A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 6


Don’t you hate when your brother drags you to the grocery store, because I for a fact do. I hate hate hate grocery shopping. Yes food is my forever love, but grocery shopping is like for old grandmas or something.

My dad asked him to pick up some things, so Layten is making me come with him. I tried so hard to tiptoe out of the kitchen but at the last second my dad caught me and suggested I go with him. So Layten smirked and said, “Great idea, I would be delighted if Lizzie joined me.”


I tried to come up with some excuse but nothing came to my mind quick enough. My mouth opened and started moving like a fish but no freakin words came out. We can’t forget just how bad I am at lying so unfortunately me, myself, and I had to go.

“You’re going.” Layten sings next to me grabbing the keys off the counter.

So here I am walking the isles in the most miserable mood. Grocery shopping would be better if I could actually pick some things that I wanted. But nope my dad was a health freak and he wrote a stupid list for us.

On occasion we would order out and have pizza or Chinese but most of the time my dad would cook. That’s how Layten and Rex know how to cook, because my dad taught them. So now I’m stuck with three health freaks and it sucks.

Layten skips around the produce section throwing fruits and vegetables into the cart while I pout pushing it.

“Don’t look so glum bubz. Do me a favor and go get the eggs and milk.” Layten chirps, while picking up and examining the honey crisp apples.

An idea pops in my head, causing a sly smile to appear on my chapped lips. “On one condition. If I can get fruity pebbles.”

He continues pawing through the apples looking them over, only picking the ones without any bruises or scuff marks. If I were him, I would give it up and just get the pre packaged ones, no actually I wouldn’t get them at all.

“Fine just fruity pebbles.” He mutters.

Clapping my hands I spin around ready to go get the fruity pebbles first. As I take a step in the direction of the cereal aisle I hear, “Oh and Lizzie, remember the ultra...”

Before he finishes his sentence, I cut in. “The ultra pasteurized milk, yeah got it.” I yell over my shoulder continuing to walk on.

In the isle my eyes scan over the abundance of cereals. As I pass the life, Kellogg’s, Cheerios, and of course special K cereals, I cringe with distaste. Those are the cereals my dad likes to buy, the bland, low sugar, disgusting ones.

When I reach the colorful happy ones, my lips curve upwards in content. Fruity pebbles are my favorite, but I also enjoy Captain Crunch, oh and Frosted Flakes, and don’t forget Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They all make my tummy happy.

Picking up the fruity pebbles, I mumble a goodbye to the other tasty cereals I can’t have and continue my venture to the milk and eggs.

At least when I’m done here I can hang out with my friends. We’ve all been waiting to go for-wheeling. Hunter’s parents own four for-wheelers that we take out and ride for hours. Alex hasn’t shut up about it all week.

We do it every summer and it’s so much fun. We ride until dark and sometimes even bring tents and sleep out in the woods.

Reaching the dairy section, I pick up a gallon of the ultra pasteurized milk and a couple steps away are the eggs. After picking up the eggs, my hands are now full. Now that I have everything my feet begin to walk in the direction of my dear old brother.

On the way back to my brother the candy isle gets closer and closer. I’m about to pass it but at the last minute my feet make a sharp turn into the isle. A grin plays on my lips, the heart wants what it wants.

Shrugging my shoulders I decide to delay going back to Layten a few minutes longer, a few minutes won’t hurt. Pleased with myself, my eyes survey the shelves of chocolates and candies, and they all look delicious. My mouth waters as my eyes settle in on Hershey’s dark chocolate, my all time favorite.

“A chocolate lover, are we.” Behind me the familiar very attractive voice I’ve come to know sounds in my ear.

I glance over my shoulder, seeing the guy who has recently become my friend who also kisses me. “That’s a fact.” I mumble miserably, knowing my poor taste buds won’t be having any.

Jay raises a brow, “What’s with the mood?”

My frown deepens. “Oh nothing, I’m just so happy that I certainly don’t want this chocolate that’s right in front of my face, I mean who wants to eat a yummy fattening chocolate bar that is like literally heaven. Not me of course.” I say sarcastically.

Now if my hands weren’t full, they would be on my hips. But you know, they can’t because we have to have ultra pasteurized milk for a healthy specimen like myself, and organic brown eggs for protein to fill my tummy.

His face tightens, and his beautiful features sharpen. “I don’t need the attitude Rosa.”

“Yeah well I don’t need this stupid milk or these stupid eggs, but that’s what I have to get.” I mutter to myself, “It’s called sarcasm by the way.”

He takes a step closer, so his face is right in front of mine. The air suddenly thick with tension. “It’s an attitude, and a pissy one.” He says voice even, yet the look in his eyes tells me otherwise. I stay quiet not knowing what to say. He lifts his hand taking a piece of my dark hair between his fingers gently touching it, before pulling it. “I hate people giving me their pissy attitudes.”

