Gravity Is A Bitch

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11. The bet

A chapter I just finished right now, it’s surely full of mistakes because I didn’t write it from my computer. Super long without much action.

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Elianna’s POV:

“Elianna ! I have god !” Fuck I heard Alex’s happy voice from the doorway while , Ryan and I hasten to get dressed in the living room. As I was about to put my dress back on, a brown haired head appears with a broad smile that turns into a grimace. She lowers her head, a mixture of embarrassment and sadness on her face.

“I’m sorry... I didn’t know you...” She pulls on the tip of her nose before stroking her imaginary mustache, a tic she does when nervous with her jaw chewing nothing.

“I’m sorry” She rushes to her room and I turn to Ryan who wasn’t at all embarrassed. He tries to approach me to sum up where we left off but I wasn’t excited anymore. Ryan kisses me on the shoulder.

“Why are you shaking?” I watch my hand, which was shaking slightly. I intertwined my hands hoping to stop the shaking.


“We should go to our room for the rest, don’t you think?”

“Ryan, Alex just saw us almost naked”

“So what ?” He continues to kiss me. “It’s not like Alex is a saint. You can believe me, I know what I’m talking about” he laughed softly bringing me closer to his body.

“What does that mean”

“After this time we spent the evening at the Délirium together and she went home for the night with that girl. even Matt admit she was a master”

“You bring her there with you. Ryan we’re supposed to behave like his guardians”

“You brought her there first” I put my robe back on and walk towards the bathroom.

“Yes but for her birthday”

“I don’t see why you’re getting angry for so little”

“for so little ?” I slap the soir at his face.


I feel like it’s been hours, but it’s only been five minutes since I’ve been sitting on the other end of the couch in the most uncomfortable silence ever. The longest five minutes of my life.

A feeling of déjà vu came over me. I should have stayed in my room and put up with Ryan complaining. Or better yet, stay in the office for a few more hours. I sigh seeing Ryan come out to finally break this heavy silence even if it is only short lived ’cause he was leaving.

“Alex with some friends we are having a boys night, Beers and old basketball games do you tag along?”

“No She doesn’t want to, She has school tomorrow” I look over to Alex who was frowning and looking angry. She turns to me.

“I said Alex and not Elianna”

“And I’m perfectly capable of ...” Alex tries to talk, but I didn’t give her time to finish.

“I said no” I shouted to end the conversation. Ryan raises both hands before looking at Alex shrugging his shoulders then leaves With a sorry face. I get up to go to my room.

“Who the hell do you think you are, humm?” Alex took a few steps towards, me you could read the rage in her eyes. “My mother?”

“No, just the only adult in this house seeing how you behave hanging out with Ryan and Matt and spending the night with any girl!”

“You’re talking shit? The only adult toi said? The one leeping with the other two persons in this house blaming me for spending the night with someone else?” To say that these words made me feel like I had a pebble in the left artery, not only because it was the truth that made me feel dirty and repulsive but also because these words came from her.

“You didn’t really mean that. It can’t just be because I told you not to go out tonight you’re calling me a slut?” I asked in a broken voice, her face crumbling and I could literally see panic setting in her eyes. “Ok. Here us your chance to tell me everything that’s on your heart” I should never have slept with her, how stupid can I be. We’re living together.

“No, that’s not what I meant, not at all. I don’t know what got into me Ok. I’m sorry Elianna” I massage my forehead feeling a migraine coming. She tries to approches me but I take a step back.

“Look, I’ve had a really long day at work and all I wanted was a hot bath and a good dose of sleep. I didn’t want to argue with either Ryan or you. So let’s make it short, you’re right it was insane and totally immoral of me to sleep with you. I don’t know what got into me, and no excuse is enough to make me forgive my act. But I know I just couldn’t resist and all these days long I couldn’t stop thinking that I took advantage of you during one of my moments when I have the stupid urge to forget for a moment who I am to do what I want without thinking about the consequences”

“Elianna, you didn’t take advantage of me, I wanted to ....” I put my hand up to let me finish.

