Gravity Is A Bitch

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10. The first dose

Elianna’s POV :

“Hmm ... I ...” Wanting to get up, Alex hand slips and her head takes refuge in my neck. A nervous laugh escapes her lips which gives me chills. Without really wanting to, my back flexed in response.

Alex growls now fully lying alongside my body. She lifts her head and her eyes gazed into mine. I don’t know what she saw there but it must certainly go hand in hand with my desire. Which probably gave him the courage to do what I thought she would never repeat.

Without warning Alex’s lips took hold of mine in a kiss that was much more sensual and more urgent than our first. As if they were thinking on her own, one of my hands slipped on her neck while the other snaked through her hair. One of hers was on my thigh and the other held her weight. Her little caresses on my thigh drove me crazy. Our lips parted to allow us to catch our breath.

“Didn’t you swear to never kiss me again?”

“I dis, before I knew I love kissing you as much as you love kissing you” I raise my eyebrows.

“Here you go. And can I know what makes you so sure ’bout that?” I challenged her.

“That” Her hand on my thigh now under my dress goes up slowly and dangerously between my legs, her eyes staring into mine a smirk on her lips. My mouth cracked open in anticipation, I pulled her head back to mine and her lips widened with an even bigger smile.

Breathless, the pretty brunette’s jummy lips parted from mine only a second before descending to my jaw then under my ear, with a very majestic lick she lightly bites the tip of my ear before licking it.

“Oh shit” She continues her assault on my neck and seems determined to find every sweet spot on my body. Her hand which had now pushed my dress up to my hips by applying sweet caresses on my ribs making me laugh a few times because I am ticklish.

And in a move that spoke much about her experience in this area, Alex reversed our position. So I was sitting on her thigh and she sat up, keeping our bodies as tight as possible. She pullede the zipper on my dress and grabbed the end of it before looking me in the eye as if to ask if it’s okay.

Her eyes were now an intense blue shade, almost black. Her pink lips slightly swollen, she was so sexy and cute at the same time with her cheeks, her nose and the tips of her ears red.

Seeing no hesitation in my eyes, she took off my dress and I did the same with her t-shirt. She laid me on my back again.

“You seem to like being on top?”

“What? Don’t say you couldn’t read that on my forehead. And you seem to enjoy yourself down there” She finished with a big smirk on her lips.

“Too narcissistic for your own good, honey”

“I just know how good I am at what I do. Honey” I roll my eyes and connect our lips.

A few minutes later Alex hand slipped under my bra and applied pressure. I moaned into her mouth and the tips of my toes caressed her legs up to her thigh still covered in her jeans. And I end up wrapping my legs around. I jumped a bit as her mouth made contact with my tissue-free left breast, surprised ’cause I didn’t even know when she removed m’y bra.

“Lexi ...” My pelvis peeled off the mattress when she bit my nipple lightly, our two centers met and she let out a sexy growl which only made my urge even more acute. “Take off your pants” I want to feel every part of her body against mine. She got down on her knees in front of me and unfastened her belt. Every little movement made the muscles of her stomach flex, making me want to trace with my tongue every curve of her abs. She threw her pants behind her without caring where it would end up. She was now wearing a white Nike sports bra and her V-line disappeared in her red white striped Calvin Klein boxers. She gathered her hair on the left side of her shoulder. I couldn’t help but bite my lip in front of a goddess like her.

“You okay ?” She asked in a deeper and husky voice than usual.

“You’re so sexy that only looking at you make me ache physically” She blushed a little which made me smile.

I got into a sitting position and we picked up where we left off, only now much more comfortable with her skin against mine. My moans filled the room. My mouth parted with my head tilted back one hand gripping the sheet and the other gripping Alex’s hair as she stroked my navel with her lips. Her hand wandered between my legs while the other gripped the lace of my panties. She went up very slowly to my center still covered, with the tips of two fingers she traced a straight line along my privacy and ended up taking between her fingers the other end of my panties. My breath caught in anticipation. She took her time and I squeezed my fingers a little tighter through her skull.

