Gravity Is A Bitch

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12. Ex best friend/ex girlfriend

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Alex’s POV:

I waited for Elianna to enter the living room but she was accompanied by John, her driver who was holding two packages in his hands.

“Good evening Alex”

“Hey John. How are you?”

“Fine and you”

“Fairly good.” He puts the packages on the coffee table and tells Elianna that he will wait downstairs. The latter sits next to me on the sofa and start strumming on her phone. “Tell Sasha I say Hi” I see him blushing at the mention of the girl he’s been crushing on since months. John has a soft spot for the woman who works in the cafe right across from our building.

“Hello” I said turning ro Elianna with an inviting smile.

“Hi” Ok, I’m starting to get really fed up with her more than rude attitude. I roll my eyes before getting up just to be stopped by her.

“There is a dress and a suit in the packages, chose one for the ceremony” There were a black tuxedo with matching pants, a white blouse and a pair of classy shoes. In the red package was a dress which I found quite cute.

“Could I wear the dress?” Elianna looks up with a surprised look on her face.

“Repeat that to me?”

“Come on don’t look that surprised. It’s not like I’ve never worn a dress either”

“I’ve never seen you in a dress, that’s why I asked Ryan’s tailor to make you a costume”

“That’s true but I do wear dress every now and then. Wait .... this costume is custom made, my measurements?”

“Yes” She turns completely to me.

“Can I keep it ?”

“Yes you can keep it, Alex. But I still want to see you in that dress which was also made for you and by one of the best in all Rome” She smiled at me.

“I don’t know what to say”

“Well. Thanks would be a good start and why not let me pick which movie to watch for the rest of the month?” I laugh and take her in my arms, she seemed a little surprised but ended up returning my embrace.

“Ok, that’s enough now” She pushes me away gently.

“We only have an hour max before Maya and her team invade the living room so you better go take a shower and I’ll do the same” She gets up from the couch with her phone stopping no ringing.


“No that’s not going to do it. No sneakers honey”

“What?” I look over to Elianna who was sitting in a chair in front of a large mirror, our eyes met in it and she had a broad smile on her face.

“You are really beautiful” I don’t know why but those few words made me so happy.

“She says she doesn’t have heels” Says Shay, the girl who wanted to do my makeup.

“And even if I had them I wouldn’t be able to walk with with heels. I will go like this”

“No way I am letting you go like this” insists Maya. Elianna was laughing softly and Maya was asking her to stay still for the finishing touch of her face.

“But what’s wrong with my shoes. Elianna even said I was gorgeous”

“Elianna isn’t the stylish, I am”

“What if she was wearing my boots?” Shay suggests. “They are quite classy and without heels.” I looked at her boots. And fairly enough her shoes were cool.

“I want to try them”

“And why isn’t her makeup done already, Shay?”

“I voted for ‘No Make-up’ as soon as this sweet girl start pulling my eyebrows, very hard” Maya sighs in exasperation and looks at Elianna in through the mirror.

“It’s okay if she doesn’t want makeup and I find her pretty good for someone who only wears jeans with strip tees and sneakers every day”

“Fine. Elianna it’s almost done, just let me remove the tissues and you’ll be good to go” I finished putting on Shay’s shoes, which fit me like they were mine. I look up and find Elianna right in front of me.

“Whoa ...” was the first thing that crossed my mind.

“You look gorgeous Elianna” She wore a long, black dress that hugged her curves with an opening on her side and one off the shoulder.

“Thanks. Come on. Ryan has been waiting for us in the car for 15 minutes.” I didn’t even know he was home.


Definitely I am not made for social evenings. Arthur kept introducing me to all those old snobs as a ‘very close to the family and soon to be a big part of the family business’ friend, his words. I had a bit of a headache so I took refuge on the balcony of this huge house, it’s not my first time here but I’m still amazed and especially with all the decor for the event.

Leaning on the cold aluminum railing of balcony, I had a perfect view of the garden and the path lit by long strings of yellow bulbs. Which a little far away gave way to a small forest. I return hearing footsteps behind me. It was Mrs. Brighton, Ryan’s mother.

“Mrs. Brighton” I sit up.

“Alex? What are you doing here? My dad is looking everywhere for you”

“I... I had a bit of a headache. It’s my first time at a party like this and the thought of shaking twenty more hands doesn’t really help” She smiles and lean next to me. “Not that I’m complaining or anything but I don’t really understand why I’m here”

“I can assure you that not everyone can boast of being admired by Arthur King. I don’t know much about your story, but my father seems to respect and appreciate you a lot. When I have seen you for the first time I thought it might be because of the resemblance between you and Infinity that he cared so much about you but then I saw how he talked about you and all that you did accomplish and the person you are today without having a father or mother growing up. Maybe he sees something in you ”

“I doubt it, and I was certainly not alone. Everything I am today I owe it to my sister ... excuse me in advance if my question is ever too intrusive but who’s Infinity ?” She suddenly turns her head towards me. A feeling of fear? And sadness takes place in those brown eyes. She sighs and lowers her head for a few seconds.

“She was my daughter ... Ryan’s little sister” She looks up with a wistful smile. “My little ray of sunshine. She was so energetic and her eyes full of hope.” She stares straight at me. “Her beautiful big blues eyes with a violet hues. The first time I saw you, I Almost had an heart attack so much your eyes are the same. You have the same eyes and the same gaze”

“Is she ....?” I don’t know why I was afraid to finish this sentence. Ms. Brighton nods.