“But I had never did anything this stupid before so please accept my apologies and I promise I will never make the same mistake again”

“Stop you ok?” She tries to approach me again but I prevent her by taking big steps to put as much distance as possible between us. “Elianna” the desperation in her voice almost makes me crack. But I have to stay strong. This is for the best, for both of us.

“I’m going to my room. My apologies again” I hear her mutter a few insults behind my back.


It was 4 p.m. and here I was at my stylist, Maya who had been trying to reach me all week so that I could come and try on my dress for tomorrow’s event. Not seeing me on our third date yesterday, she had the good idea to call Rachel who already found me very tense since the beginning of the week.

One thing leading to another, as soon as Maya is done with me my two best friends Rachel and Olivia drag me to this Indian restaurant at the other end of town to finish the evening with the boys. Yes, I knew right away that the bubble bath plan, and a good dose of sleep, had fallen apart as soon as I saw Rachel and Olivia on my office doorstep.

Even Ester, my assistant/friend thinks this is a good idea, apparently for the last couple of days I’ve been working so hard that they’re worried about my physical and mental health. Ahh, if only they knew this was my only way to escape my others problems, working does keep me from thinking about all those bad choices I’ve made over the past few days.

“Esther you should come with us, it will be more fun”

“I would have loved it but I have one last date that I cannot cancel” She said ajusting my dress and writting down something on her note book.

“Come on, make something up,” Rachel insists tapping her on the back.

“And what am I going to say to my client?”

“I don’t know ... that you took too many laxatives and your stomach is not holding any more” I hear them burst out laughing. I walk out of the dressing room dressed in another dress, this one was white and long with a slide stoping mid-tigh at the side.

“What?” I ask them.

“Ryan will fall backwards when he sees you in that dress tomorrow” Maya made a few adjustments again before I took it off.

“Come on Maya, please. I’m sure Jason will be happy to see you.”

“Jason will be there?”

“Yeh” Rachel finishes knowing that she has most likely convinced her to join us.

“Okay, okay. Just give me ten minutes to tell my assistant and explain her a few things” We wait for her outside. Meanwhile, Rachel and and Olivia were rating all the man passing by, I would sometime laugh at their stupid comments.


“Wait, are you pregnant?”

“Hahaha very funny Matt. As if Elianna is going to risk getting pregnant in the next ten years” Yes my friends got the genius idea to guess what’s really wrong with me, I apprently look more unapproachable than usual.

“Guys I’m just tired. It happens every once in a while to everyone”

“Hey, wouldn’t that be Alex?” I look towards the entrance to the restaurant where Rachel points her finger. She was accompanied by Emilie clinging to her waist.

“With her girlfriend” They were sharing an ice cream. This girl with her wild desire for ice cream, she absolutely forced me to get one last Sunday even though it is January.

“Alex” Matt calls out to them at our table. Apparently their Playboy sides brought them closer together. The brunette looks in our direction and raises her hand in greeting. Our eyes meet for a second before I turn my head.

“Elianna you can invite her to our table”

“I don’t think you need my help too much for this Matt. I have heard you both so close now” I spit getting angry at nothing in particular. But I do feel like on fire.

“Okay ?” Matt and Rachel stared at me in surprise as the others argued over...I don’t even know.

“Interesting” Rachel said with a raised eyebrow.

“Hi” I could feel Alex’s presence at my back but I didn’t bother to turn.

“Hey. You want to join us” this time it was my best friend who invited her to our table with a michisivous grin on her face.

“I do not want to impose myself. With Emilie we can sit at another table”

“What are you talking about. Of course you can join us. Take a seat” Rachel gets up and gives her seat to Alex. Place which is just to my right. I give her a look hoping it looks like a big question mark.

“Jason get up and go get us two chairs”

“Why me ?” Thus an uninteresting debate was launched between my two friends.

