Gravity Is A Bitch

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18. Lovers

Hi, another new chapter.

Again, I just finished writing it and I haven’t reread it.


Elianna’s POV :

After a two-hour board meeting, I go to Arthur private washroom right next to his office. I sigh contentedly as I feel the cool water on my face.

“Elianna” I turn to Alex, who I had completely forgotten was still working here. When I see her locked the door all my calm vanishes.

“What are you doing ?” I point to the door. “Open that door Alex”

“Not before you tell me why you are avoiding me”

“No I’m not avoiding you it’s just that I’m busy” I mean she is was the one Avoiding me and then she wanted us to break it off and now she want my attention, the hell is wring with this girl.

“You were also busy before but you still took the time to answer my calls and messages”

“Stop your bullshit and open that fucking door, I don’t really have time for your whims Alex”

“Oh yeah? Why, because we’re not fucking together anymore?” She walks up to me and I find myself trapped between her and the sink.

“Stop” She tries to kiss me by force and I bite her lip.


“What the fuck is your problem? First you’re okay with sleeping with me then suddenly you have a realization and want us to stop and now you want to start again? You don’t even know what you want” I shout and start walking to the door.

“You’re wrong” She stated stoping me.

“Ah yes ?”

“I want you” She whispers. “These last two weeks I kept calling you, I even went to your place because it was driving me crazy not knowing where you were and why you weren’t answering me. I just wanted to hear your voice. Elianna” She’s getting closer again. “I know what I said but it’s so hard when you’re constantly on my mind” No stop Elianna, Don’t be fooled by her sweet words anymore. She takes my face in her hands and rests her forehead on mine, her nose caressing mine tenderly. I close my eyes and bite my lip so much I wanted to resist. But it was also hard for me. Maybe because I have real feelings for this girl. I’m in deep shit up to my neck.

“I missed you so much babe” She whispered.

“How many times have I told you not to call me like that” She chuckles before answering.

“I know that’s why I keep calling you babe.” I sigh in relief when her juicy pink lips rested on mine. I really needed this.

There was nothing innocent about that kiss, it was so thrilling that I would let her take me here and now. She lifts me up to sit me on the sink before slipping between my legs. Our centers rubbing didn’t help me at all.

“We can’t do that here” She continued to work her magic on the upper part of my chest. “A-lex” I spoke out between a laugh and a moan.

“I want you so much, Elianna”

“Let’s go elsewhere”

“No I want you here. You just have to not make a lot of noise.” I gather whatever courage I have left to push her back a bit.

“Let’s go elsewhere”

“But what about the meeting?”

“My assistant will stay and I was starting to get bored with all those snobs anyway. My house is closer”

“My motorcycle faster”


“Really? You are going to ride on ... my motorbike”

“Why are you looking surprised?” We both get out of the bathroom together.

“Maybe because you didn’t talk to me for two weeks when I bought it”

“Don’t bring it back on the mat, you risk ruining my super excited mood”

“Ok ok” She throws her hands in the up. “We’ll meet in the parking lot, I’m just going to tell my boss I’m not feeling well”


“Wait for me” Alex closes the door and catches up with me in the living room. “Hey”

“I told you not to drive fast”

“I’m sorry, I thought you would end up loving it. But let me properly ask for your forgivinfs.” Arms around my hips, she lifts me up and my legs are wrapped around her thighs. “I. Am. Sorry” She said kissing me between each word.

“How to stay mad when you do that”


“I should surely go home before my sister goes crazy”

“Or you could tell her you’re spending the night at a friend’s house. Emilie for example and we could spend the night just... getting to know each other a bit more.” Lazily holding the dras around my chest, I sit on top of Emilie.

“Know each other eh”


“There is no better place to know me than in a bed, all naked”

“I believe so” I drop the dras exposing my chest. “And you, what do you say?” suddenly I find myself with my back to the mattress and Alex above me which makes me burst out laughing.

“Ok, let’s get to know each other then”

We ended up falling asleep at around 2am, without having dinner.

The next day when I woke up in Alex’s old bed, I was turn over to find myself all alone in bed, no traces of the young brunette.

So I got ready for work even though I had already declared my absence today.

As I was about to exit, the door opened to a slightly out of breath and sweating Alex.

“I thought you were gone”

“No, I just wanted to do a few sprints. And I walked up all the floors, it’s crazy. Until today I hadn’t noticed how your apartment is so far from the surface of the earth” She sat down on the couch and finished the rest of her water bottle in one gulp. “What about you? What are you doing dressed like that? I thought we were spending the day in bed?”

