A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 5


Alex was not far behind me when I fled to the comfort of my bedroom. She knocked on the door trying to get me to open up, but I didn’t give in. I was mad at her which is probably childish but it was easier to blame her then myself. So that’s what I was going to do.

She’s the one who couldn’t keep her voice down. But really I should have known not to tell her while my brothers were in the room.

“Come on Lizzie, I didn’t mean to.” Alex reasons.

In my bed, I have the comforter pulled over my head, my knees tucked into my chest. Why am I so stupid? Why did I say that? Do they believe me?....I hope they don’t, I really hope they can see right through the lie like always.

“Leave me alone.” I yell through clenched teeth. Even as the words leave my tongue, I feel guilty for being mean, for being angry with her when it was my fault. Quickly the hot air from my breath becomes trapped under the fluffy comforter with me, which is not the best feeling.

Alex doesn’t except it. “Let me in right now Elizabeth or I’ll go get Rex to unlock it.”

That sentence has me shooting up from my bed, there’s no way I’m letting her go get Rex whether she’s bluffing or not. I would rather face her then him.

Rolling off the bed, my feet hit the ground with a thump, and after move slug pace towards the awful pounding on my door. There was no point in avoiding her anyway because she doesn’t give up, she never did.

Quietly my fingers pinch the lock and turn it back much to my displeasure. As soon as the lock clicks the door handle turns, and the door shoves open. There stands a red faced Alex sending me a pointed look.

“You liar, why did you lie.”

I shrug my shoulders, “It’s none of their business, I can’t ever just have one thing to myself.” I mumble. My family always has to know everything, why I’m mad, what’s going on in my life, who my friends are. That secret was mine, I should be able to share it when I’m ready not have it forced out of me.

She struts into my rooms and plops onto my bed. “I didn’t mean to be so loud, I was excited that you finally met a boy and it kinda just came out.” She murmurs apologetically.

I follow her onto my bed and sit next to her. “I know.”

“So are you mad at me?”

The words take a second to form on my tongue because I don’t want to admit it. Actually I hate to admit it. “No, just myself.”

We sit quietly before I ask, “Do they know it wasn’t the truth?”

She turns her head to me, hazel eyes lighting up with a smile curving on her lips. “Oh they knew it was a lie, you are the worst liar ever Lizzie.”

A frown covers my lips, “No I’m not.”

She pokes my arms, “Oh. Yes. You. Are.”

Then the smile comes, I really didn’t want to smile but I couldn’t make it stop. I know she’s right, I can’t lie to save my life, yet that doesn’t stop me from doing it all the time.

“You should have seen their faces...Rex and Layten were cracking up after you stomped up the stairs.” She says laughing.

“W..what.” I gasp in disbelief. They were laughing? How is that even funny?

She continues to laugh, “You’re too innocent Lizzie, Rex said and I quote ‘Her innocence is hilarious’.”

My hands cover my reddening cheeks. That’s what they all think? “I don’t want to hear it.”

She begins to laugh harder. How is this funny? I don’t think it’s funny...it’s stupid. I’m not innocent. I’ve kissed a boy before, more than one. So whatever they all think is wrong.

After a while her laughing dies down and she elbows me lightly enough to get my attention. Her happy mood was not at all matching my annoyed one. They all viewed my anger as a joke.

“Tell me about him?” She asks.

My cheeks grow hotter as I shake my head. She thinks I’m going to tell her about him after everything. Absolutely not. “No”

“Come on, I want to know about the guy who makes my best friend blush.”

Blowing out a puff of air, I give in because I’ve been keeping everything to myself. Honestly I’m overly giddy to tell my best friend about my newest friend. He’s definitely the most peculiar person I’ve ever met and it makes me like him more if that’s not weird.

She knows I’m going to tell her so she lays down on her stomach and props up her head up in her hands, angling her head telling me she ready to listen whenever I’m ready to tell.

“Jay is Jay.” I start.... resting my hands behind my head down on my pillow. The words begin to flow right out of me as I talk about him.

When I’m done we both sit silently in the presence of each other. I didn’t tell her everything but enough for her to get a good picture of him. A content smile rests upon my face as my eyes watch the sealing but my mind is still on him.


A loud noise stirs me awake. Buzz...buzz...buzz. Groaning I sit up in bed, Alex is beside me still sound asleep. To the right on my nightstand my phone is vibrating. I pick it up and answer it not bothering to look at the caller ID.

