Gravity Is A Bitch

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17. Just friends

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Elianna POV:


“Stop acting like a stupid kid and act like an adult? Just tell me what’s wrong so we can fix it once and for all.” Alex pushed her lollopop to one side of her mouth in response so furiously I snaped at her again. “And take that stupid lollipop out of your mouth.” I pulled it out forcefully from her mouth before throwing it a few feet away from her.

“The fact that you dare to ask me what’s wrong when you know perfectly well why I’m angry shows how mature you are too”

“If it’s about Paris, I’ve apologized enough”

“Sending me overpriced gifts with a card most likely written by your secretary? If that’s what you call apologizing then you’ve got a long way to go than I thought. And come see me again when you’re ready to give Daciana and I a real apology. Just let me play with people my age while I wait.” With those words, Alex returned to the field to play with her friends.

“Pass the ball Mike. Pass” she shouted from midfield.

It’s been weeks and she continues to piss me off. She sent me all the presents back and when I apologized ... sort of, she wants me to apologize to that Daciana bitch ? You can keep dreaming.

“Arggh” I scream, throwing my pen on the ground.

“You know this pen costs over a thousand dollars”

“Rachel, what are you doing here?”

“This is not for courtesy. I’m here to give you the report on our progress”

“Oh. ok “She sits down in the chair in front of me and gives me the file that I start to leaf through.

“But since I’m here, can you tell me what gets you in such a mess? I know it’s not Ryan because that prick loves you too much to leave you angry for a whole day and Esther told me you’ve looked like a dragon for two weeks” If only it could be Ryan, at least that wouldn’t have messed me up.

“It’s nothing, just a few things I have to do ....”

“Elianna?” Rachel was threateningly staring at me.

“It’s because of Alex” I forcefully close the file resulting in white noise.

“I thought she had moved?”

“Yes and that’s not the problem”

“What is it then ?”

“She’s mad at me for something stupid and I’ve even apologized for two weeks now. But no, this bitch keeps ignoring me” My anger rising the more I try to explain. Rachel had an amused smile on her lips making me want to slap her too. She finished bursting in laughers before trying to cover it with her hand.

“Sorry, sorry. And what is this stupid thing?” She clears her troat trying to be serious.

“Three weeks ago when we were in Paris ...”

“Wait, you brought her to Paris. Are you still sleeping with her? ” She screamed.

“Shhhhh. Not so loud you stupid”

“Answer me”

“No, we don’t sleep together anymore .... not since Paris”

“For only three weeks!? Elianna” With a disapproving look she tries to hit me under my desk which luckily was too large.

“I know... it’s just that Alex is... It’s Alex. Every time I tell myself it’s the last time, the next day it’s even worse. I have never felt like this and since then I rushed home from my business trips just to fall asleep in her arms. Sometimes I even wich that Ryan is not at home so that it’s just the two of us. Or just see her smile. Do you remember the time we went skateboarding, I was 13 and I lost a tooth since then I never went back in fear of breaking another tooth but I went with her because I knew it would please her or the time...” Rachel was staring at me with her mouth agape. “Rachel?”

“Oh my God. Elianna, you’re in love”

“No I’m not in love. What are you talking about ?” I replied panicking.

“Elianna Rothschild is finally in love with an 18 year old girl. Congratulations” She gets up to give me a hug like there’s something to celebrate.

“Stop, stop” She has the gift of always dramatizing. “Do you think if I bought her a new, super expensive motorcycle she would forgive me?” My best friend bursts out laughing.

“Rothschild! Just go apologize to her with words, that’s how we normal people do”

“Oh. Okay”


All my anger is brought to life when I see the door open on Daciana. Calm down Elianna, calm down. Inhale exhale.

“Oh it’s you. I’m sure you know there is a law against harassment” She said coldly. She folds her arms and looks at me like she’s preparing for some attack from me. What does she think, I’m not a barbarian.

“Who is it?” I heard Alex’s voice.

“No one”

“You can step aside, you’re on my way” I ask in the most polite way. She looks at me for a moment longer before steping aside.

“Elianna?” Alex was sitting on the couch, a surprised look on her face.

“Can we talk please ... in private?”

“Daciana, you should go get dressed, we have to go before Asha gets back.” Once Daciana left for Alex’s room she asked me to take a seat next to her. She didn’t look angry anymore ... well I hope so.

“Look, I know I crossed the red line and I’m here to apologize. I should never have humiliated you in front of your friends. I’m really really sorry and I am asking you to forgive please” Alex takes my hand which surprises me. She sighs before starting to speak.


“Okay ? Really you forgive me?” I ask skeptical.

“I’ve been mad at you for weeks. I just wanted you to admit your mistakes like any normal person but, I know you are Elianna, you are not normal but special. And then with this special gift I couldn’t stay angry with you” She smiles and waves her new phone in front of her. A smile, all it took to make me happy. I laugh trying to kiss her but she pulls back.


“Look Elianna, I appreciate that we finally explained ourselves but...” She withdraws my hand from her cheek.

“But what ? You just said forgive me” I whispered confused.

“Yes. Yes. But this thing between us, whatever it is, it has to end.” I step back to the end of the couch.

“What do you mean ?”