“I also believed until I woke up on all alone?” I replied throwing my bag at her but she caught it without effort.

“I told you, I was just going to do some spr ...”

“You could have waited until I woke up after spending the night making love to me, or at least left a note” She looks at me for a long moment before bursting into laughter. “Can I know what’s so funny?”

“So So Elianna Brighton is that kind of girl” She make herself confortable by putting her feet on the table but I pushed them off.

“What kind of girl?” I whisper with clenched teeth and ready to explode.

“You’re clingy” She finished with a smile. “And it’s adorable”

“I’m not adorable I’m sexy. And I’m not clingy either”

“You are angry that I left you all alone in bed with no sweet words on the nightstand”

“Cause I thought you had left without telling me when I had taken my day”

“So you’re angry with me?” She gets up and faces me.


“So I can do this” Alex tried to kiss me but I push her away, not that I’m mad ok ?

“Elianna, if I left it was because I thought that’s what would make you happy”

“How can you think that?”

“Because every time we spend the night together, I wake up to find that you are missing. Every time”


“Yes, so I thought to myself that you might not like to wake up with me sprinkling little kisses all over your pretty face”

“Frankly I was angry cause I would really like to spend the day with you. I spent the whole night thinking about what we could do today.”

“So you like me that much” she smiles.

“I really like you” I whisper seriously and she stops smiling. “I think I have feelings for you Alex” I turn my back to her but she walks around me and makes me look her in the eyes. “I haven’t also stopped thinking about you, wondering what you were doing at those times, if you were also thinking of me or if you had already forgotten me in the arm of another girl, younger and prettier and who didn’t need to hide to kiss you or hold your hand. If I didn’t answer you, it was because I was afraid that you would tell me how much you were happy without me. It was awful” I was on the verge of tears. Those past weeks without her was awful, I couldn’t focus on anything because she was all over my mind. Alex kisses on the top of my head and bent a little her knees to be my level for our eyes to lock.

“I was with Daciana but I broke up with her two days ago because you were driving me crazy and it wasn’t fair to her. Yet I thought there was no chance that you would still take me back. But that, what’s happing here” She points at me then at her. “I want it, I’d rather hide with you than be with another girl no matter who she is because it’s you I want. I don’t care if you’re 20 years older than me or full of your little self or a control freak. I never wanted someone as much as I want you, Elianna Rose Brighton” She said with so much convinction.


“Yeah, so can I kiss you now” I answer her by attacking her lips hastily.

“Easy !” She sneers and hugs me. I don’t care what tomorrow has in store for me, I’m just happy that she chose me.

“Go take a shower, I’ll cook for us


I was trying to find the appropriate outfit for our outing. I left the bathroom around 3 p.m. and it’s already 4 p.m., I still haven’t found what I wanted.

Alex wanted to show me around her old neighborhood and she said I had to put on a much less chic outfit and ‘less Me but more Her’ in her words.

“Still haven’t found anything?” I heard her behind the door.

“A dress ?” I said showing her a piece of cloth whe she opens the door to my bedroom and appears already dressed in black ripped jeans, a white sweatshirt over her black v-neck shirt and of course her signature, Nike sneakers, same color as her jeans. She had another pair of jeans in her hand.

“Here, try those. I found it with the ones I wear in the closet.” Yes she forgot them in the laundry basket when she moved.

Finished dressing in the jeans and a big t-shirt with the name of my old university on it that I hadn’t worn since.

“However, I refuse to wear one of your hoodies. I prefer my blazer”

“Ok ok let’s go. We take my bike, it’s faster” She wears a white baseball cap on her in reverse.


“I promise to speed standards this time around. It’ll allow us to pass between the cars and avoid traffic, baby.”

“Don’t call me bab ...”

“I know baby” I roll my eyes, a smile, too big to hide, on my lips. She kisses me one last time on the forehead before opening the door for me.


“Wait what is this?” I burst out laughing when I see the walls of the room Alex shared with her sister.

“Hey, don’t laugh.” There were two beds on both sides of the room. And the two sides were painted in different paints. A light purple on one side that I presume was Alex side because there were posters of naked girls, Westlife, and soccer players. While the other side was painted plain white, with no posters but only pictures of Alex and Asha.

It was weird because it’s like being in two parallel universes at the same time, on one side the world of a teenager and on the other side an adult.

But it was also touching because you could feel how closely these two were united and formed an unlikely but successful pair. It was almost artistic.

“She wanted to paint the whole room white and I thought it was depressing so we never agreed on the color of the paint”

Alex lies down on her bed as I continue to examine the house. On Anya’s side there was a closet with two backpacks and a suitcase at the top. A desk on Alex’s side with a computer charger plugged in, a notebook and a Bic on one side of the desk, a photo in which she was dressed in a soccer jersey Asha behind her holding one of the two trophies on the same office.