“Hello.” Internally I cringe at my raspy voice.

“Morning Sunshine.” Jay chirps on the other end of the line.

Pulling my phone away from my face I look at the time considering my room is still dark. The clock reads two o’clock in the morning. What is he doing up right now? And why is he calling me at this hour?

My knuckles rub my eyes in attempts to rid myself from sleepiness. “It’s not the morning Jay, why are you calling me?”

“I wanna talk to you silly.”

Why’s he so energetic right now? “Go back to sleep.” I mutter wanting to go back to sleep myself. It’s not everyday I wake up in the middle of the night to have a late night conversation.

“I wasn’t sleeping.”

Of course he wasn’t, he doesn’t sound the least bit tired. “Well go to sleep, goodb...”

“Don’t hang up on me Elizabeth.” He cuts in quite loudly, stopping me from hitting the big red end button.

His loud voice causes me to pull the phone away from my ear for a second, the scratchy sound hurting my ears. Doesn’t he get that I don’t want to talk right now, I want to go to sleep.

“Why not I’m tired.” I mutter.

I hear shuffling on the other end of the phone, “Don’t Elizabeth, you don’t want to make me mad.” His voice changes from happy to uncomfortably calm, causing shivers to run down my spine.

Reaching over I turn on my lamp and slowly swing my feet off the bed not wanting to wake Alex. Standing up, I turn my head checking to see if Alex is still sleeping, she is. “Are you for real right now.” I whisper quietly, not wanting Alex to wake up.

I begin to tip toe across my room slowly and carefully, trying my best to avoid the wooden floor from creaking.

“Why would I not be? I don’t lie Rosa.” He responds.

“It’s two o’clock in the morning Jay, what do you want?” I ask sitting down in my chair.

“I don’t like to repeat myself.”

What is his problem? “Well if you just want to talk I’m going to hang up because I’m tired, we can talk tomorrow.” My eyes are heavy wanting so badly to close. If he doesn’t have a good reason and if it’s not an emergency then I’m going to go back to sleep whether he likes it or not.

A pause and then, “Rosa don’t.” He sounds angry. Oh well I’m angry too, he woke me up.

“Goodbye Jay, talk some other time.” I murmur groggily before hanging up and turning off my phone so he can’t call and wake me up again.

Standing up I carefully make my way back over to my bed setting my phone down on the nightstand, and after crawling back under the cozy covers. When my head hits the comfy pillow and sleep engulfs me like a blanket, soon I’m in a peaceful slumber.


This morning I woke up early, six o’clock actually. The sky was still a dark midnight blue. After Jay called me my sleep wasn’t the same, my brain was drowsy and restless. The comforter held too much heat, and in turn my skin became sticky and slick. When I slid it off the air gripped onto me cooling me off, unfortunately only for a short period of time before goosebumps arose. It was an endless cycle of hot and cold.

So here I am in the kitchen sitting on an island stool sipping coffee. I brewed a whole pot, poured some into my favorite mug my mama got me and lastly added some French vanilla creamer. Alex isn’t awake yet and probably won’t be for a while, so won’t Layten. Rex is probably at his own house.

My thoughts circle around a certain individual. I still don’t understand why Jay called me last night. He was wide awake, maybe he was high? Yeah he probably was now that I think of it.

Brushing Jay out of my head, I think of mamas face last night. She looked so happy with my dad here, her blue eyes were sparkling. Only my dad can make my mama look like that. For the first time in three months she looked like she was fully here, not lost in her head.

“Morning my sweet girl.”

I jump in my seat as my heart just about bursts out of my chest. Placing my hand on my heart I spin my head around.

“My gosh...you scared me.” I breathe loudly.

My mother smiles apologetically before strolling over to me and kissing my forehead. “What’s got you up so early?”

I rest my cheeks in the palms of my hands, my elbows holding up my arms. “I couldn’t sleep.”

She nods her head pouring herself a cup of coffee. As she opens up the refrigerator to get the creamer my dad walks in. I shift uncomfortably in my stool as the memories of last night flood into my brain. A hue of red paints my cheeks.

Fortunately he hasn’t acknowledged me yet, instead he walks over to his wife wrapping his arms around her waist, almost instantly her back melts into his chest. “There you are.” He murmurs kissing her cheek.

