Gravity Is A Bitch

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16. The sister

Alex’s POV:

I knew it, I should never have invested so much in this relationship. Now I’m paying the price, but I can’t let anything show, especially not in front of Elianna.

We must have been in the car for an hour, the music ringing in my ears, I could feel Elianna’s gaze wandering over me from time to time, I could feel she was worrief and feeling guilty, but for once I don’t care. And besides my lip was starting to seriously hurt. Elianna put her hand on my knee, I pull it away without a glance in her direction.


I could hear evrything because I was only pretending to listen to music even though my headphones had run out of battery since we landed.

“Can you please take this stuff off so we can ...” She doesn’t finish her sentence as the car pulls up in front of our building complex. I don’t wait for John to come and open the door and walk away as quickly as possible.

My decision was already taken, I had to leave this house, and end this relationship before she got the better of me. For my own good, for Ryan who always treated me well, and then Arthur. A smile spread over my face thinking of this kind and warm person. How I could have done such a thing, having an affair with Ryan’s wife. The events of the past few days have been a slap in the face enough to bring me to my senses because I have the impression that since I met this woman things were not going well in my head. Perhaps because I saw her as a perfect woman who is always right about everything and where she is not right, her natural beauty prevailed. It was almost impossible to resist her.

But now I know she’s not perfect, no she does have tons of flaws. She is narcissistic because she knows what she is worth. She is control freak and extremely possessive that makes you feel like an object instead of a human being. And her behavior last night gives her a pass for the NY Biggest Bitch club.

It’s probably anger, or fatigue and I’m sure I’ll regret it in a week or two, but I have to get away from her, both physically and mentally.

After getting out of the elevator, I take off my headphones which starts to cause me pain in my ears, but I was too proud and especially too afraid of what could happen if I take it off during the trip if she wanted to talk. Every time I get angry and try to explain myself either I end up saying something really ugly or I end up crying. So the best is to remain silent.

I walked to my room without even a glance at Elianna. I took my suitcase, a nostalgia came over me thinking of the first time I set foot in this apartment, the day my eyes met hers for the first time. All those times we spent the night in my bed, watching TV and eating not so good to health food, whispering in my ear or having pillow fights. Suddenly the image of this gorilla abrutally squeezing Daciana’s arm came back to me. But I shouldn’t let my ideas wander, not now, I might crack up later. I took a deep breath and started to put my clothes in the suitcase, I was angry.

I heard footsteps behind me, I knew it was her, but whatever.

“Can I know what you are doing?” her voice tried to be authoritative but her worry betrayed her.

Turning around I saw sadness in her eyes. I keep my impassive mask as best as I can.

“I am going home” My voice was so cold and harsh it surprised me just as much as Elianna.

“You are at home. Alex ?” I tried to remember all the downsides, all the pain of this relationship, to try not to break down

“No here is your place and YOUR husband’s ..” She hastened to cut me off

“And you are ..” it was my turn to cut her ofg.

“The girl you have sex with from time to time” My voice was distant and full of irony. I could tell I had hurt her but I wasn’t going to flinch like always and apologize, not this time.


“Anyway, it’s useless, I’ll go now”

She left the room, I thought I won, I was relieved that she did not insist and that I succeeded.

At least that’s what I thought before I heard the lock on the door. At which point I thought I could beat one of the greatest negotiators in the contry ... I got up to check anyway and she waved the key in front of me with a little victorious air, and she had clearly won but from there until I do anything.

“You’re right this conversation is useless. You are under my responsibility”


Elianna’s POV :

Alex moved yesterday to welcome her sister who should be release this afternoon and welcome in their new apartment.

I know I went a bit far with the embassy officers but as soon as I saw her glued to this girl, I didn’t know where to put myself. Not out of jealousy, but because I felt insulted.

I breathe heavily before getting out of my favorite, the Rolls Rayce Callican my parents gave me as a Christmas present last year. The security guard do a little reverence to greet me before pushing the big doors of Infinity Entreprises. At least I am sure of crossing Alex today because it has been days that we have not seen each others and she start to completely ignores me after Paris. She’s can be immature sometime.

Representatives of each partner company for this project were already there. I kiss my husband on the cheek which represented Arthur. Esther, too, had come an hour early to update Ryan on the latest data changes made by the science team.

Through the large glass window I see her sitting behind a desk at the entrance to the meeting room. The meeting was about to start, I didn’t have enough time to talk to her, I’ll wait until the end.

In the middle of the presentation, I see Alex hugging a certain redhead. She pulled back just to kiss her on the cheek. Alex picks up a Messenger bag before taking Daciana’s hand and heading for the exit.

“Exuse me just a few minutes” I hear Esther apologizing for me and demand the continuation of the presentation.

By the time I got out of the elevator, Alex was already on the other side of the road with that bitch’s hand still in hers. I couldn’t hear their words from where I was. She opened the door and went in a restaurant after the redhead.


I press the doorbell twice again at the door where the music was vibrating on the walls. Fortunately there are only two apartments on this floor and I wouldn’t want to be her neighbor.

The door opened to a smiling Alex, a smile that vanished as soon as those eyes land on me.

“What do you want ?”

“Good evening to you too” She sighs impatiently. “Why aren’t you answering my calls?”