The space left after the two beds was very narrow but the pictures and all the artistic stuff like the handmade bracelet or the muge with Asha’s name that didn’t look quite made by a professional, showed how they were happy here, however small the space is.

″I like your room ... despite the painting ″

″Yes ​​that’s it, mock mr″

″No I am serious I like it. Very different from my teenage bedroom. But I really like the confy energy in here″ As soon as I lay next to her the brunette rests her head on my shoulder, arm and leg around my stomach and thighs.

″I bet you lived in a castle ″

″Yes, kind of. There were eight bedrooeight a swimming pool, one big jacuzzi and a large garden ″

″I knew it″

“But I felt so lonely there especially before I met the Rachel. My mother was almost always on call and when she wasn’t she was too tired to talk to her daughter. Even though she managed to break free from her duties as chief surgeon they called her back in the middle of our mother-daughter moment for an emergency. My father was the same except for one detail, every weekend he would ask me what I wanted to do. We went to watch football matches, at the fun fair and he often attended parents’ meetings. That’s probably why I feel closer to him than to my mother″

“I understand now, is that what made you that cold and intimidating woman?” She jokes with her lower lip pushing forward.

″Shut up″ We continue to talk about everything and nothing for two hours.

″I spent so much time on this bed wondering what I want in life, what kind of family I will have, how many kids or what job I would like to do″

“How many children do you want to have?” I ask suddenly, turning to her. Alex smiles and bit her lip. Her playful now violet eyes that seemed to shine today, immersed in mine, she replied.

″I don’t know, as many as my wife will want to adopt″

“So you want to adopt?”

“Anya made me realize that I don’t have to bear a child nine month or that he really shares my genetic code to be my family. What really matters is educating them and showing them how you see the world, teaching them your moral values ​​and loving them. I look at her pleasantly surprised. The more I learn a little more about her, the more I like this girl.

″You are amazing, Alexis Lane″

″No it’s just that when you live a life like mine you realize that there are already so many children out there who only need a roof over their heads and someone for yo love them ″ I kiss her on the head.

“So what’s your dream job?”

″ To be commander of the army which will colonize Mars ″

″Are you serious ?″

″Yes ​​it was my dream when I was 6 years old but of course since then I learned that the Santa Claus does not exist to grant my wish. So now I just wanna be anything but work in an office″

“Wait don’t you like the job you’re doing now?”

″It’s a very interesting job with an attractive salary, but no. In an ideal world I will be aviculturist″



″How can anyone wants to live with chickens all over the backyard? ″

“I do, and speaking of chicken I want to stop by De Chez Bertha” She gets out of bed and puts her shoes back on.

″Where’s is De Chez Bertha? ″

″You’ll see, come on. I’m showing you around my humble neighborhood″

There was a long queue of people in front of this kiosk where a black woman was frying a something in a big stove.

″Those are..″

″Chicken intestines? Yes″

″I am not eating chicken intestines Alex″

″Wait until you taste it, it’s very good I promise″




“Shut up Elianna and go sit on the bench over there while I stand in line” She points to a cement bench across the road.

I could see groups of teenagers, others singing together and others playing soccer. It was a beautiful neighborhood, everyone looked happy and seemed to care about each other not like in my neighborhood where everyone was just taking care of what was her problem and we didn’t know the name of our neighbors because we had enough space in our houses to hang out and not socialize with the neighbors.

Alex comes back with two big bowls that she puts down next to me and goes back to get our drinks.

“Here” I look at her dubiously, not really sure if I wanted to eat this stuff. “Just a bit and you’ll see” She puts a little salt powder before dipping in a chunky tomato sauce. “Just taste it” She held it in front of my mouth and I had no choice but to eat it. And as surprising as it was, it was good, very good even.

″You’re right it’s very good″

″Yeah? ″

“Yeah” I bring my bowl and the tomato sauce closer.

When we finished eating, Alex took me to see her sister’s boxing gym and after we wandered around the neighborhood hand in hand toward the motorcycle, we had to get home since it was getting late.

“I loved our day together,” she said, stopping to put her hand on my hip.

″It’s not my habit to take time out just to walk around but I haven’t felt so happy in a very long time.″ She kisses me and I let myself go caise I am sure there is no person in this neighborhood who would recognize me. She ends the kiss with a few kisses on my cheek and nestles her head in my neck. I hug her even closer and sigh with contentment. I think I’m falling in love with Alex.

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