“Stop teasing me” I barely recognized my voice. She slid the fairly wet fabric down my legs, admiring every inch of them. A few seconds passed without any action on her part so I lift my head and find her looking at me with her mouth slightly open. Her breathing had picked up, I smiled knowing that my admiration for her body was mutual. About twenty seconds under her intense and amazed gaze, I become conscientious and shy, something that had never happened to me with anyone, it was rather the exact opposite. I then covered my breasts with my arms and tried to cross my legs. Coming to her senses at my reaction, Alex stopped me by placing her soft hands on my knees, spreading them even more than before then sliding her body between. She took both of my hands in hers and put them over my head. Her eyes fixed on mine she whispered.

“You are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever known” The sincerity in her voice made me smile. “And you have the cutest and most beautiful vagina with your small lips and the sexiest” I had my mouth wide open in front of her. I softly hit her on the shoulder, she laughed before kissing me. I love this fun side in bed, it adds a whole new ingredient to my habit.

Alex’s fingers on my clit made me jump and meet her stomach.

“Oh my God” Her thumb circled over my sensitive part as her tongue did the same to my breasts. I felt like I was hosting a hurricane in my lower abdomen.


It must have been around 5:20 am when I woke up in Alex’s arms. She was half lying on top of me, her head on my chest, her arms around my stomach and it was almost impossible to separate our feet. Her pink lips pushed forward a little, forming an adorable little pout, every now and then she would whisper in her sleep and raise her eyebrows.

I look again in the clock on the bedside table and was surprised at how much time I had spent admiring the girl against me. It was already 6 a.m. I tried to extricate myself from Alex’s embrace and succeeded on the third attempt. Her body exposed once I lifts the blanket. Tempted to go back in bed, I shake my head, I don’t want to be late I better go take a shower now. I cover her well with the blanket before turning my back.

“Where are you going ?” She mumbles

“I’m going to take a shower. Go back to sleep” She must be exhausted after a night like yesterday, I smile proud of myself the reverse is even more true. The girl is experienced I tell you and I sure have to ask her how and when.

“Fuck” I stretch out once in the shower and turn on the water. I hear my stomach make a noise reminding me that we didn’t even had time for dinner yesterday. Once out of the shower I decide to make us something to eat before going to work.

Looking in Alex’s new wardrobe to see if Arthur took care of that too, but of course there were only pants, shirts and sneakers, totally in the brunette’s image. I roll my eyes.

My body hurt and if I have to go home to get something to wear and go back to the office I’m sure I’m gonna be late. My day is starting very well, I can tell.

Alex’s POV :

I groan a little before trying to get closer to Elianna and the warmth of her body. I pat a little everywhere but no one, I open my eyes with difficulty and find the bed empty.

“Elianna?” Nothing. I get out of bed and realize I’m still naked so I pick up my underwear from the floor and head out to look in the bathroom, living room and kitchen. She was gone and a pink note was pining on the fridge.


Hello you, I hope you slept well and didn’t wake up late for school. And if so, I called the principal and told him you’d probably be late because of a private matter (me). I also made you something to eat (Look in the microwave). Call John as soon as you finish, he will give you your bag that I have already packed and drop you off at school.

Have a nice day xoxo.

PS: I had to borrow one of your new boxers since mine was completely ruined. Your fault. I laugh as I continue to read.

PPS: I had a wonderful night.

- Elianna


I do my morning routines and had my mouth ajar once I open my wardrobe. “The man isn’t kidding at all” There were my dream shoes, all the new stuff from Nike and Adidas. And the clothes are exactly my style.

“Wow. I don’t even know what to wear” I keep talking to myself.


I get to school around 10am, luckily Elianna had planned this otherwise I will be dead by now. I knock on the door of Mr. James, my philosophy class, still some five minutes late.