“Hi” Alex whispers next to me. She spent the next two minutes trying to strike up a conversation and seeing that it was in vain she gave up and got involved in the conversation/whisper between Matt and Jason who was betting $ 20 if he could get the phone number of the girl at the table right next to me.

“I also bet $ 20”

“Ok. Look at your master and you may even learn some new thins, young people. Watch and learn” I’m looking at the girl in question. She must not be more than 22 years old. Brunette with light black skin, a cap on her head. She wasn’t very visible from where I was, but from the little we saw, from her overall physique to her relaxed yet sophisticated style left her quite desirable.

“Hello beauty”

“I am not interested” The girl replied without even looking up from her laptop. Bel, Rachel and Olivia burst out laughing as the others try not to follow them.

“I just want ...”

“I’m gay”

“Haaaa” Everyone shouted, even Alex and her friend who had joined us earlier.

“This is too much for me” Matt comes back to sit in his place with red cheeks.

“Why do you always have to try for lesbians?” Jason asks.

“It’s not my fault they’re all sexy”

“You’re right. Look at me” Alex retorts before taking a sip from her drink.

“Do you think you can get her number yourself?” Matt challenges her. “It’s not because she is a lesbian that you are her type”

“Alex is everyone’s type. Isn’t she Elianna?” Rachel launches at me, as if she’s doing it on purpose.

“I’ve been told so. Is that a challenge Matt ?” She said with a mischivious smile on those too attractives lips. She caught me staring at her and wing. Alex tried to snake her hand on my tight but I slaped her under the table.


“And what do I gain from it?”

“$ 100 if you get her number but if you ever fail you give me Red’s number”

“Who is Red?”

“She knows who I am talking about”

“Ok you got a deal”


“Hello” The young woman sighs before raising her head when Alex took the empty sit in front of her.

“I said I wasn’t interested and it’s not because I’m gay that I sleep with everyone with boobs” She looked really annoyed this time. Which didn’t seem to deter Alex, who scrossed her leg and looked the girl in the eyes. She know how those blue and sometime violet orbs if her destabilize people.

“I’m here in front of you just to tell you three things”

“I hope none of them involves naked bodies”

“First. You are mean”


“You’re mean. And that’s why I won’t give you the pleasure to sleep with me” The young girl bursts out laughing.

“You are so arrogant and full of yourself. Who tells you I want to sleep with you?” I totally agree with her.

“I don’t know but if it’s ever the case, know it’s a Big no, wickedness is an off. When my friend came to see you you treated him like shit and that’s not cool at all”

“Your dear friend came to me just to get my number and to satisfy his disproportionate male ego”

“Maybe you could have kindly made him understand that you weren’t interested and you’re doing the same with me”

“I have no time at all to pretend to be nice and I remind you that you’re here for the same reason as your friend. Which says a lot about a girl like you”

“Ok, you might not be that mean. But I still find you mean”

“And I don’t care what you think” A silence settles for a minute during which a gazing contess takes place and the first to lower her eyes will have lost.

“I love your shoes” Alex burt out

“Compliments. Nice way to divert the conversation?” She raises her eyebrows, now a smile on her face.

“If that’s how you convince a girl to sleep with you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still a virgin” Alex chuckles softly, lowering her head.

“Take my word for it when I say it’s just the opposite. I can’t tell you what brand your shoes are or exactly what color because nowadays a color can have 10 shades of different names. I have always found sexy, long legs ending in high heels, this is the second thing I wanted to tell you and not to flirt with you especially since I have no desire to sleep with you” Seeing her interlocutor looking offended, Alex hastened to add. “And not because you are not physically up to the task of awakening the beast in me”

“So you’re not here to ask for my number which will get us on a date or two before we end up in your bed?”

“Which brings us to the third reason I’m here in front of you. I only want your number because my friend promised me $ 100 if I can get it”

“The first thing you tell me is I’m mean then you hope to get my number because I’m just a bet? Why on earth would I give my number to someone like you”

“Because I’m sexy and been honest with you. So you’ll believe me if I tell you I’ll erase it from my cell phone as soon as I get out of here” The brunette across from her smiles and looks Alex up and down for a few seconds before shaking her head from side to side looking amused. She took a sip of her coffe and shut her laptop.