“Oh, I dunno, maybe ’cause you threw my phone out of our hotel room window and I had to buy a disposable one while waiting for a new one” She waves in front of me an old phone that is completely outdated.

“Oh” I had completely forgotten that.

“Oh ? That’s it, Oh? ”

“Look, I’m not here to argue. If I’m here it’s to meet your sister and wish her welcome” She opens the door wide and lets me in.

“Asha, this is Elianna. Elianna, Asha”

“Are you the one who is messing up my sister’s head?” Alex had her eyes popping out of their sockets and I, opening and closing my mouth like a fish out of water.

“I... I”

“Asha!” Alex screamed and then whispered something in her sister’s ear before leaving to get me something to drink.

“What did she tell you before she left?”

“To remain civil and not to be my self”

“Elianna oh there you are!”

“Wait, she invited you over and she didn’t even tell me she was having a party” Now I feel upset.

“It’s normal honey I am her best friend” Matr smirked broadly.

“You mean friend for your flirting plans”

“Anya, I need to show you something” He intertwined their arms and drag her out of my sign.

Alex clicked a fork on her glass demanding everyone’s attention nailed them to the spot.

“Thank you all for coming this evening to wish a welcome back to my sister. Some of you know the hell she’s been through the last few months” Alex looks down, biting her lip. She looks at her sister. “When you listen to music that praises the roles of a father or a mother you automatically think of your parents. I think of you Asha, because you took on the roles of a father for me, you took on the roles of a mother. Of a sister, a best friend and even a teacher. If I stand before you today and am who I am, it is thanks to you. Thanks to all these decisions you made and all these actions you did, always thinking how to give me a better life. Because unlike everyone including myself, you did not give up when there was no more hope. You were my light at the end of the tunnel” Her eyes were full of tears and the room was so quiet, everyone was listening so much you could hear her sniffle. “And for that it is impossible for me to pay you back but I want you to know how much I love you and that for me too, on this earth there is nothing that comes before you” She passes her frigers under her eyes before raising her glass. “To my heroine. To Asha” The said person hug her little sister resulting in applause. They whisper to each other I love you before they separate as Alex is interrupted by Daciana. Of course, she is there.


Alex’s POV:

I growl feeling something fell on me.

“Shit. You can’t watch out?” I roll over onto my back to see my sister who instead of getting up, get comfortable again.

“This bed is really soft. I can’t even remember the last time I slept so well. probably never” She numbled caressing the bed with a dreamy smile.

“Are you going to cook for us?” I asked.

“In your dreams” I get out of bed and go to the bathroom.

Not even ten minutes later I hear Asha shouting my name.

“Asha at least give me time to ....” Seeing the coffee table my eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets. “What is all this?” There were at least ten gift packages on the coffee table.

“I don’t know, there is no name. Only one card” She held out the card and continued to open one of the two largest presents. “With my apologies” was written on the card followed by the initials E.B. I sigh and rolled my eyes. Why can’t she just be normal like everyone else and just apologize to me in person.

“Wow. Can I keep those shoes?” I sit down to examine the said shoes. Damn, I was even tempted to keep them.

“I’m not sure your giant feet will fit in these . And then I’m not going to let myself be bought by gifts, I’m going to send them all back” She attacks the next much smaller gift. My eyes opened wide seeing the newest brand of Huawei, it must cost ten times more than my last phone. I’m going to keep this one for sure, after all she’s the one was throw my phone away. Huawei is my favorite brand.

“Can we keep his one ?” Anya pressed the high-tech waffle machine to her heart.

“No. Asha, we send them all back ... except the phone”

“Why you can keep a present and not me. Besides, why is she giving you so many presents when it is I who have just been released from prison, I deserve congratulations and a high-tech waffle machine” I chuckle.

“Because she didn’t expressly throw your phone out of a hotel room window on purpose” I start unwrapping the phone.

“She did that ... but why?” So I start telling her the whole story. From the day I met Elianna until last weekend.

“Pause. Pause” She pressed the palm of her hand to her fingers as if I were deaf. “Did you just say you slept with Elianna, the wife of the guy who is hosting you? Alex! What did you do? ”

“I know it’s rude to sleep with the wife of your host”

“It’s immoral. Can you imagine what people will think of you? They will think you are a household breaker which is not very far from the truth and others will think you are doing it for the money. I’m away for just a few months and you’re doing the biggest bullshit of your life. Tell me it was only once” I looked down saying nothing. “Twice ?” In fact I had lost count of the number of times we did it. “ALEX!”

“I know. It’s just that I can’t resist her every time she starts flirting” I said remembering her angle and somrtime devil face, her smile, her eyes when she cum, the way she twist when I am down her, the feeling of her soft and yummy lips on my skin, her beautiful manicured fringers. All those little things that made her irresistible. Elianna. Elianna. I sigh and shookmy head.

“Hold on. Is she the one who seduced you?”

“Not the first two times, it just happened like that. But after yes” I look down trying to hide my smile.

“She abused you because you are young and naive and I’m going to kill her!” Asha said getting up and shouting.

“Not really since I was already of age”

“You think you have the right to sleep with other people’s wives because you are 18” She hits me in the chest, quite violently I must say.

“Ayiii ...”

“I advise you to end this relationship right away and pray to God that Ryan or anyone else never finds out”

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