Gravity Is A Bitch

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2. Accidents

Alex POV :

“Alex” I still heard that voice take me out of this wonderful dream, I hate it in the morning. “Come on, get up otherwise you will be late for your first day”

Oh, yes I almost forgot that I have to go back to School like, today, it’s been a week since I’ve been living with Elianna and her husband. Mr. King said it is to ensure that I will go back to school, not any school, no, a stupid private school where you have to wear uniforms, I really thought it was only on TV that these kinds of schools existed. Now I have to put up with snobs for the rest of the school year. Great right ?

I wake up growling. Elianna was sitting on the edge of my bed, an amused smile on her face.

“I hate this part of the day”

“Hello to you too” Is she making fun of me.

“You have exactly one hour to prepare and eat your breakfast”

“I really don’t see why I have to go back to school” I whispered as I walked into my bathroom. Yes I have my own bathroom.

“We already talked about this”

I finish my morning routine and dress in a pair of black jeans, a white polo shirt and black Nike sneakers, not forgetting my snapback of course. I am not wearing uniform because they gave me a girlie skirt. I sent them back and I will have boy’s in two days. Mr. King had to personnaly call the principal for him to accept. He also convinced him to let me try for their soccer team, since there is only one team and it’s the boys. I refused to go to this stupid school if I am not playing, what is the interest to go to school if I do not play soccer ?

After finished with my breakfast I got out if the appartement and took a seat next to Elianna who was already waiting for me in her white Rolls Royce. I’m still not used to that, from a skateboard to a Rolls Royce, that’s a big step.

Only a few minutes the car enters through a large door and stops in a parking lot filled with luxury cars.

“We’re here ma’am” He opens the door for us.

“Thank you John”

Elianna speaks to the lady at the front desk who leads us to the principal office. After a few minutes of blah blah. The great Mr. Bald told me to wait outside his office and that he would send someone to show me my classes and around school.

I accompany Elianna to the parking lot.

“Thank you Elianna”

“It’s a pleasure. Oh, I almost forgot” She takes out 50$. “Here”

“What for ” I look at her confused.

“For the lunch silly”

“Wow 50 $ for lunch ?” I can’t help laughing.


“No, nothing. Thank you but I have enough to pay for my lunch”

“What are you talking about ? You’re 17 years old and without a job” She pulls me by the lace of my bag and puts it in my bag.

I sigh and take it out of my bag which makes her sigh too. “Please don’t do this ok ? Listen, I already feel bad enough to suddenly be involved in your life. So please don’t add any more, it makes me very uncomfortable. Please” She sighs again and takes the money.

“We’ll talk about it later” She puts some hair behind my ear. “Behave well and don’t be silly ok?” She smiles at me.

“Yes Mom” ​​I take a step towards her and kiss her on the cheek. “Thanks again”

“No problem. Now go”

I return to the principal’s office where there was already a girl whom I suppose to be my guide.

“Hi” I greeted her.

“Hello, are you the new one?”

“Yes it’s me, Alex”

“I am Darcy, come on, let me show you around of this new prison and brainwashing system that we are forced to follow” I already love this girl.


After a few hours of lessons it was finally a break. I was in line when Darcy appears next to me with her tray in hand.

“Hey Alex, do you want to come dit at our table?” She wonder. “So I can introduce you to my friends?”

“Okay let’s go” I follow her to a table at the back of the cafeteria. At the table were already sat three boys and two girls. Darcy gets two of the boys up so we can sit.

“Guys, this is Alex, she’s new. Alex, this is Jack, Rafael, Michael ...”

“Hi”We all greeted each other and they asked me a few questions. We were eating quiet when I felt a presence at my back and saw a girl with wavy brown hair staring at me.

“Why aren’t you wearing uniform” I frown.

“Hello to you too” I answer before I turn around to continue eating. The brunette goes around the table to sit in the empty place to the right of Darcy.

“Emilie this is Alex, she’s new here” She stares at me before Darcy nudges her.

“Welcome her, would you ?” It looked like a request but you could see it was an order in Darcy’s eyes. ‘Emilie’ rolled her eyes before welcoming me coldly without emotion.

“Thank you” I answer an egal fake smile on my face.

“No seriously why aren’t you wearing uniform Alex ?” Ask the boy in front of me.

“It was a girl’s uniform they sent to me?”

“So what ? You’re a girl, right ?” Ask the same boy, unsure. Everyone at the table Was carefully listining now.

“Yeah. But I hate to wear skirts”

“What’s wrong with our skirts?” This time it was Darcy who asked the question looking offended.

“No. No. Nothing is wrong with your skirt, it’s just that I prefer pants, I’m more used to them and I can’t walk with a skirt without putting myself to shame that’s all”

“Oh I see, you are a Tomboy !”

“I even wonder if she’s not gay since she wants to play on the boys’ soccer team” Emilie whispers, but it was quite audible. Darcy kicks her under the table again.

