Gravity Is A Bitch

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13. Making new friend

Just a little (actually super long) boring chapter 😴 😴 😴 😴


External POV :

Alex slowly opened her eyes from all the noise her bedmate was making. Emilie was hopping barefoot on the bed like a 10 year old girl.

“Aleexx .....” she screams the brunette’s name for the nth time.

“Emilie what are you doing?”

“Get up, Alex, it’s already 6am and you promised to take me to this new Breakfast a block away from school before classes so get up” She continues to jump. Alex grabs one of her feet and forcibly pulls her. With a big thud the young girl finds herself with her back pressed to the mattress.

“Ouch why must you be so agressive Alex?” she growls.

“It’s too early to be so energetic little Emilie” She rests her head on the shoulder of the little brunette who continued to complain.

“Honey, the best worms belong to early birds” Alex cocked her head a little to look at her friend with a gentle smile.

“How do you do it ?”

“Do what?”

“How do you cope. I don’t know much about parents but I seeing the people you love and who are meant to love you more than anything fighting every day must be pretty traumatic. But there you are, the sun is barely up and you are full of joy. Ready to light up the day for all those who need it with that Emilie Chambres smile. Starting with mine. Something I would never have believed in our first meeting but these few months spent knowing your person makes me think that this cruel world really does not deserve a heart as strong as fragile, pure and innocent like yours” Emilie was blushing while looking in Alex’s more than sincere eyes. A smile on her lips.

“It’s not that I forgot or that I’m very strong, no. You know sometimes I really wish my mother would divorce but that’s life, it goes on and I can’t do anything about it. And if I feel so good this morning it’s thanks to you Alex. I really wish I had a sister like you” She finished, her eyes sparkling with gratitude. “Thank you”

“All I did was let you sleep in my bed. And I thank heaven you’re not my sister or I wouldn’t have celebrated my 18th birthday if I had to get up everyday at 5.30am ”

“It’s past 6 and we have 3 hours left before our first lessons” Emilie laughs throwing Alex out of bed who ends up on the floor groaning in pain.

“I hate you” Alex pouts while leaving for the bathroom.

“I know you love me, you told me so last night”

“It was just to make you stop whining and I regret it already” Alex answers her toothbrush in hand, her head only through the bathroom door.

“Do you regret it?”

“You can’t imagine how much”

“Oh !” Looking disappointed, Emilie lowers her head as if about to cry. Alex noticed and quickly walked over to her bed.

“Hey. I was joking, I love you, you know that and I swear it’s not to make you stop crying ok?”

“I know, that’s exactly what I told you a minute ago” She looks up with a smirk on her lips.

“Bitch!” Alex screamed her brow furrowed and shook her head like a disappointed mother before leaving, leaving behind a laughing Emilie.

“It was just a joke Alex ... can you just show me your $ 2 face so I can see you’re not mad?” She continued but all she saw through the door was a middle finger, which made her laugh even more.

“You’re so rude!”


“Come on guys only five more minutes. Stop looking at these ladies and focus. I remind you that our first game is scheduled for tomorrow” shouted the coach.

“It’s not our fault they wear this outfit that barely covers anything” the brunette whispers before running for the ball.

When practice was over, Alex and Emile went home together as they had come to school together with the brunette’s motorcycle. Arriving in the underground parking lot of their apartment building, Emilie was still clinging to Alex, her eyes closed.

“We’re here Emilie” Alex said cheerfully.

“This is the last time I’ll let you convince me to ride on this damn thing with you. Never again”

“It’s not a damn thing it’s Lilith” Alex grimaces at her friend’s words. All she had in mind was to come home to take a long hot bath and throw herself into bed, rest well before their game the next day. But her plan was quickly forgotten as soon as she saw Daciana aka her ex-girlfriend standing in front of a door right next to the elevator before coming towards them. She stayed still as a statue when the latter, arrived at their level, smiling shyly at her.