“It was 15 years ago but sometimes when I walk into her room I feel like it was still yesterday” She takes a big breath before continuing. “Don’t ask me why I’m telling you all about this. Maybe because of your resemblance or the fact that she would have been 18 this year too”

“I’m so sorry you lost a child. I can’t even imagine how hard it is.”

“Thanks, Alex. Okay, enough tears for today, we should go inside it’s cold in here”

“Of course” I follow her inside and barely entered when Arthur calls me to his side but remembering what his daughter said to me, I join him with a real smile this time. A little proud of myself, the person he sees in me.

“Alex, where have you been?”

“Sorry I was exploring this huge house”

“You’ll have all the time in the world for that. But for now let me introduce you to the Clifford girl, I’m sure you’ll love her.”

“Really ?”

“Yes, you probably have a lot in common since she’s only 20 years old. I would love it if you could try to persuade her to put a few words in our entreprise favor to her parents would be so good for our new project”


“It’s been five years since I’ve been trying to buy their old buildings in Queens to do some really productive things with them but so far I haven’t succeeded.”

“Ok but are you sure you want it to be me ... I’ve never done that. I mean business talk and evrything”

“Don’t worry. I know you got it in your blood, you were born to lead and do great things. Like pretty much everyone in your family tree for almost a century already. Trust me. Come on, come on she’s here with Elianna and her dad” Yes I met Elianna’s dad today and I like him. Unlike everyone here, he doesn’t seem rich and out of his comfort zone and almost as bored to death as I am, with his fairly normal jacket and badly groomed head it’s easy to know that Elianna is holding onto his mother’s side. style and her intimidating air, her smile and her humor and her generosity from her father.

“Ah, good evening Miss Clifford. This is the one I wanted to introduce to you her name is ...”

“Sand ...?”

“Cliff ...?” We both shout in chorus, cutting off Albert. She had changed her style and had dyed her eyebrows black, her hair now much longer and a face a little a bit different from two years ago but her look had remained the same, the same look that had me. haunted for months.

Daciana Clifford stood in front of me with a glass of champagne in hand and a red dress that complimented her almost same colored hair. Just to say that she was beautiful didn’t do her justice. She was gorgeous.

“Oook ... So you already know each other?” Asks the gentleman looking between the two of us. I was so in shock that I didn’t even notice Elianna being there, having to clear her throat for me to look away from Cliff’s who were shining with tears staring at me too.

“Sorry. Yes ... we ... no not really”

“Alex...” She began in a pleading voice. The voice I had hoped to hear so much for two years, the kind of voice so sweet and sensual that left you restless.

“Sorry Arthur, but I really can’t do that” I turn my back on them and go get me something to drink.

I grab a glass of champagne from a waitress’ plate and lean against the wall behind me. Watching people shake hands, chat and laugh.

A few feet to my left, I bump into the most beautiful woman of all, Elianna chatting with a man who was always trying to make her laugh and it looks like Ryan was going to rip his head off. As if she felt my gaze, she turns her head and our gazes meet. I smile at her but she turns back to her interlocutor without paying me a mind. To think I believed we had taken a step forward this evening.


When the evening was over I went home with Ryan and Elianna. The elevator opens and I rush out to avoid questions from Ryan who wouldnt stop askimg me who was Cliff.

“Alec ... is this your girlfriend?” He points to the doorway where Emilie was sitting on the cold tiles with only the old hoodie she stole from me before Christmas. Arms arond her head on her bented kneews. I approach slowly for fear of scaring him.

“Emilie...? What...” I didn’t have time to finish before she throws herself in my arms. With her arms around my neck and her head on my chest, the little brunette was shaking, perhaps from the cold or from the fact that she was sobbing. Without asking myself too many questions I hug her against me. Ryan walks past us, opens the door and walks in with Elianna looking at us confused.

“Emilie” I tried to pull back but she hugged me even more.

“No! I don’t want to go home” I sigh and tell myself that it is certainly because of her parents who keep arguing.

I’ve been at hers a few times in the last few months and his father even gets almost violent throwing beer bottles against the wall or pushing his wife. I don’t dare imagine how much my friend is going through right now or since when.

“Do you want to spend the night in my room or do you want me to call Darcy?”

“I want to stay with you. Can I stay with you?” She pulls back to look me in the eye. Her beautiful dark eyes were now drowned in a reddish white background.

“Emilie you know you don’t even have to ask. Come on”

I had changed and brought to my friend sitting in my bed, the bottom of my football shirt and a box of cleanex. I was in the kitchen making hot chocolate for Emilie when I saw Elianna approaching, already dressed casually.

“Hey” she said before taking a seat on a chair.

“Hi .... Do you want some?” I turn around to pour the finally ready hot liquid into two mugs.

“No thanks”


“Hmmm .... is she okay?” I know she’s talking about Emilie.

“No .... but I hope it will be better by tomorrow” She nods before getting up and going back to her room. I take the two mugs each in one hand.

“Alex” Elianna turned to me again, a hand through her hair looking almost embarrassed and shy. I raise my eyebrows because this woman is a lot of things but shy is not one of them.

“Can I ask you a question ?”

“Go for it”

“Who was the girl Arthur wanted to introduce you to before you chickened out?”

“Hey I didn’t chick...”

“Yes you totaly did”



“Ok ok you didn’t. So tell me who was that Cliff girl”

“My ex-best-friend slash ex-girlfriend”

“Oh !”


“Good night” She takes the path back to her room and I do the same.

“Yes good night”

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