“It would be a first. I admit that you are cute and all but you are an asshole too. So no”

“Come on” Alex pout, joining her hands in prayer which makes the other brunette laugh.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk. No way”

“Where’s the solidarity between Homoa?”

“Ok. Ok what’s in it for me?”



“Okay. Fifty-fifty”

“This is my offer for you. It’s only been two days since I moved in here, I feel a little lost. I will give you my number if you promise to be my guide for a day”

“I knew you liked this perfect body if mine” Alex stood up to turn around before facing The girl again so she could her fully.

“I’m serious. You’re frank and that’s a quality I love” Alex pulls out her phone and hands it to her.

“Deal” After picking up her phone, she beeps the young woman in front of her.

“I’ll erase your number as soon as I get out of here. So it’s up to you to text me as soon as you’re ready”

“And can I know what your name is?”

“SexyGirl” She finished with a wink before joining us.

“So you got it” Black asks.

“What, you doubted it?”

“A little bit. Matt I think you owe her $ 100. And you’re going to have to wait another chance to get that famous Red’s number” Matt mutters something before pulling out a 100 bill and giving it to the winner.

“I am starting to believe that you never learn, I thought after Red you will never again question the power of my charm. But thank you anyway”

“I wonder what they see in you” I whisper so only she and I could hear. She was eating a bowl of smoked crab with her bare hand.

“And you’re the one saying that” She whispers in turn with her usual arrogant smile. Seeing me glaring at her she laughs softly and tries to discreetly put her hand on my neck. I violently smack her hand away from, enough to get Rachel’s attention, who raises her eyebrows in question. As for Odeya, she was much more invested in the conversation between Maya and Emilie which must have had a few things with fashion.

“Elianna can you come with me to the bathroom?” I roll my eyes and follow her. I know she wanted to question me.

“Can I know what’s up between you two ?”

“Who ?”

“Stop acting up, you know very well who I’m talking about” The door opened on Odeya.

“Whats going on ?”

“Ask her” Rachel point to me.

“Nothing’s going on between the two of us Ok?”

“Something’s definitely going on. I saw the dynamism between you two has changed. So tell me now”

“I slept with Alex last weekend” A deadly silence settles between us.

“Oh” Odeya tried to process the information. She leans against the wall, arms crossed. Rachel had her mouth wide open.

“What?” They say in chorus as soon as they realize the magnitude of the situation. Then they start shouting questions like Are you bisexual? But that’s great. How many Times. And Odeya who didn’t agree with Rachel about the situation being that great. And She remind us Alex age and the fact that I was married to someone who considers her his own little sister. Like I didn’t know but still couldn’t resist the temptation.

“Yes but if we forget all that for a second it’s great”

“No, Rachel. I’m in deep shit. I don’t know what got into me, I’m supposed to be watching after her so that she doesn’t make bad decisions and not one encourage her to do it with me. Without taking into account the fact that she lives with Ryan and I”

“We all know Ryan isn’t the most loyal of husbands either” Rachel stated trying to calm me.

“Doesn’t mean I should sleep this Alex” I scream in frustration.

“Hey, calm down” Odeya pats me gently on the back. “What’s done is done. I just hope there won’t be round two”

“Considering their little all-out interactions I fear the worst” Rachel whispers.

“What? Elianna do you want to sleep with her again?”

“NO. Absolutely not. It was an oversized mistake that will never happen again.”


“Just looking at Alex I know she must be great in bed. So tell me what was it like?”

“Rachel !?” Odeya shout in a tone meaning to be harsh but ended up laughing out loud with Rachel. I give them a hard look.

“What, admit you’d be laughing too if it was one of us”

“I can’t wait to see how this will all end”


I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write in the next chapter or where this story will take us. Just to let you know if at any point you thought I knew what I’m doing. I don’t know at all what I’m doing and I moving blindly 🤓😎🤪

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