“Hey Alex...”

“What do you want Daciana?” Her cold voice made the older girl even more nervous and she didn’t know what foot to stand.

“I... Can we talk...” The redhead lowered her head under the gaze of her former lover and when she raised her head, a sad pout on her lips, Alex sighs and her gaze softens.

“Just a few minutes... please” She nodded and together the three of them got into the elevator. The silence became heavy, Emilie finally deigned to open her mouth.

“Who is she?” She whispers in her friend’s ear. But before she answered, the door opened onto their floor. She accompanied Emilie to her front door.

“I’ll tell you later ok?” The petite brunette nodded before kissing Alex on the cheek and finally made her way home. Not wanting to speak in the hallway, Alex does the same with Daciana on her boots.

“Who was that girl?” Asks the redhead with frowning eyes and a hint of jealousy in her voice. All it took to get all that anger and hatred that Alex had believed she had overcome for over a year now surging from her heart. A yellow laugh escapes her miuth.

“Whoa ... who do you think you are?”

“I ... Lex ...”

“Look, I don’t really have time for this, so tell me what you want”

“I just wanna talk to you”

“Then talk !” She snaped. Which makes the other girl jump a little.

“I don’t see what you can have to say to me? Maybe the fact that you disappeared from earth two years ago without even a warning and since then no phone calls or anything. When you knew very well what I felt foe you” She continues to snap now on the verge of tears.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you” Daciana replied between sobs.

“Then you did a shitty job” The hatred in her voice was the proof. “And I’m afraid there is nothing more to say”

“I’m sorry Alex. If I did what I did it was also for your. I know you, you would have wanted to wait for me, you would have convinced me that it could still work between us even afterwards that I had to leave the country. I didn’t want to hurt you more than I had already done. And I realized my mistake too far, I didn’t know how to be forgiven or even how to reconnect with you. When I returned from England a year ago, the first thing I did as soon as I left my plane was to go see you. But after your classes when I saw you with kimberley you looked so happy and fulfilled I thought maybe you didn’t love me as much as I thought I was angry but later I convinced myself that I had to let you turn the page ’cause you deserve more than I could afford”

“So what made you change your mind”

“I saw you for the first time in 11 months. With that stupid smile and that ‘I don’t care what anyone says after me’ look I couldn’t stop staring at you for the rest of the evening.”

“I...” Alex was cut by the door opening to Elianna wearing a sky blue cocktail dress and a pair of Christian Louboutins that Alex loved to see her wearing. She comes to a halt when she sees the girls standing in front of her.

“Oh ... I ... I didn’t mean to interrupt” She continues her walk towards the kitchen.

“Hmm. You have to go” Alex opens the door to the girl in tears.

“Ok ... I never meant to hurt you, I hope you know that”

“See you soon ... Daciana” Alex joins Elianna in the kitchen and pours herself a glass of pineapple juice, her favorite, and sits right next to the blonde.

“You okay ?” After a few minutes Elianna broke the silence.

“Yes” Alex cleared her throat before Continuing. “It’s complicated”

“I could guess” Elianna smiled softly at her. “Do you want to talk about it?” Alex thought about the question for a few seconds before answering, she turned to her interlocutor and took a deep breath. She poses the glass in the conter and start.

“With Daciana we practically grew up together. Unlike me, she lived on the privileged side of the city but she begged her parents every day to visit me that it had become a routine, sometimes even they’d let me spend the weekend at their place” She smiles at the distant memory of her childhood. And start playing with her frigers. Elianna stopped her by taking one of her hand in hers

