Gravity Is A Bitch

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14. Stealing her

Elianna’s POV :

I was attending a videoconference call when there was a knock on my door and I saw a brown head appear. I wave for her to come in and stay quiet. She sits on the chair in front of my desk which was at the back of the couch I was on.

Alex starts to touch everything and nothing before falling on the baseball which she starts to throw on the wall and slide on the floor from left to right her chair, I give her a hard look that she responds with a simple big smile. I get up from the sofa and pull up on her chair. I sit down on the sofa. She tries to get up but I grab her jeans and she falls on the couch next to me.

My comference ended thirty minutes later, I could still feel Alex’s piercing and inquiring gaze on me even without facing her. The look that had hardly left me since she had sat down. It was so intense, watching closely every inch of my face and every move I made.

I turn to her, intending to lecture her telepathically, but her eyes immediately dive into mine with a disconcerting intensity that makes me uncomfortable. But yet impossible to look away. For a moment I thought I saw her eyes shine with tears which disappear after a few blinks.

She lowers her head looking really sad, which compresses my chest.

“I’m screwed” she whispers before standing up.


“I - I’m going to my room”

“Alex” She closes the door behind her.

After half an hour of sipping a glass of red wine and putting my files in order, I leave my office for Alex’s room. She was sitting in her bed, her back against the head of the bed, her big headphones on her head with her eyes closed, only the noise of the rain hitting the glass window lingered in the room. I take a seat next to her and remove her helmet.

“Elianna? I didn’t hear you come in”

“Is there something you would like to tell me?” Taking her hand in mine, I kiss it and look at her pretty eyes. When she begins to chew nothing I knew she was nervous.

“No not at all, there is nothing to say. I have nothing to say. Why are you asking?” She tries to pull back even more even though she is already against the wall. I look at her confused since the last few months if she’s not trying to hold my hands while we watch a movie, she’s cuddling me. So seeing her wanting to be far away from me is a clear sign that something is wrong.

“First because you seem sad and then you try to distance your body from mine”

“No you’re wrong” I raise my eyebrows.

“So come closer” She laughs nervously before approaching a little.

“Closer....” She did so bit still not satisfed I beg her with my eyes to come much closer “Closer” Jaws clenched, she swallows a ball of air before supresing all the remaining distance. Resting my forhead against hers, I say.

“Now tell me what’s going on” I didn’t know if she heard my voice so low untill she whispers.

“I ... you ...” She sighs and closes her eyes for a few seconds. “I can’t” My stomach is twitching and I would have thought I was hungry if I hadn’t just eaten less than two hours ago. But it’s the vulnerability in those hyperblues eyes that puzzles me.

“Why ?”

“Because I’m terrified” She raises her voice a little.

“About what ?” I asked, softly caressing her cheek with my thumb.

“About...” Two seconds later her lips were on mine. I don’t know if that’s the answer or if she kisses me so she don’t have to answer, but both are fine. For the moment. Because God knows her lips are addictive, you just have to make the mistake of tasting them. Very quickly things go to the upper level.


“Elianna?” Alex was lying halfway over me, her head on my shoulder, her left arm on my stomach playing with my fingers and one leg between mine.

“Hm?” I answered half asleep.

“What are we doing?” She whispered the fear evident in her voice. I sigh and remove my hand from hers. Realizing that I didn’t want to talk about it at all, she turned her back on me, bringing the entire blanket with her, leaving me completely naked.

“I’m going to take a shower in my room” Alex doesn’t bother to answer me so I pick up my bras and put them on before going out to my room with the rest of my clothes stacked in one hand.

At around ten o’clock, I went out to get a glass of water and heard chuckles from Alex’s room. It was Daciana trying to teach her a dance move.

“You said you weren’t gonna laugh” Alex complains with an amused smile.

“Sorry Babe, but it’s impossible not to laugh when you dance like this stick. From all the time I tried to teach you to dance ”

“Do you remember Nico’s birthday two years ago?”

“Ofcourse? You destroid this young man’s jaw because he accidentally poured his glass on you”

“Well I admit that was not really the reason”

“I knew it, you were jealous”

“He kept flirting with you even though I did everything to make him understand that you were already taken”

“Oh my God. I had to take you to the emergency to have your hand treated”

“The good old days. Don’t you miss it?”

“If only you knew how much” The red haired girl answers starting at a smiling Alex. I could tell she still have feeling for the younger girl only by the way she was looking at her.

“I have an idea. It’s Nico’s birthday next month, would you like to go together? ”

“Of course”


“What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?” Yes, she spent the night in Alex’s room. I don’t know why it bother that much but I really don’t want this girl anywhere near Alex.

“I have practice from 7 am to 11 am and after nothing” Alex mufles, her mouth full of food. If it were anyone I’d find it gross but she manage to look cute even when doing things I unsualy find disgusting.

“Great, I have to visit some apartments tomorrow, would you come with me and help me choose?” I roll my eyes and leave the table, but not before seeing that satisfied smirk on dear Daciana’s face. This smirk like ‘I know everything that’s going on between you’.

I wonder if Alex told her about our little arrangement.

External POV:

Out of the elevator Elianna winced at the piles of mud forming footsteps. She followed them to her penthouse, with the smoke coming out of her ears she opened the door and walked towards the living room.