I watch as my mothers cheeks tinge scarlet, I can’t help the elated feeling in my stomach seeing them.

“Morning.” My mama greets him softly. He smiles down at her with so much love.

My dad turns his head, his eyes landing on me and all I can feel is embarrassment about what I said. “Good morning Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth. Ouch.

"Morning dad.” I mutter.

He untangles his arms from around my mother and comes over towards me, he too kisses my forehead. “I’m not mad at you Lizzie, but what you said was uncalled for.”

I nod my head silently, my eyes veering down towards the counter. My mama was the sweet gentle kind of parent, my dad was to but he will also tell you when you are wrong.

“You know what I said wasn’t true right.” I ask quietly.

He smiles, “You Lizzie have never been a good liar.”

Ain’t that something. I feel like I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.


It’s now eight o’clock and I’m in the living room watching sponge bob. Well kind of, half of my attention is on the Tv while the other half is on my phone. I had five missed call notifications all from Jay. He must have got the gist I wasn’t going to answer.

After my dad made breakfast, eggs and toast for my mama and I, they went back upstairs to their bedroom, my guess is to cuddle.

Alex still hasn’t woken up which is normal. She usually doesn’t wake up till about ten. Layten isn’t up yet either but I’m not surprised. My full attention turns to the Tv when I see plankton try to steal the krabby patty formula. As plankton sneaks into the krusty krab my phone vibrates.

Looking down a text message notification pops up.

Jay: Come outside.

Received @now

Me: why?

Sent @now

Jay: Just do it.

Received @now

Throwing my phone onto the couch I stand up and trek over to the front door, once there I open it and stride out onto the front porch and down the steps into the wet morning grass. The morning air chills my skin. The hairs on my arms stick straight up.

Glancing down at myself, I realize I’m in pajama shorts and an oversized t-shirt. I should have changed before stalking right out here. Frowning at my gross attire I continue walking, too late to change now.

Jay’s maroon truck is pulled into the driveway. I walk over to it confused. He unlocks the door so I can open it. When I’m in, my attention switches onto him. He’s wearing a blue shirt that reveals his work of tattoos and dark grey khaki shorts.

“What are you doing here?”

He turns his head to me, grey eyes scanning my face. “I called you last night.” Straight to business I see. Noted.

I nod my head at his true statement, “You did, two o’clock this morning I believe.”

“Why did you hang up?” He asks with a serene kind of calm. I stare at him. It was late and I was tired, what did he think I was going to do? Talk all night? I’m sorry but no. I like my sleep and will not sacrifice it for him.

“It was late Jay, I was tired.” I deadpan.

His face turns into a childish pout, “You didn’t want to talk to me?”

My face curves into a cheeky smile. “Yes I wanted to talk to you all night, because I just love being tired.” I reply sarcastically before saying. “Is that why you’re here?”

“Nahh I just wanted to see you Rosa baby.”

“This earl...” Before I can finish my sentence Jay leans over taking my messy hair gently into his hands, pulling my head towards him, his lush lips fall onto mine. My eyes fall closed as the sentence I was about to say becomes lost. His tongue slips into my mouth like it’s his own.

Content fills my body, I like when he kisses me. He begins to pull away but not before biting my bottom lip, not hard but not soft either. My eyes open, and he is watching me.

“That’s for hanging up on me when I told you not to.” He murmurs close to my ear.

I’m about to say something but his pointer finger runs down my lip silencing me. “Don’t hang up on me again...I would hate to be mad at you.”

“Jay I was tir...”

Again he interrupts me not having it. “Uh uh...say you won’t.”


“Say it.” He says more seriously, a tone that meant business. His finger falls from my lip, and instead his hand grasps my chin firmly.

Fine... “Okay.”

Still that doesn’t satisfy him. “Okay what.”

He really wants me to repeat the whole sentence. I don’t understand what he’s getting at but from the blank very serious look on his face, I decide not to question him further. For some reason my body stills as I feel his grip. The heavy gaze of his darkened eyes has the words tumbling right out of me. “I won’t h—hang up on you again.”

His beautiful face lightens into a simple yet charming smile. “That-a girl.” The hand on my chin loosens, my body relaxes.

His thumb caresses my cheek, once again he leans in but not towards my lips. His lips this time land on my heated cheek where his thumb just was. A warm sensation forms where his sweet kiss connects with my skin. “Nice outfit cupcake.”

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