My body tenses, feeling the sharp pang of where my hair was just pulled. “I d..didn’t mean it like t—that.” I stammer holding the groceries tight to myself.

His finger releases my hair and instead runs down the line of my jaw. “I don’t really care if you didn’t mean it, it was rude.”

“Sorry.” I mumble nervous.

He comes in closer, hot breath right on my neck. The feeling makes me shutter. “I’d hope so, because I won’t deal with your rotten mood.” He whispers lowly, “Do you got that?”

Quickly my head nods up and down. His soft lips press down on my neck, a warm kiss, and after his face once again comes back in front of mine. His eyes connecting with my own, like he’s waiting for something.

“Do you got that?” He repeats, but it’s not a question.

Realizing he wants verbal confirmation I say a quick, “Yes.”

He smiles wide, the tense emotions gone just like that. “So whatcha doing later? Anything not boring.” He asks like nothing just happened.

“Mhm.” I reply.

“Doingggg.” He draws out noisily.

Dropping the subject myself I decide to tell him about my not so boring plans, “I’m going for-wheeling with my friends later, we might even camp out, but we haven’t decided yet.”

He nods his head, “Where shall I meet you for this event?.”

“I don’t remember inviting you.” I say frowning.

He grins sarcastically, my answer obviously not bothering him. “That’s because I invited myself.”

I’m about to scold him and tell him no even though I wouldn’t mean it, because in fact I would love it if he came. But his thumb brushes along my glossy lips and the words of denial don’t come, my skin becomes goose flesh due to his touch, “Hush your pretty lips lady, I’ll be there.” He states, leaning in slipping his tongue into my mouth. A quick yet sensual kiss.

My cheeks become inflamed, hot and red.

He turns around and starts walking away with so much confidence. A few feet away he stops, glancing over his shoulder. His gorgeous ash orbs on me, “Text me the address, okay.”

Nodding my head under his spell, he sends me one last striking smile, showing his pearly white teeth then disappears out of the isle.


For a minute I just stand there stunned, he’s serious then playful. He kisses me whenever he wants, and when he does my sense of logic is lost. If I didn’t know any better I would say he’s got skills when it comes to the kissing department. Shaking my head I decide to go find Layten. He’s probably wondering what’s taking me so long.

Putting the stuff I was sent to get in the cart, Layten watches me with a serious expression. “What took you so long, I was starting to get worried.”

I shrug my shoulders, “The candy aisle was calling my name, I couldn’t just say no.”

He’s shakes his head smiling. “Of course it was.” And I nod my head, matching his smile.

After we’ve got everything on the list we go through the self checkout line, and bag the groceries. Well Layten bags them, while I scan them. When the groceries are bagged and done, the total pops on the screen and I swipe the debit card putting in the four digit code.


Once home, I skip into the house not bothering to help bring in groceries. My dad will help Layten and if Rex is home he’ll help to. They got strong muscles, they can do it themselves.

In the house there’s a sweet aroma in the air. The first place I check is the kitchen, once there I find my mama in oven mitts pulling about a rectangular pan. My feet draw me closer right until my head is looking down at the contents. Brownies.

My lips curve up and my mouth waters, “You made brownies.” I ask.

She smiles placing the brownies to cool. “Mhm.” She hums, “But your little sweet tooth has to wait to eat them till after dinner.”

I’m about to frown but stop myself, instead I lean over to kiss her on the cheek, “Thanks mama.”

I continue my skip up the stairs and down the hall, till I stop in front of my bedroom door. Jumping on my bed, my mouth lets out a sigh. I’m finally home and can do whatever I want.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket I decide to call Hunter to see if I can invite another friend along. I’m sure he won’t mind, but I feel the need to ask him because it’s his house and his for-wheelers after all. Dialing his number I hold the phone up to my ear as it rings.

“Hello.” He answers.

“Hey Hunter, what’s up?” I ponder casually.

There’s shuffling in the other end of the phone, “Just getting stuff ready for later, Aaron is already here helping me. You.”

I hum in response, “I just got back from grocery shopping, but I wanted to ask you something.” I say, “Would it be okay if another person tagged along with us? He’s my friend.”

“Yeah that’s fine, tell him to bring a sleeping bag, we think we might camp out.” He says in response.

A breath of relief passes my lips. “Yeah no problem, I’ll tell him. Do you want me to bring anything before I leave?”

“Snacks, lots of snacks.” He chuckles.

I let out a laugh, “Deal.” Before saying goodbye and hanging up.

Now that I know Jay can come I should text him the address. Sliding my finger over, I tap the message icon and copy and paste the address Hunter sent me and send it to Jay. After I tell him to bring a sleeping bag and extra clothes.

I asked my mom if I can go because she almost always says yes. Not that she wouldn’t, because my friends and I do this every year. But if I were to ask my dad or Rex, they would want to know everything before telling me I could go. If they knew I was camping out with boys, even if they were just friends it would be a big no.

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