“Thanks for finally joining us Alex” je glared at me.

“I wanted to dish but then I thought hey what will be the philosophy class without me so here I am″ It’s true that I’m a bit his favorite student, it’s one of the few classes that doesn’t bore me to death and really love.

“Very funny, go sit down and I will give you your exam sheets that you will have to return the end of the class” He calls us one by one and hands us our sheet and of course not forgetting to say out loud our poor D and F’s. I wait for every C and a few B and I smile when I see that my name is not always called because he arranges them in ascending order, there are first two A’s before mine.

“Alexis Jayden Lane, good job, you finally got your A” I took my sheet with a big smile on my face. Definitely love this day. I take a picture of my it″ to later show it to Elianna. She had Helped me almost every night as the exam approached so it’s kinda thanks to her that I get good grades. Elianna. I smile to myself as I bite my lip, I know what’s going on. What happened last night is not likely to repeat itself but for now it is out of the question to focus on all the negatives, only the things that make me happy.

“If you’re done daydreaming can you try listening to what I’m saying, thank you” I jump while seeing Mr. James at my back.


“Alex!” I turn around with a frown and Emilie jumps on me screaming and drawing attention to us. “Oh my God I missed you so much”

“Who would’ve believed the first day we met?” I laugh and hug her bag, when I go to retire she hugs me a little closer.

“Emilie, you called me every day since you left″

“Yes but I missed taking you in my arms” She pouted, stepping back, I laugh and take her hand.

“Come on, let’s go get some food″ We sit at our usual table where Darcy and her boyfriend were already there with Mike.

“Hey you two” Mike stands up to give us a hug. Darcy does the same as the others wave to us.

“So how was the vacation?” I sit down and Emilie immediately takes a seat in my lap, I shake my head and take a bite of my pizza.

“And here we go, she hasn’t stopped talking about you all through the vacation. Alex this, Alex that. My mom thinks she’s in love with you” Darcy rolls her eyes.

“Aunt Mina said that?” Emilie asked wide eyes.

“So is it true that you haven’t stopped talking about me?”

“Shut up, Darcy is exaggerating, you know her″

“You haven’t talked about your boyfriend once and you talked about her every five minutes or you were on the phone with her” Fortunately her boyfriend doesn’t have the same posing hours as us otherwise I’m sure I will never had a ball on practice from now on. He already hates it that a girl imposes herself in his team, but to hear that her girlfriend would be in love with the this said girl would be catastrophic for me. Even if it was only for teasing her cousin that Darcy says that, Emilie is a girl who really enjoys physical contact unlike her boyfriend so I understand when she sits on my lap or when she takes my hand. Whenever we go out with our friends or only the two of us we’re mistaken as couple very often, it happened a few times, sometime we even pretend to be a couple when the boys try to hit on one of us.


It’s Wednesday and the last time I saw Elianna was Sunday evening, or rather Monday morning. I called her and even sent her messages, but still nothing. I look at my phone one last time in case I get a message from her. I sigh before putting on some music and getting on my motorbike to go home, it was the end of school. I really hope she doesn’t regret what happened between us because it will kill me. When I parked in our apartment underground parking lot, I saw Elianna’s favorite car and my heart races. I don’t know yet how to act since that’s gonna be the first time we see each other since our night but I am in a hurry. Maybe I’ll start showing her my grades, I had Three A’s and two B’s, for the first time in my life I had an A. the only time I had an A was when I slept with Jessica for her to let me copy her physics homework last year. I open the door too excited to see Elianna.

“Elianna! I have to show you something! I had Three A’s, Three A’s, and two B’s, can you believe it and that’s partly thanks to ...”

I stand frozen in front of the scene in front me. Ryan was wearing nothing more than boxers and Elianna was in her underwear too. I know they’re married and all but damn, it hurt. I feel like I’m going to throw up.

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