Gravity Is A Bitch

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15. Sweet but psycho

Alex’s POV:

Months had passed and between Elianna and I things were ... let’s say intense. I had planned to move next week to the penthouse Arthur had given me. Asha and I will be living there after her release in nine days. And I started working for Arthur only a month ago. Everything was going well in my life, even with Daciana.

I admit that when Elianna told me about spending a weekend together in Paris, I imagined it would be romantic but I was completely wrong. Elianna was at the bar, waiting for the bartender to finish her order.

Sitting at a VIP table, a glass of whiskey in front of me. My eyes were on Elianna and her ponytail swinging from side to side. She wore a sky blue shirt tucked into her high-waisted black jeans that complimented her long, muscular legs and finished off with the sexiest shoes I’ve ever seen. Yes, these Christian Louboutin boots literally left me speechless. And she seemed to know it, every now and then she gave me that narcissistic smile.

With these outfits, she looked like an alien in the midst of all these people sweating, hormones out of control from alcohol. If I didn’t know her, I would have thought she was here on business but with a wardrobe like hers it’s hard to dress more casual. Elianna is a being apart, a special one, even without on purpose she makes you feel inferior with that aura of power almost visible around her, and written on her forehead with bold capital letter ‘I am someone important’.

“She’s gorgeous, isn’t she?” I turn to Ryan. Yeah, see why I said it was a long way from the great weekend Elianna promised me.


“Elianna. She’s so perfect it melts my heart even more” Ryan laughed humorlessly as he finished his drink. I think he’s a little tipsy.

“What are you talking about ?” I asked turning ti him.

“I’m supposed to be the happiest man in the world with a wife like Elianna. And truthfully I’m happy that no matter what she does by day, at night it’s in my arms she falls asleep. But I am not the happiest man because I know that it is impossible to completely tame a heart as rebellious as hers. No matter how hard I try, the walls around are too tall and too thick” He pats me on the shoulder before going to his wife.

Sitting next to Elianna who was laughing with Ryan and his friend, it was not at all part of the perfecta weekend for which I gave up going to see Alex Morgan in the Home Round. I haven’t been able to get Ryan’s words out of my mind since the start of the evening.

I quickly finished my drink before going to the bathroom. Coming back, I see Ryan whisper in the blonde ear and she was all smiles nodding after her asshole of husband kissed her. I didn’t bother to go back to them since they haven’t even noticed my absence.

Back in our hotel room I wonder if it would be a good idea to stay here, she will surely come back with her husband. But I know I don’t have enough in my bank account to take a room here even for one night. I spend a good part of the evening chatting with Daciana who, completely by chance, was also in Spain. Almost asleep I feel someone slipping into bed.

“Alex?” Elianna whispers. “You asleep ?” I pretend to be asleep because I don’t want to talk, especially not to her. I know I don’t have the right to do so but I feel used and betrayed. And the jealousy that invaded me didn’t help at all. He’s her husband after all.


It was enough to look at the blonde, her head buried in my pillow, one of her legs around my hip and one arm around my stomach to make me smile and forget all I was feeling the night before. What did this woman did to me? My phone is was on the coffee table. I picked up the phone, seeing Daciana’s name. Elianna growls and hugs me a little more.

“Don’t pick up, it’s too early to get out of bed.” I give her a kiss on the cheek before heading to the bathroom.


“Who was that with you?” I heared from the other side.

“Hmm nobody. So you went back to Manhattan?” I try to change the subject.

“No, my plane has just landed in Paris”


“Who was it Alex?” I could tell from her voice that she was upset.

“I told you already. It was nobody” She sighs before answering.

“I wanted to surprise you, spend the rest of the weekend together here as we talked about very often at the time but I see that you are already accompanied”

“I told you I came with Elianna”

“So that was her in your room. Wait, that’s the one you didn’t want to talk to me about” Lately she has taken it into her head to find the mysterious person I’m sleeping with, like I’m unable to spend a few months without having sex. But she continued to persevere despite my protests

“What no ?”

“Anyway, I’ll call you later.” And with that she hang up.

“Who was it ?” Elianna asked as soon as I got back in the room.

