Gravity Is A Bitch

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19. Threats from an unknown number

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Two days had passed since the lovebirds weekend. And since then they hadn’t seen each other but kept texting each other or calling in the evening. The third day Alex wanted to surprise the blonde she thought was too busy because she had not been able to respond to her messages the night before.

“Hello ?” Alex greeted the receptionist on the first floor of one of the larger skyline in the area.

“Hello Miss. How may I help you?” The short woman behind the desk asked without looking away from her computer.

“I’m here to see Elianna” She looks up from her computer and looks at the brunette suspiciously.


“Yes Elianna Roth... Brighton. The CEO?”

“I know very well who is Elianna Miss ...”

“Lane, Alexis Lane”

“Ok Alexis Lane. Do you have an appointement with”


“So I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you unless you want to make an appointment for valid reasons” She resume her typing.

“Ok tell me when can I see her then?” The receptionist takes her phone and starts chatting with the person on the other end of the phone.

“You will be able to see her on the 13th”


“The 13th of next month” Alex looks at the woman, not knowing how to answer her.

“You’re kidding ?”

“Alex?” The brunette turned and saw Rachel.

“Rachel, hi”

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see Elianna but apparently I won’t be able to see her for 31 days.” The latina laughed softly.

“Come with me I was just going to see her” She finishes, calling the elevator.

“Thanks” Alex followed Rachel but not before glaring at the receptionist.

“Hi Esther”

“Hello Alex, Rachel”

“Is she there ?” Rachel asked pointing to the overzise office with Elianna’s name on the door.

“Yes she is waiting for you”

“Hi blondie”

“Rachel,bI hope you got a lot done so that the defense minister keeps on ..... Alex? What are you doing here” asks the blonde nearly choking.

“If I didn’t know you I would say you’re not happy to see me”

“I’m just surprised”

“That was the point, when I saw you weren’t answering I wanted to pass and ..” Elianna took a few steps back seeing Alex approaching. “What’s wrong Elianna?” Asks the younger one with a nervous laugh.


“So why are you acting weird?”

“I ..” The blonde breathes heavily. “Rachel could you give us just a minute?”

“Sure.” Rachel winks at her best friend with a goofy smile. “Please don’t roll down the blinds, I’ll enjoy it too” Alex smirked, rolling her eyes. As soon as Rachel got out she tries to kiss the blonde who ran to the other side of the room.

“There you scaring me”

“We can’t Alex. We can’t do that anymore”

“Very funny, now can I kiss you?”

“I’m not kidding. I realize you were right. We should never have done what we did last weekend, it was a mistake”

“A mistake ?” The brunette cried in amazement.


“W-What? Tell me what’s going on”

“Nothing’s going on. We both know it won’t work so why continue and risk getting yourself even more hurt. I’m married.”

“Because I believe it can work” Alex ran to crouch in front of Elianna sitting on the couch. “It’s a punishment eh. I said I was sorry I broke up”

“No, stop it has nothing to do with that”

“So what? Did I do a somethings wrong? Cause if I did I want you to know it wasn’t my intention to hurt you. And I’m so sorry, baby.”

“Stop apologizing” Head down the blonde tried to hold back tears. “I wabt you to go, please”

“Not until you tell me why” Alex begged her in a broken voice.

“There is nothing more to say”

“I don’t believe you. Three days ago you said you had feelings for me so if it’s true tell me why you want to break up?”

“It was just a lot of bullshit,” She said avoiding Alex’s eyes.

“You’re lying. I saw it in your eyes, there was nothing more sincere”

“That’s what I made you believe” The blonde try runing behind her desk but Alex held her back by the arm.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you were lying, that you don’t feel anything for me” Elianna looked up and met Alex’s blues eyes. “Say it and I swear to leave you alone”

“I don’t feel anything for you Alex, it was just sex,” Elianna replied in a cold, emotionless tone.

“Alright” Tears in her eyes Alex releasing the blonde’s hand. “I ... I will go”

Alex left for the elevator without even bothering to say goodbye to Elianna’s friends. Racy seeing her get on the elevator with tears in her eyes rushed into Elianna’s office and found her completely collapsed as well.

“Elianna... what happened why are you crying? Is it Alex, did she hurt you?”

“I hurt her, Rachel she’ll never forgive me again”

“What? Tell me what happened?” The latina took her friend in tears in her arms.

“I just broke her heart”

“Shhh. It’s going to be fine”

“Not at all”

“Elianna I don’t know what happened but I’m sure she will forgive you. This girl is in love with you so stop crying and calm down ok”

“You don’t understand. I told her that I didn’t feel anything for her and that it was all about sex”

“Why ?” Elianna wipes away her tears and gets up to pick up her phone from her desk. She hands the material to her friend after. “It’s you and Alex kissing? So what?”