“When I was 14 and she was 15, she had her first boyfriend. It was then that I knew I loved her not just as a friend but even more. And when I stole her first kiss for fear that Nolan, her boyfriend would do it before me, she didn’t talk to me for two weeks without but afterwards she confessed to me that she felt the same for me but that we couldn’t be together because I’m not a boy and neither is she. And as an only child of a Catholic and Republican family. I’m not telling you how hard it was. And when I had 15 years old, Kimberly asked me to go out with her. Cliff got very jealous and asked me in turn to go out with her. I chose her, obviously. We were dating in secret until one day. I came out of the closet. It was about two years ago and her parents knew straight away that it was not just friendship between us. She no longer had the right to speak to me, see me or contact me in any way, they even changed her number and everything. The last time we saw each other before she disappeared she told me she loved me and that she will never forget me. After that day I didn’t hear from her again until a few days ago. I was completely devastated, it took me over a whole year to kiss another girl without feeling guilty about not knowing if we were still together or if we were taking a break or even if it was finished between us. And now that everything was starting to go back to normal she is surfacing”

“Do you know why she left?” Elianna whispered squeezing her hand in a conforting gesture.

“No. And I didn’t ask because I’m afraid to find out it’s because of me” Alex replied looking at Elianna’s eyes like those can give her all the answers she needed.

“I think you should ask her. First and foremost she was your best friend. When you build beautiful memories with a person and circumstances force you to separate it’s hard to move on, I know that by experience but unlike you, the universe offers you a chance to know why and how. You should grab it, even try to work things out even if it’s just your friendship. You only know a part of the story, your side. When we often know the reasons that make people do what they do, I think we understand them better” Elianna moved closer so she could kiss Alex on the cheek but ended up backing away. smelling her of sweating scent.

“You better go take a shower” Alex laughed at the blonde’s disgusted grimaces.


Alex’s team were playing their first game of the season. There were only 10 minutes left before the end of the match and the score still remain 0-0 everywhere.

The two coaches, on the verge of vomiting their guts, they were screaming so much. The players, some had dry mouths and slightly open to breathe better, wet jerseys despite the cold of the season. With one pass here and there, the ball was now under Alex’s feet, Lincoln, her coach’s screams gave her a boost of courage and the girl used the rest of her little strength to dribble her way to end up in the penalty area.

Seeing herself completely surrounded by the defenders of the opposing camp, she looks around and sees a small opening at the side of her teammate, Germain, who was at the penalty spot, for a second their eyes met and with a slight nod from him, she did a short pass. The crowd in the stands waited with anticipation and eyes following without releasing the ball, went wild and shouts of joy filled the pitch as Germain managed to put the ball in the net just in the dying minutes of the game. two teams left the field. Alex was chatting and laughing with her team when she saw a familiar face.

Kenza, the girl she had bet on in the restaurant with Matt. Earlier today, she had sent her a message asking to honor her end of the deal. Alex had therefore invited her to the new bar where her team goes every year after their first game on condition that they won of course. So she even invited her to the game too.

“Hello” She greeted the girl leaning on a wall

“Hello” Kenza relied meeting her half way.

“You did come”

“Yes, and you did a very good job” She point the field behind Amex with a smile.

“You like soccer ?” Alex asked a little surprised.

“Yes a little. But I prefer basketball, why you’re looking all surprised”

“I mean you don’t look like a girl who would rather wacth a game than a feuilleton”

“Because I am wering too much pink? Don’t judge a book by its cover”

“Alex” the Coach shouted.

“You did a good job” he particularly congratulates her.

“Thanks to you Coach”

Alex arranged to meet Kenza in front of Kenza’s building before heading to the locker room.


“Oh my God, you have a motorcycle?” Kenza jumps up and down like a little girl. “Oh my God. Will you let me drive?”

“Have you ever ridden a motorbike?”

“No. But I want to learn”

“You mean like ... now?” Alex asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

“If not now then when?”

“I don’t know? Tomorrow or another day? Tell me you don’t have any short-term memory problem, we were planning to meet my friends at the Bar, remember?”

“Sure Alex but I want to ride this crazy thing now. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us” She pushed Alex and climbed onto the bike. Alex followed her, but much less sure.