“Thank you Cassie but your folish comments are not needed”

“In fact Cassie, you’re 100% right. I am gay”

I enter the black white car that I have been waiting for only a few minutes.

“Hello John”

“Good afternoon Alex” replied John.

“Hi Elianna”

“Hey, how was school ?”

“Not bad, I even made new friends”

“Yes ? That good” She nods proudly.

The rest of the way is done in silence, Elianna have her head in a bunch of files and I Was focused on my phone.

“What do you want to eat today?” She asks, opening the door to the apartment.

“Anything, I’m starving”

“Yes but what whould you like to ...”
“what smells so good in here ?” It is true that it’s smells wonderful.

“Maybe Jenna is doing something special” I don’t even finish my sentence as I saw Ryan coming out of the kitchen dressed in an apron and spatula in hand.

“Oh. You’re home honey” He approaches her wife and kisses her on the lips for a short moment.

“Hi. What a nice surprise !” Elianna smiles at him.

“Hi” he answers the same smile on his lips.

“Hi Alex”

“Good afternoon Ryan. I’m going to my room” The last part was more for Elianna than for Finn. I do not hear her answer before going to my room to give them some privacy. Out of the shower I see Elianna lying on my bed staring at her iPad.

“Hello ?” I am confused by her presence in my room, she jumps a little which makes her iPad fall on her face.

“Ouch !” I ran to her to see if she doesn’t hurts hersef.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” I take my hand off to see her face, her forehead was a little red.

“It’s okay, nothing serious” She gets into a sitting position which eliminates the little space between us. I could feel her breath on my face.

“I just wanted ...” She looks up and seems to realize how close we were. Her eyes drift towards my chest I was only dressed in a simple towel. I get up quickly to put on something.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were in my room” I took a bras, a t-shirt some shorts and went to the bathroom to put them on. Finished I came back to the room and Elianna was gone. I leave the room my wallet and my phone with headphones in my hands. Ryan was no longer in the kitchen and Elianna was in front of the TV.

“Where are you going ?”

“I’m going to eat outside”

“Why ?” She asks, frowning. I just wanted to give them their privacy, it’s been over a week since they haven’t seen each other and I know they need to be alone even if it’s for a few hours.

“One of the girls I met this morning has just called me, she invites me to join her and her friends. We’re going to eat outside”

“Ok” she sighs. “Good evening then. And don’t stay out too long okay?”

“Yes ma’am” As soon as I leave the apartment, I heared cries and noises of things falling on the floor of the apartment in front of ours. I am about to leave when the door opens and my eyes widen when I see the one coming out. Cassie.

“What are you looking at ?” She yells at me before rushing to the elevator. Not wanting to find myself with her in the elevator, not that I hate her but because you could see tears on her cheeks and I don’t know what to do with a crying person, I immediately become weird and uncomfortable. So I wait a few minutes before calling the elevator.


External POV :

Elianna’s life followed its course, her work, her husband, her parents and her business trips. Just like her husband, Ryan. And for Alex, studying, she did everything she could to catch up on classes and be at least an average student, she also had a job as a cashier in a supermarket.

At 3:00 p.m, Alex left her place to another girl in front of the cash register, put on her bomber jacket over the yellow polo shirt she was forced to wear at work. Right in front of the supermarket is a fast-food, she enters it with her skateboard under her left arm.

As soon as she got in, she heard someone shout her name, it was Michael, one of Darcy’s friends who are now all her friends. Of course, apart from Cassie who seems to not like her like the others and provokes her at every opportunity. She orders an American breakfast from the waiter at the counter and asks to bring it to her friends’ table. When they reached their level, she had to sit next to the one who least wanted her, Cassie. The whole gang was there.

Alex POV :

“So Alex, you will come to my party tomorrow night, right ?” It was Micheal again, I’m starting to believe that he really has a crush on me, Darcy told me but I didn’t believe it . Poor guy.

“I don’t know Mike, especially since we have class the next day”

“Everyone here goes the party popper” declared Cassie.

“Come one Alex, it’ll do you good. All you Seen to be doing those last days is working and studying”

“Ok, I’ll be there”

“Cool” Micheal jumps in joy.

“You’re going to have some serious fun, Mike Always organized the best parties, you’ll see” Jack looked just as excited. My phone rang on the table, it was Elianna. She has been traveling since the start of the week. I went out to answer.

“Hello ?”

“Hi Alex. I’m on my way home, do you want us to pick you up at work ?”

“No. No, I’m fine, I can manage”

“Does it bother you or are you already at home ?”


“Ok, wait for me I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes ok ?”

“Okay” I look through the window and see Cassie staring at me, she turns her head as soin as She sees me walking back.

“I’m just saying that she’s beautiful, that’s just the truth” Mike was whisper-shouting.

“Who is beautiful ?”