“It was last Saturday while we were out walking. Someone must have recognized us and took a picture of us. I got it from an unknown number yesterday afternoon and it says if I don’t break up with her he would post the photo. I was naive to believe that there can be something going on between us, how stupid I could be” She bursts into tears again. “She will never speak to me again”

“Come here” Elianna takes refuge in her friend’s open arms. “Do you really like this girl?”

“You were right the other day. I’m in love with her. Actually I think so, since I’ve never been with anyone. I am already missing her.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll find this son of a bitch and after you get your girl back”

“That’s not just the only problem problem”

“I know”

Rachel stayed all the afternoon conforting her friend.

Alex’s POV:

How could I be so stupid? How is it possible that I did not see clearly in her little game. It was only a matter of sex.

To think that I have real feelings for her. Asha was right when she said that nothing good could came out of this. I insisted caise I believed my feelings were mutual.

It was dark now and I couldn’t stop crying. My clothes were soaked but I didn’t care, I didn’t know if the liquid on my cheeks was due to the rain or if I was still crying or even the combination of the two.

“Alexis Lane where have you been? I called you a thousand times” I walk into my room leaving a trail of water in my path and followed very closely by Asha.

“I had no more battery”

“And why are you wet?”

“It was raining” I can feel I was goung to get sick. Tomorrow I’ll pay the price for walking in the rain for at least an hour.

“I have cooked”

“I’m not very hungry but thank you” I take some clothes and a boyshort to change. I don’t even want to take a shower.

“Are you ok ?” Asha follows me to my bathroom.

“Ueah” I answered in a broken voice, all it took for my sister to deduce that I was not well.

“Alex, tell me” I got out of the bathroom wearing a long t-shirt and slip under my blanket.

“She broke up with me”

“What? Who, Daciana?” I shake my head from side to side. “Elianna?”


“Wh- I thought you were over for months and you were dating Daciana again”

“It was, until a few days ago I broke up with Daciana and spent the weekend with Elianna”

“Alwx, I told you it was a bad ...”

“Idea? I know” She sighs and lays down beside me and whispers.

“How are you feeling ?”

“Not so good, I feel used and thrown away like an empty toothpaste tube”

“Do you want me to go yell at her?”

“No it will be fine” I smile at her. “I want to be alone”

“Ok but come eat something please” Asha kisses me on the forehead and leaves my room, closing the door behind her.


The next day I couldn’t get out of bed, I felt lazy and weak. My nostrils were running which made me sniffle every 30 seconds. The underside of my nose pale red from paper handkerchiefs. I hate being sick.

Asha had to leave for work, it was her first week as a sorting handler.

I felt so weakened that getting up to open the door felt like I was doing a 100 km marathon.

I prayed that whoever was at the door would eventually leave. The ringing stops a minute before the door to my room opens on Daciana.


“Cliff, what are you doing here?”

“Anya asked me to come take care of the big baby that you are when you are sick”

“I’m going to die” Daciana laughs and sits down next to me on the bed.

“No you’re not going to die it’s just a cold” She removes a few strands soaked and stuck to my forehead.

“No, my stomach hurts really badly, I think it’s because of this Chinese meal that I ordered on the internet. Damn, I’m really going to die, Ciana”

“Alex, you are allergic to peanut oil. You shouldn’t eat anything.”

“I’m fucking dying. Can you tell Asha that I love her with all my heart and that I’m sorry for everything?”

“I had forgotten how cute you could be when you’re sick. Come on, it’s time for your meds” She takes the syrups on the nightstand but before opening them the doorbell rings again. “You are waiting for someone ?”


“I’ll see who it is”

Daciana, in a totally different mood, returns with a blonde I didn’t want to see at all, especially not now.

“Alexis!” Elianna ran to my bed.

“What do you want ?” Seeing me take refuge in a corner of the bed to get away from her, she steps back.

“I ... you weren’t answering my calls”

“Guess why”

“Listen I ...”

“No, please I don’t want to listen to anything because everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie”

“I’m sorry”

“Please Elianna ... I don’t want to die sad and that’s all you got to me”

“Die ?” Eyes wide with surprise and fear.

“She is a drama queen when sick. She has a cold and may have a food allergy”

“How can I help ?”

“No you’ve done enough, you’ve seen her, now I think you should go” Daciana opens the door and the blonde looks towards me and I thought I saw in tears in her eyes that had lost all that light that I saw there only a few days ago. Her outlines were reddish as if she had cried. I almost ran over to take her in my arms but then I remembered that she didn’t want my arms.

I hate you Elianna.

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