“Elianna, you know it’s wrong what we’re doing I know it too but every time we say it’s the last time we did it all over again. And in the last few weeks I’ve had time to think about it and we really have to stop. Even if your marriage is not the best example to follow, Ryan does not deserve this, especially not from me after all he has done for me”

“And you came to that conclusion on your own or your girlfriend helped you?”

“Please don’t start”

“I mean since she have been here she keeps putting ideas in your head and nothing is going well between us”

“She has nothing to do with it. I am perfectly capable of making my decisions on my own”

“Very well. I get it, you don’t want to have anything with me so be it”I grab my bag from the coffee table and walk towards the exit followed by Alex.

“Please don’t take it like that”

“And how do you want me to take it eh?”

“I don’t know, we could try to be friends like before”

“Friends? Okay, I have to go home my friend” I slam the door in her face. Friends? Fuck you.


“Wow You are really beautiful tonight honey. We’re going to the beach not to a state dinner. Not that I’m complaining of course”

Yes I got on my 31 cause Ryan had invited on his yacht for the evening, our friends, Asha and the reason I pulled out that dress, Alex. Yes, I’m going to make her regret that we ended our little arrangement.

“I know and don’t worry, the bikini I have underneath is even better” In a sensual tone I whisper in Ryan’s ear, who growled as he gripped my buttocks.

“We could let our friends enjoy the beach for half an hour before going to join them. We could perhaps do productive things with this time”

“Maybe .... But I doubt Rachel would appreciate waiting half an hour for us.” He sighs and follows me out of our apartment.

“Are you coming from a gala?” Olivia asked as soon as we finished our greetings.


“So why are you dressed like that ”

“Hi” Hearing Asha’s voice, I turn to her and let me tell you that I was right to choose this dress. Alex undressed me with her eyes. But I did the same because she was only wearing a red bikini, a surfboard under her arm. Her wet hair let drops of water slide down her chest and her pink lips looked so yummy right now.

“Close your mouth or you risk swallowing a fly” Olivia whispers in my ear.

“Alez, how I missed you” Ryan hugs Alex. To anyone her little smile was genuine but I know she felt uncomfortable.

“Dear friends, this is Alex’s super sexy sister, Asha”

“And super gay” Alex said.

“Cool. How about we take a ride on my new baby?” Ryan points to his yacht.

Let the game begin. Dear Alex, let’s see if you still want to be my friend.

“Come on Elianna” Ryan takes my hand and walks towards the Jet-ski which will bring us on the yacht a little far from the beach.

“Go with Asha, I need Alex to accompany me to the kiosk, I forgot my sunglasses”

“Ok” Asha looks skeptically at her sister but with a nod from the younger, she follows Ryan. Alex followed me to the small shop.

“So Alex, How are you?”

“Good. I’m doing well, and you ?”

“Perfectly. And your girlfriend”

“Cliff is fine”

“So you’re not even trying to deny it. you’re together”

“What’s the point ? You’ve already made up your mind about us”

“Have you ever slept together since Paris?” I ask as I sit after her on the motorcycle

“Not yet” Alex put her glasses back on and drove off. I move my arms around her to the elastic band of her bikini on purpose and feel her stiffen before she relax. A smile appears on my lips.

Arriving on the boat, Black, Matt, Ryan and Asha were already going to do some Jet-ski while the others were playing music sipping their cocktails, Mark and Jason were in the pool and Olivia and Rachel were dancing next to them. I sit on the couch between Alex and Maya, who was looking at models of dresses on her tablet.

Subtly I put my hand on the top of her thigh I smile innocently at her when she looks at me. I started to pull my hand up when Alex got up to lie on the mat by the pool.

“Elianna, do you remember that song?”

“Oh, how to forget the good old time” It was a song that we play very often at our cheerleading practice.

“I miss being cheerleaders”

“Were you cheerleaders in high school?” Maya asks.

“Yes and Elianna was the captain”

“Not me, I was not dressed well enough so I spent most of my time with my geek friends” Rachel laughs. I join the other two who already knew the dance steps perfectly. But before I do, I take off my dress to reveal my matching blue bikini.

“Hey Elianna, are you planning to have sex before it’s even dark?”

“Oh Maya, if only you knew” Out of the corner of my eye I see Alex pull out her sunglasses but before putting them on I see her looking me up and down with that look I know all too well. Even behind these glasses I know her eyes are on me so I start to swing my hips with my two best friends while staring at her. After a few songs I was with Jason and Mark in the water.

Out of the pool, I sit next to the brunette who hadn’t said anything since our arrival, only staring at me or tapping on her phone.

I lean over her to take my towel. By the way, my chest literally caressing hers, a hand on her bare stomach and my wet hair leaving water droplets down her arm. I was starting to dry my hair when she whispered to me.

“Can I know what you are doing?”

“What do you mean what I am doing, what are you talking about?”

“Don’t play this game with me. Cause I told you that it was over between us you’re trying to seduce me to put me back in your bed. It’s selfish and pathetic” Her words had the effect of a bucket of ice water on my head. Because she was right.

“Hey, who else wants to take a ride?” Black asks on a blue watercraft and hebind him his girlfriend Betty. Ryan and the others join us on the yacht.

“Me” Shouted Jason and Mark who were joined by their girlfriends and Alex.

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