“Oh Alex you’re back ?” I was about to take a sip of my drink but I felt a kick that made the liquid pour all over me.

“Oh shit” I could feel it run down my chest. I sigh and accept Mike’s tea towel. I turn to Cassie, she cut her salad with an innocent smile on her face. That’s how it’s like everyday with her, only I don’t have the mental energy to play her little game.

“Thank you Mike” I take my phone and my backpack and leave the table “See you guys”

“Can’t wait for tomorrow night and don’t forget, I’ll pick you up at 9 p.m” I pay at the counter before going out.

Elianna’s car was parked in front of the supermarket. And elegantly she gets out of the car. If the weeks spent with her have taught me anything, it’s that I have never seen someone as elegant as her. Each of her movements is filled with splendor. When she eats, when she drinks, the way she sits. I know, it sounds too much to have noticed all of her habite. But who wouldn’t, for me, this woman is a living goddess on earth. I run to the car.


“Oh. Hi” She takes me in her arms, we get on well and we are very close for people who only know each other for a few weeks but it is the first time that we huge.

Elianna was on the phone the whole way and I was trying to make my program for tomorrow in my head. I really need to rest before Monday, which would not be easy with this idea of a party. I sigh loudly which attracts the attention of the person next to me.

“Is everything all right ?” She asks.

“Yes, I am fine”

“You know you can tell me everything huh ?”

“I’m fine, it’s just that I have to go to a party tomorrow and I’m really not thinking about that right now”

“Why not, it will do you good”

“I don’t know, I don’t feel very well”

“Are you feeling sick ?”

“No no. I fine, physically”

“Do you think you’re having a depression ?” She turns to me looking worried.

“No” I laugh softly.

“It will be perfectly normal after all that you have been these last weeks” She draws me towards her and puts my head on her shoulder.

“Not that I’m complaining but are you sure everything is fine on your side ?” I feel her shoulder vibrated against my head as she laughs.


“Ok” After all who am I to complain about all his attentions, it’s Elianna !

I throw myself on my bed with only my boxers and my sports bra, after a soothing shower of course.


I am awakened by the ringing of my phone. I fumble a bit on the bed before I find it.

It was Daniel, my best friend. I have been so busy this week that I have not had time to call him.


“Are you already sleeping Alex ?”

“Hi there too Dan”

″I miss you so much Alex, you promised me you won’t let me for your friends on the Upper East Side ″ He dramatizes, Daniel has this feminine side which makes him appear gay. Even if he never admitted it, I think he is at least bisexual.

“Stop dramatizing please. And if I didn’t call all week, it’s just ‘cause I was too busy all week with work and school’”

“Since when do you care about your studies. You never do your homework Alex, like never”

“It was before I was in a school that cost more than an arm and have my big sister in the hole so that I could have a better future Dan, damn it’s the only thing I am asked to do and I have no right to screw it all up on the pretext that I am a teenager” I unpack in one go.

“Wow Alex, are you sure you’re ok ?”

“No, no I’m not ok. I feel like I’m going to collapse at any moment. She’s in jail because of me do you understand ?”

’“Look, what do you say if I drop by tomorrow night to hang out together, you really need to relax a bit. I’m not saying that you have to forget about your problems but you should take advantage of the chance that your sister offers you to better prepare your life and for that you need to relax or you will certainly end up in a mental hospital. And if you end up there you know Anya will escape from prison just to have a blast”

“You’re right Dan. But tomorrow evening I promised a friend that I will be at his party ”

“See what I meant. It starts like that and at the end you will no longer remember my number” I roll my eyes.

“You know what, why don’t you come here tomorrow morning we could have a walk in the city and we will go together to this party, so that we could spend a little time together ”

“Are you serous ?” I could hear excitement in his voice. ′


“Okay. See you tomorrow then”

“I can’t wait, bye” I hang up and send him my location by WhatsApp.

I take the wrist of the door to open it when it hits me in the nose.

“Aouch !” I cried out in pain.

“Shit, I’m so sorry. Let me see ” She takes my hand off to examine, I could feel the hot liquid flowing from my nose toi m’y lips as soon as I let go of my nose which caused Elianna to panic. “Oh my God, you’re bleeding Alex”

“It’s nothing, I’m just going to put ice on it. At least we’re even now even”

“Oh shut up” She giggle. “Come on, I’ll clean the blood first” One hand holding my nose and the other in the the blonde haired girl’s, she directs me to the bathroom where she makes me sit on the toilet and tears off a wrist of toilet paper.

Elianna cleans my nose being careful not to hurt me, even if I was more focused on her face than my nose. She lifted my chin for final examination.

“It’s no longer bleeding” Her thumb accidentally touches my lips and instinctively our eyes meet. Freeze on spot with her grey eyes looking into my blue ones, for a second Elianna’s eyes drift to my lips. Suddenly she takes a few steps back.

“You have to put ice on it” She speeds out of the bathroom leaving me speechless.


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