A Passion That Was Poison

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Chapter 7


Alex’s vehicle just pulled in my driveway. From the window I’m at, I can see she’s not the only one in it. Any minute now she’ll be calling me to tell me get my butt out there so we can get a move on.

As predicted my phone begins to vibrate in my pocket. I click the power button so the vibration stops and shove my phone into my shorts pocket. Picking up my bag, sleeping bag, and snacks, I swing the door open and skip to her car in mock enthusiasm.

Seeing the passenger side seat is taken, I open the backseat door and slide in next to Lena who is in the middle seat. Maya sits by the window on the left side while I’m on the right.

“Hey.” I greet them and shut the door.

Lena and Maya smile widen, “Hey yourself.”

Alex is in the front passenger seat while her boyfriend Gavin is driving. She spins her head around the seat with a huge smile. “This is going to be so much fun!” She squeaks, “Our whole friends group together...uhh I can’t wait.”

Everyone in the car starts laughing at her. She sounds like a little kid who just got a pony for her birthday.

Gavin reaches over placing his hand on her thigh, she flushes as he’s says, “Babe calm down, you sound like a baby on crack.”

I’m not the biggest fan of Gavin, but I can’t help it when I burst into another fit of laughter. Lena joins me as Alex scowls turning back around in her seat.

Alex places her hand on Gavin’s thigh and leans in close, “Babe.” She mocks back, “Fuck off.”

Lena, Maya, and I share a look before going, “ohhhh, get burned.” Alex turns her head to us winking, before Gavin pushes her away, “Not with an audience, babe.” He murmurs sweetly pulling out of the driveway.

But Alex’s lips quirk up ready to fire more ammo, “It’s okay babe, I wouldn’t want an audience either if I was as small as you.”

I snort, “Need some ice for that burn Gavin.”

“One point for Alex, zero for Gavin.” Maya cheers. Gavin glares with a deep scowl as Alex just smirks wide in obvious accomplishment.

“Did you guys bring snacks?” I suddenly ask out of nowhere.

Alex sends me the ‘are you stupid’ look. “What kind of question is that? Yes we brought snacks.”

Gavin adds, “And a whole lot of beer.” Of course they brought beer, what teenager doesn’t like to drink until they pass out? Oh wait, me. One, I think it tastes disgusting and two, it looks like brown pee.

Changing the subject, I tell them, “I asked Hunter if Jay could come, he told me yes.”

Alex spins around once again, this time much faster. Her hazel eyes look like they are about to pop out of their sockets. “You mean, the Jay. The boy you mysteriously disappeared with at the drive ins.”

Lenas head swivels, her blonde hair almost hitting me in the face. “Whoa whoa whoa, back up, who the hell is Jay? And why haven’t I heard about him?”

Maya nods her head, her eyes burning into me, telling me to start talking. But I shrug it off, “Just a guy I meant, were just friends.”

Alex scuffs, “Define friends, cause girl you have the hots for him.”

Heat crawls up to my cheeks as I quickly shake my head in denial, “No I don’t, were just friends.” I say defensively.

“Your blush says otherwise.” Maya points out.

“Have you kissed him?” Lena buts in nosily, and my body temperature jumps up two notches higher. Lena points at me, “oh my gosh you have, haven’t you?” She accuses.

I’m about to decline when Alex begins to talk again, “Is he a good kisser? Did you like it?”

I bury my head in my hands, I shouldn’t have brought him up. “He’s an amazing kisser.” I admit in an almost whisper.

The three girls squeal as Gavin shifts uncomfortably in his seat mumbling, “What was I thinking driving with four girls.” We all giggle, it’s hilarious seeing Gavin uncomfortable since he’s cocky most of the time. It’s a nice change for once.

“Wait so is he coming today?” Alex asks.

I nod, “Yeah, he’s camping out with us too.”

“Can’t wait to meet him.” Gavin says, voice full of sarcasm. “Can we talk about something else now?”

Alex is about to argue, “No—.”

But I cut her off, “Yeah we can. I don’t want to talk about him anymore. You guys will meet him later anyway.” I state. Thankfully Alex just pouts nodding her head, and both Maya and Lena agree. Gavin’s face is filled with both relief and a grin, because he knows he got his way.

I didn’t change the subject for him, I’m changing it because I don’t feel like wallowing in embarrassment right now. Also they will meet him later, then they can perceive their own opinion of him.

The car falls momentarily silent. I glance out the window to see where we are. Trees fill my line of vision, lots and lots of very green trees. We should be there in twenty minutes tops. We’re meeting at an open field, beyond the field is acres and acres of woods and trails, all of which Hunters parents own. Hunter and Aaron should be bringing the four for-wheelers.

Today is the the perfect day for it, the sun is out nice and bright and blinding. The temperature is hot, like ninety three degrees hot. I’ll be sweating without even having to try, the moisture in the air will make sure of it.

Tonight when the temperature drops, it’s only supposed to go just under seventy five degrees, and that’s the low. Which is a good thing because when we go to sleep we won’t freeze to death, it will still be warm.

There’s also a river miles into the woods next to the trail, usually we stop and swim for a bit. We totally will today, considering the super high temperature.

The more I think about it, the more anxious I get. I can’t wait. No parents, no brothers, no rules, just us. It’s going to be great, better than great. Just a two day getaway, away from everything.

