want to, Rex never brings me here. If I’m lucky once in a great while Layten will tell me yes.

“Yes I’m fucking starving and I want McDonald’s.”

With a smile gracing my face I say, “Me too.”

And in the McDonald’s drive through line we go ordering a whole bunch of crap.

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