“Okay show me how we do it”

“This is the brake, here the speed. And the right grip is the one that controls the accelerator ok?” Alex was showing her the parts with her feet and hands. The girl in front is nodding her head looking really excited.

“You really have to be careful with this grip because the more you pull the more it plays on the balance of the bike Okay? .... Good to start it ....”

After almost an hour late Alex joined her teamate with Kenza.

“I hope your friends are a lot cooler than you.” Indeed, they fell once or twice and not wanting to die Alex had to end their learning session.

“Sorry but no. You’ll very rarely meet people as cool as me in your life Ken”

“Alex what the hell where you doing again. It’s been at least an hour since the whole team is present” Shouted Mike.

“Sorry, I was volunteering for a lost cause”

“Aren’t you introducing your girlfriend to us?” Quint asks.

“I’m not her girlfriend” “She’s not my girlfriend” they both snap.

“Ale where have you been I’ve been looking for you everywhere ...” Emilie comes back with a glass of soda.“Wait, wouldn’t that be the restaurant girl?”

“Guys, this is Kenza. Kenza, this is my team and my friends.”

Roan and Germain were pushing to be the first to shake her hand. After the introductions, the two new arrivals join some girls playing baby-foot.

“Emilie we’re in a bar, why are you drinking Coke?” Alex asked confused.

“Because I’m not old enough to drink?” Her answer makes everyone laugh including Kenza.

“You’re too funny and innocent baby” Quint kisses his girlfriend. The evening continued quietly until Alsx turned around to see why all of her friends were suddenly looking distracted.

A few people were whistling and heads turned to the bar. Sitting on a stool was ... Daciana, in all her glory. Sexy and without caring about the world around her. She was chatting with another professionally dressed girl. Sensing someone watching her, Daciana turns her head and meets Alex’s hyperblues eyes, who immediately turns her head away.

“You okay ?” Costia asks recognizing the girl.

“Yes” During the rest of the evening Daciana tried to talk to Alex who refused even to look towards the bar in fear of meeting her eyes. She had to go to the bathroom and the red haired girl seized the chance.

“Alex” Daciana calls out as soon as she leaves the cabin. Which makes her jump a little.

“Stop harassing me” she frowns, the girl leaning against the wall next to the sink laughed. A sound that makes Alex’s heart fill with joy. And she remembered her conversation with Elianna the day before. She was still angry but much less since then and she couldn’t help but notice how much she had missed this girl, her laughter, the way her eyes narrow when she laughs heartily or the curve of her lips. Her lower left canine is a little fissured, barely visible unless one is the cause of the incident. This imperfection that the smiling girl refused to fix makes Alex smile.

“Why didn’t you fix it?”


“Your canine”

“Oh. I don’t know, every time I look in the mirror and see it, it reminds me of those good old days when you almost made a little rebel out of me.” They both laughed. “And maybe because it reminds me of you in general, a little souvenir that I constantly have with no matter where I am” A silence fell and the air became strange.

“Look, Cliff ...”

“No. I know for us it’s too late, I haven’t stopped staring at you all night long. You look really happy and I’m so happy. You deserve it. But I would really like it if we could still try to save the little that remains of our friendship”


“And I would understand if you ... wait ... ok?”

“Yes. I hated you for months, I hated myself too. But now I don’t want this anger to rob me of someone who knows me as well as you do.”

“Cool. Great ... That’s really great”

“Give me your phone so I can put my contact on” Alex entered her number and texted herself to get Daciana’s.

“What about your girlfriend ... Emilie?” Alex raises her eyebrows. “I hope she doesn’t have a problem that you become friends with ... with ... your ex?” She finished with a grimace.

“Follow me” Alex led Daciana to their table to introduce Emilie to her.

“And the big muscle bag asshole over there ... he’s her boyfriend. Emilie and I are just good friends.”



“It’s even more fantastic”

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