I’m sure my brothers will be going crazy, Rex didn’t want me to go. He said that there could be bears and who knows what out here, and if I got eaten he wouldn’t be able to save me. Neither of them or my dad liked that there would be boys sleeping in tents around or with me. But we’re all just friends, girls can have guy friends.

But my mom stuck up for me saying that I was a teenager, and will be fine hanging out with my friends for only one night.

The hum of the music reaches my ears, and as I listen closely I come to the conclusion the song is “Intentions” by Justin Bieber. A smile takes over my lips as I yell, “Turn the music up.”

Alex moves the dial and the song becomes louder, and at the same time we look at each other and start singing.

’Picture-perfect, you don’t need no filter. Gorgeous, make ‘me drop dead, you a killer. Shower you with all my attention. Yeah, these are my only intentions.’

“Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, got your own bread.” Alex sings, her voice sounding more like a screech though.

“Heart full of equity, you’re an asset. Make sure that you don’t need no mentions. Yeah these are my only intentions.” I yell while dancing.

Alex and I put on a show for the whole car, “Shout out to your mom and dad for making you. Standing ovation, they did a great job raising you...” we yell pointing at each other. Ever since this song came out, both me and Alex have been obsessed with it.

Lena and Maya join in during the middle of the song. We sing and yell in each other’s faces. Gavin just drives looking super irritated, he even rolls down the windows thinking that will help. But unfortunately for him I unbuckle my seat belt and start singing out the window.

It’s not like anyone will see me, it’s not a main road.

When the song is over we all laugh. “I love that song.” I say with a grin.

“Couldn’t tell.” Gavin mutters unenthusiastically. Alex swats him on the arm with a glare on her face, “Stop being a Debbie downer Gavin.” She scolds.


Finally we reach our destination pulling into an empty field in the middle of nowhere. Two trucks with trailers are already there with two four-wheelers on the back of each. Hunter and Aaron are already out unlatching the rope that’s holding the for-wheelers in place. Gavin pulls right up next to them.

Once we are parked, we get out of the refreshing air conditioning, and instead into the scalding heat. Gavin walks over to Hunter and Aaron asking if they need help. Lena, Maya, Alex, and I form our own little group while we wait for them.

Jay’s not here yet, so I decide to take out my phone and text him. Scrolling through my contacts, I click on his name and start typing.

Me: Where are you?

Not even ten seconds later my phone begins to vibrate signaling an incoming call. Stepping away from the group I answer it.

“Hey” I say.

“Hola.” Jays voice sounds through the phone. “Can’t wait to see me cupcake?” He questions.

Shaking my head I ignore his comment, “Are you almost here?” I ask wiping my hand across my face. Sweat is already threatening to leak out of my pores.

“Straight to the point, I like it.” Jay sings cheerfully. Rolling my eyes I say, “I’m serious Jay.” Even as I try to be annoyed, a smile takes over my lips.

“So am I.” He states, “so answer my question, and just maybe I’ll answer yours.”

“Fine.” I mutter frowning, “Yes.”

But this is Jay, and Jay likes specifics. “Yes what?” He pushes, but his voice is full of amusement.

There’s no point in arguing because I know he won’t answer me until he gets what he wants. “Yes I can’t wait to see you, there I said it. Happy?” I scowl kicking my foot into the dirt on the ground. Only he would push me to say something totally out of my comfort zone.

He chuckles into the phone, “That’s so sweet of you to say Rosa.” He mocks sweetly, “Now for your question, I’ll be pulling in in a minute.”

“Okay, did you bring food?” I ask.

Shuffling sounds on his side of the line and he mutters a “shut up.” to someone in the background. Wait did he bring someone, because I only asked if he could come not another person.

“Jay did you bring someone?” I ask forgetting the other question.

“Maybe.” He coos.

He did, I know he did. I can hear them in the background. “Jay, I only asked if you could come. Not your friend. Plus we only have four for-wheelers.” I whisper harshly.

“So.” He says simply like it’s no big deal. “I’ll talk to you when I get there.” He says hanging up.

Blowing out a frustrated breath, I pull the phone away from my ear. He wasn’t supposed to bring anyone. And he just hung up on me. Yet if I were to hang up on him he would throw a fit. Who did he even bring?

I walk around Alex’s car and when I do, Jay’s maroon truck comes flying down the road. Is he even following the speed limit? Probably not. He pulls into the field and surprisingly on the back of his truck is a trailer carrying his very own four-wheeler. No wonder he didn’t care we only brought four, he brought his own.

Turning off the engine he looks out the window, his eyes landing one me. Jay’s swings his door open, getting out of the truck. I take in his outfit, khaki shorts and a dark red v-neck. You can see some of the black ink on his arms, and my oh my does he look good.

He walks over to me, that charming smile on his face. “I’m here, no need to worry your pretty little mind anymore.” He says as a greeting.

I throw my hand on my hip, “I was not.”

The person Jay brought slams his door shut, walking around to us. I notice him to be Drew, the guy on Jay’s baseball team.

“We’re too.” Jay sings.

Ignoring him, I smile and wave to his friend, “Hey Drew.” He smiles back, “Hey Elizabeth.”

I’m about to say something else when Jay blocks my view. He steps in front of me, his hand curling around my back landing on my lower hip. His other hand cupping my cheek while his head leans down capturing my lips with his, all in one motion. My body reacts almost immediately kissing him back.

The moment we pull away Drew whistles, “Wow, is it getting steamy over here or what.”

Jay chuckles as the apples of my cheeks hue red.

Alex comes out of nowhere, “Oh my, so this is the famous Jay.”

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