“Daciana. She’s here.” She gets into a sitting position. A serious look on her beautiful face.

“How...why ?”

“Yesterday evening we were talking and I told her that I was spending the weekend here and she was already in Spain” I was getting under the cover when she start shouting.

“Why did you ask her to come?”

“I didn’t, maybe her plane did just a stopover” I try to calm her down by caressing her soft blonde hair.

“I thought we were suppose to spend this weekend just the two of us. If you knew you couldn’t go two nights without her why did you agree to come with me?”

“Are you kidding me?” Elianna glared at me as I got out of the bed. “Yesterday evening you were all smiley in your husband’s arms at low mass. Besides, where did he go hmm” I shouted back.

“I didn’t invite him, he was already in Aubervilliers when he found out I was here. And then it’s my husband what did you want me to do. Ask him not to come see me after two weeks that we haven’t seen each other because I spend the evening with my ... the girl he considers his little sister. Oh by the way Ryan, I am having sex with her from time to time”

“So is that all? The girl you have sex with once in a while?” I laugh without wanting to laugh. “What should I be Always so stupid. I really don’t know what I was expecting” I grab my backpack and angrily toss all my things without forgetting my passport.

“And where do you think you’re going?” She pulls on my arm to stop me.

“I don’t think that’s your business”

“Oh yeah, I brought you here and it’s my job to bring you home with no scratches. I need to know where you’re going.”

“It didn’t seem to bother you, however, to let me go home alone last night.” I withdraw her hand and slam the door.


A few hours later with Daciana we were at the beach with other tourists we had just met. I turn my phone back on and see lots of messages and missed calls from the blonde but I don’t bother to check them.

“What’s the matter ?” Daciana whispered in my ear.

“Nothing, why are you asking?”

“Because of those little frowns on your forehead” She caresses my forehead.

“It’s just Elianna” She nods and kisses me on the cheek. Yes she understood everything between Elianna and I, which does not surprise me after these past few months.

“We’ll talk about it later”

“Ohh. The two of you are so cute. Since when are you dating?” One of the two blonde haired boys from the group asked.

“Hmmm ... we’re...” I was trying to speak but Daciana cuts me off.

“Since I was 17 and she almost 16”

“Aww. I would like to be as brave as you. I’m 28 and still haven’t come out.” He looked at the one his left that I supposed is his boyfriend.

“A kiss ... a kiss .... a kiss ...” The other blonde start shouting to whom the whole group joins. Daciana looks at me with a mocking smile before turning to me.

“W-what are you doing?” I whisper losing all security by our proximity. A first for a long time.

“You tell me ?” I put my hand on her chin with the intention of stoping her but it was enough that those sinful lips brush against mine to completely lose footing.

It wasn’t the same as with Elianna where every lip lock was full of sexual desire. No, that kiss was slow, longing, and full of affection.

During the few seconds of kissingp, our moments of joy with Daciana run all over my mind. Our little quarrels from the past, our meeting, our separation, the first and last time we had kissed before her sudden departure. The first time she told me she was in love with me too. It was so intense that I got goose bumps.

Daciana ended the kiss by taking my lower lip between her teeth. Eyes in mine a shy smile settled on her face.

“Wow girls. It was too hot, you can do it again please. I can already feel my balls are swollen” The blonde slaps her brother on the forehead.


Sitting between my legs, her head against my stomach, Daciana played with my fingers. From time to time we exchanged glances and knowing smiles. She took my hand and placed it on her face, caressing her skin. I couldn’t help but smile. That kiss had changed things between us, she knows it and I know it. I felt like I found her again as before where she was totally mine without restriction. And me hers. This feeling of belonging fills me with immense joy. I rest my head against hers nd felt her champoing which had remained the same.

The sun was starting to hide behind the ocean, giving it a beautiful multicolored image.

“Tonight we are celebrating this idiot’s remission, you are Welcome to join us”

“It’s going to be cool, we booked the little club for the night. You don’t want to miss it” comments the blonde, gesturing like a rapper.