“Alex !?” Continuing a little more she saw the brunette lying on her stomach, her socks a little wet and a pair of Nike slippers still on her feet. A cheek pressed awkwardly against the couch left her mouth parted slightly with a few brown strands between her lips and all over her face. If it was another day she would have woken her up with pillow but she felt the practice must have been tough.

Elianna smiles and sets her satchel and phone on the coffee table before kneeling in front of the couch with a big smile on her face. She takes off the shoes and socks of the brunette who was whispering a few words with her eyes still closed.

Elianna brushed Alex’s hair out of her angelic face and began to trace her perfectly drawn eyebrows, the curve of her lips, and her attractive jawline with her fingers. Without knowing the specific reason, watching Alex sleep gave her immense joy to forget everything around her and feel light. A few minutes later she turns to the front door hearing footsteps and her eyes met those of Ryan who was dragging a small suitcase and a bag over his.

“Hi honey ....”

“Shhhhh...” Elianna put a finger to her lips to silence her husband. Before pointing it at the sleeping brunette.

“Oh ... Ok” This one kissed her on the lips before leaving for their room. After placing a soft kiss on Alex’s forehead, Elianna spreads out to join her husband.

“Hello ”

“Hey” Ryan finished putting his clothes in a drawer and approached his wife to take her in his arms.

With her head resting on her husband’s shoulder, Elianna couldn’t help but smell that usual feminine scent that Ryan seems to wear very often back on his travels. But she refrains from making an unpleasant remark as always. She responds to Ryan’s kiss with much less enthusiasm than the latter.

“If you only knew how much I missed you”

“A lot I imagine. So how was your trip ?”

“Good, really good. How are things at the office?” Elianna walks into the closet to change.

“Good. I managed to get a big contract with the government. And I convinced some of our raw material suppliers to give us a special price for this new project”

“Exploring space is that it ?”


“I think it’s a waste”

“Maybe for the government, but not for the company. And if you ever dare say that in front of Rachel she won’t hesitate to choke you in your sleep. She is the one supervising the project”

“Absolutly thruth”

Alex slowly opened her eyes, sensing a pleasant scent that filled the whole room. Feeling her stomach vibrate she followed, eyes half closed, the smell leading to the kitchen. And found Elianna herself at the back of the counter dressing comfortably in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt certainly not for her given her height.

“An intelligent, beautiful woman who knows when I’m hungry. Would you marry me ?” Elianna turns to face Alex stretching, making her shirt lift a little and exposing some skin of her lower abdomen not going unnoticed by the blonde girl who was bitting on her lips and Alex smiles knowing what she was thinking.

“Only if you get on your knees” She anwers with a flirting smile.

“Sorry bro, but as you know the best are always taken” Alex turned around a little surprised to find Ryan behind her.

“Hey. Since when did you come back?”

“Since this morning” Ryan pats Alex on the shoulder before kissing Elianna. “How about we go out for dinner tonight. Then we could end the evening relaxing in our room?” He finishes a suggestive smile on his face and hands on his wife buttocks as she tries in vain to look back at Alex who was shewing her inner cheek. Alex turned her back and took a few steps before turning around at her name being called by Elianna.

“I would have liked but with Alex we had planned to go to Xavier’s for his brunch and then we will go see this film that I wanted so much to see”

“We did ... We planned to go to Xavier’s?” Not even knowing this famous Xavier, Alex asked confused. But seeing Elianna’s gaze she actually seemed to understand. “Oh the Brunch... Yes, and this movie” She nodded vigorously.

“But you hate Xavier more than you hate Brunches” Ryan frown at his wife.

“I know but he really helped me get our contract with the government and this morning I had to promise him to go”

“Are you sure you want to go watch a super annoying movie instead of going to dinner at a great restaurant and end the night with that super sexy body?” He point to himself and wiggle his eyebrows with a smile meaning to be sexy.

“Absolutely” Elianna says it jokingly but deep down she really meant it. With an offended look Ryan broke off and walked back to the living room.

“Before you finish preparing Alex and I are going to have a little boy’s time.” Words that make Alex a little nervous.

“She has a vagina not a penis”

“Really ?” Ryan turns to Alex, falsely shocked. “Oh my God. I hadn’t noticed that you had boobs”

“I’m coming...” She had to wait for Ryan to go into the living room to approach Elianna. “Elianna, what is this brunch and movie business?”

“I don’t want to go out with Ryan. And that’s all that crossed my mind” Elianna turns to her dish.

“Why didn’t you want to go out with your dearest husband” Alex whispered shouted.

“I just wanted us to spend time together since it seems like you’re always out with Daciana” she said avoiding at those hypnotic eyes.

“That’s not thruth !”

“Yes it is and I’m not the only one to think so, even Emilie agrees with me”

“It’s only because we have lots of to catch up”

“You will catch up with her another day because today you’re going nowhere. She will have to go visit her apartments on her own” She wouldn’t even admit it to herself, but she wasn’t too thrilled that Alex was spending so much time with her Ex/new-gorgeous-best-friend.

“Oh shit, I had completely forgot that we were supposed to meet again this afternoon” Elianna snatched her phone from her hand. “I’m going to tell her that I’ll be a little late”

“No. You won’t be late, you’re going nowhere” She point the brun haired girl with her spatula


“If you don’t want to spend the day with it, that’s okay”

“No, that’s not it” Seeing Elianna lower her head with a small pout Alex sighed and picked up her phone.

“I will warn her not to expect me”

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