“Are you spending the night with me? I took a two bedroom suite” Daciana whispers in my ear.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea. Elianna must be worried and I don’t think she will let me spend the night with you” Daciana stares at me with a neutral gaze without saying anything. “What?”

“She has a really big hold on you. I even have trouble recognizing the rebellious girl who made you who you were.” She said looking down all sad.

“No you’re wrong, she has no hold on me it’s just ..... You know what? Yes I want to spend the night with you so nothing will stop me”

“So it’s decided. Let’s go home now so we will have enough time to prepare ourselves”

We exchange our contacts with the group before leaving for the hotel.

I almost forgot what it feels like to walk around with a girl hand in hand without being afraid that someone will take a picture of us and make the front pages of TMZ. Or without pretending to be there sister of the said girl.

I know Daciana is not my girlfriend but this nice feeling of freedom makes me wish she was.

One foot bent and leaning against the wall in a dark corner of the small club, with a bottle of beer in the left hand and the other resting on the hip of the prettiest girl in this club. Daciana was dancing sensually against me. She turns to face me. The young redhead takes the bottle and finishes the rest in one go.

“Slowly” I take back the bottle to find it empty.

“It’s too hot in here” She rests her head on my shoulder.

“Do you want us to go home?” As soon as my sentence is finished, I see at the bar counter a face that I know only too well. From her phone, she shows something to the bartender who nods before pointing in my direction.

“Shit !” I turn my back, but it was already too late.

“What?” Daciana asks.

“Elianna is here” I replied panicking.

“How? Where ?”

“Come on, let’s go home”

“Alex!” A furious, icy voice stopped me dead. Everyone around us was staring at us nervously and scared. When I turn to her, I understand why. At both sides were two men in military uniform.

“What do you want Elianna?”

“We’re going home, now” She shout between clenched teeth.

“I’m not going anywhere with you so leave me alone”

“I understand that you are mad but sorry you don’t really have a choice” She nods and the two gorillas start walking towards me. Daciana gripped my hand tight as one of them pulled on her arm.


“Let her go” I know the blow I gave him hurt me more than he did. The other forced me to come out and walk towards a black car. Before going up, I give hit him in the balls. This one pisses him off and with a single wave of his hand I find myself on the ground with my mouth full of blood.

“Oh my God Alex” Elianna rushed over to me followed by Daciana.

“I told you not to touch her fucking idiot!” She helped me sit up. And kept yelling at the gorilla. With my head spinning, I go and sit in the car.

“Alex?” Daciana had tears in her eyes.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. Go home to rest I’ll call you tomorrow” She shook her head, refusing to leave me alone.

“I’m not going to leave you with that woman.” She looks at Elianna with disdain.

“Do you think I can hurt her?” Elianna asked frowning.

“Her mouth is full of blood because of you” They start shouting at each others.

“No, it’s your fault she didn’t answer the phone. If I called those idiots at the embassy it’s because I thought something happened to her. And that’s your fault, from the beginning”

“Hey, look at me.” Ignoring Elianna’s words, I take Daciana’s face in my hand to make her look me in the eye. “I am ok. I am ok” She nods and hesitantly leaves the car. Elianna ordered the man who hit me to start the car.

“I swear you’ll regret this for the rest of your life. If you find a stationery job that would mean I’m not Elianna Brighton” Elianna continued to threaten the gentleman.

“I am so sorry. I’m sorry” He was about to burst into tears. Elianna can be scary when she wants to.

“Leave him alone.” That was the only thing I said the entire ride with Elianna who kept staring at my lower lip every two minutes. I don’t even calculate her because I was so angry. I know that if I ever start talking I will regret it because I wanted to strangle the blonde with my bare hands.


We were in the car to the airport, with a significantly swollen lip and a red level of anger. Not just because of last night no, this very morning when I wanted to send a message to Daciana Elianna threw my phone from the window of our hotel room.

“I called a friend of my mother’s whom you will have to go see as soon as we arrive in New York. If you had let me put ice on it ....” I put my headphones on to block her out.

I think this affair with Elianna has gone a step further and the best thing I can do for my own good is to end it even though I know it would break my heart. But better now than when I’ve lost all control and common sense.


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